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Human Rights

All out for International Human Rights Day: DEMAND PRISONER RIGHTS

Trenton Anti-Racist Action | December 10, 2008 marks the 60th anniversary of the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On this day, Trenton Anti-Racist Action will be holding a demonstration against the inhumane treatment of the prison population here in Trenton, as well as throughout the United States. more...  2 Comments

Socialist WebZine Update

SP-USA | * Health Care is a Right! Act Up! more...  2 Comments

11/18: Rebuilding Local Food Economies (w/ special guest from MST!)

WHY | Agricultural Missions and the Landless Rural Workers Movement of Brazil (MST), together with farmers and rural justice advocates in the US, are stopping in New York as part of a national tour, bringing us the voices of activists working at the grassroots to make their voices heard in the boardrooms of agribusinesses and to mobilize mass movements addressing the root causes of the current crises. The event will feature a participatory symbolic drama that evokes the absurdities of factory farms and patented seeds and the beauty of community-based agriculture and the solidarity economy. more...  0 Comments


Alex Kane | Riding on the wave of energy that followed Barack Obama’s election and the spirited protests that followed the passage of Proposition 8 in California, thousands of gay rights supporters rallied outside of City Hall Saturday afternoon in Manhattan to protest the passage of anti-gay ballot measures. more...  0 Comments

Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commisison A Hoax

afrikaforps | Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a hoax contrived by the legal establishment to evade culpability. The lead federal negotiator of the settlement contract was Frank Iacobucci of the Tory Law firm that specializes in serving the blue chip corporate clients whose business interests diametrically oppose the truth concerning the genocidally unconstitutional invasion of the Indian territories for commercial purposes.. more...  0 Comments

Tuesday, Nov. 18th Garment Women Rally vs. Liberty Apparel & Sweatshop System

Betty Yu | Garment Women Rally vs. Liberty Apparel & Sweatshop Subcontracting System
November 18th at 12pm noon
In front of the Liberty Apparel showroom, 1407 Broadway btw 38th & 39th St. (1,2,3,N,Q,R,S,W to Times Square)

On behalf of the Ain't I A Woman?! Campaign, we would like to ask for your support of the garment workers suing their manufacturer Liberty Apparel for egregious labor violations. After 9 long years, finally the Liberty Apparel workers have a day in court.

orkers are holding a rally in the middle of New York City's Garment District where many manufacturers' showrooms are located.

Workers and supporters will speak of the problems with current Federal and State law, to expose the sweatshop subcontracting system and to call for change. A victory for Liberty Apparel workers will bring us closer towards ending the rampant lawlessness in the garment industry.

We urge you to lend your support by spreading the word about the impact of this important campaign and by promoting stronger legislation for manufacturer accountability. We invite you to help us plan the upcoming November 18th rally.
more...  0 Comments

"Stop the ReRoute: Taking a Stand on Sacred Land" @ "The Change You Want see

Indy Indigenous | You are invited to attend a special NY showing  of
"Stop the ReRoute: Taking a Stand on Sacred Land"
a feature documentary that will be officially released in 2009 at the Not An Alternative Gallery, Sunday November 16th at 7:30 PM. more...  0 Comments

Racism, Immigration, and Profit

Workers Action | People are rightly confused about the issue of immigration -- it is a complex phenomenon and many things need to be considered. Often times, there seem to be equally compelling arguments and statistics on either side of the issue, creating even more confusion.

Unfortunately, the immigration debate is often tinged or even marred by racism - usually subtly, sometimes openly. This feeling finds a receptive audience not because of prejudice, but out of fear. Indeed, racism cannot exist without fear. We believe that, at bottom, recent immigration-related topics -- from ballot measures to border fences -- directly or indirectly contain elements of racism and fear. Unraveling the basis for this fear, as well as those in charge of creating it, is essential if one is to make an informed decision on the immigration question. While doing this, we will attempt to uncover the deeper reasons that have created the atmosphere that has projected this issue on to center stage. more...  2 Comments


Act against Capitalist Bailout! | Fight for equality and against discrimination should come out this Saturday in Los Angeles to protest the passage of California' Proposition 8.

