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Human Rights

WED: Anti-Authoritarian Call for Sit-Down Strike Solidarity!

directactionsolidarity | Anti-Authoritarian meet-up outside of St. Mark's Church
10th St. and 2nd Ave. in the East Village
Wednesday, December 10th
12 Noon more...  3 Comments


Counterhegemonic | Stand in Solidarity with Chicago Factory Workers Occupying Their Factory Since Last Week, Demanding Vacation, Other Unpaid Wages more...  1 Comments

Coalition of Immokalee Workers visiting NYC Tuesday & Wednesday!

SFA | Subway, the third largest fast-food chain in the world and the biggest fast-food buyer of Florida tomatoes, reached an agreement on December 2nd with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to help improve wages and working conditions for the workers who pick their tomatoes. more...  0 Comments

Bad Hare Days the Lot of anti-coursing campaigners

John Fitzgerald | Live hare coursing is permitted in Ireland. It involves setting up live hares (jack rabbits) as bait for trained greyhounds to chase, maul, and most likely kill or injure. Taking a stand against this activity is fraught with danger, given the might and political clout of the animal baiters who organise the cruelty sessions. I know this from first hand experience! more...  0 Comments

Update from Greece, tens of thousands