This Saturday, November 15 10:30 AM, BE THERE and 
Gather at Los Angeles City Hall, down town Los Angeles 90029

The AJLPP-USA is deeply angered by the well-funded right-wing campaign of bigotry that is trying to push millions of LGBT people back into the closet. What the right cannot win in a fair elections are being done by deceit and manipulations through vaguely worded propositions like PROP 8!

AJLPP expresses militant solidarity with those who came out in a massive mass action last night in Los Angeles and in San Francisco and everywhere against Prop 8. We promise more mass action and other means to fight these wrong and unjust measures.

more...  0 Comments

Obama supporters: Don't Let Bush Pardon Himself‏!

forwarded by Skinny John | As you celebrate your new President-elect and all the changes you want him to bring to your nation, you must not turn a blind eye to the final actions of George Bush. Barack Obama is opposed to even impeaching, let alone prosecuting, the bush regime for its numerous crimes. We have to make congress do so!

more...  0 Comments

Film from Nahr al-Bared Camp (Lebanon): "Transitions"

a-films | More than a year after their homes were destroyed during the battle between the Lebanese army and the militant islamist group Fatah al-Islam, the majority of the refugees from Nahr al-Bared in North Lebanon find themselves in a difficult situation. Not able to return to their homes, stuck in pre-fabricated housing units and often unemployed, many of them feel frustrated and hopeless, only sometimes seeing a glimmer of hope.
more...  0 Comments

10,000 people protest against Prop 8 and the Mormon Church

Alex Nathanson | 10,000 protest Prop 8 more...  16 Comments

12/20: Hubert Harrison - The Voice of Harlem Radicalism

Socialist Party USA | The Socialist Party USA invites you to join us for a discussion on the new book "Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism 1883-1918" with author Jeffrey Perry on Thursday November 20th @ 7 pm.
339 Lafayette St. (buzzer #11) NYC more...  1 Comments

“La Paz en Colombia”: Las éticas revelaciones de Fidel Castro Ruz

posted by F Espinoza | Exclusivo: A partir de mañana en el sitio: usted podrá descargar la versión digital del libro. more...  1 Comments

Obama supporters: 11/15 SAT: Protest Prop. 8 - NYC City Hall

forwarded by Skinny John | Obama supporters are especially encouraged to participate. Your incoming president has publicly stated his opposition to gay marriage. We ALL must make sure he does what YOU elected him to do! more...  22 Comments

11/17 MON: Protest violent Zionists`banquet

forwarded by Skinny John | Obama supporters are encouraged to participate! Your incoming president has publicly supported the illegal, brutal, racist Israeli military occupation of Palestine and you certainly know by now that his selection for his Chief of Staff is the rabid, warmongering, ex- Israel "Defense" Force (Israeli military) volunteer Rahm Emmanuel. We ALL need to make YOUR incoming president does what YOU elected him to do! more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Baristas Present 500 Petition Signatures for More Security at Store

Worker Freedom | Workers, Customers, and Community Members Concerned About Threats and Harassment at the Location

more...  0 Comments

Regreso al estado Confesional y Oscurantista

Luis Agüero Wagner | Un duro golpe al laicismo que se veía venir, ha recibido el Paraguay de la mano del obispo Fernando Lugo y su equipo de gobierno. more...  0 Comments


Healthcare-NOW | Demonstrate in NYC to demand the end of the private
health insurance industry and to call for a national
single-payer healthcare system that would guarantee
health care for all. more...  2 Comments

11/14 FRI: Patchogue race murder vigil

forwarded by Skinny John | Marcello Lucero is dead, murdered by a group of alienated racist teenagers, maybe despondent over McCain-Palin's loss (though Obama also supports the apartheid wall on the artificial Mexican-u.s. "border"), and angry at the world. more...  0 Comments

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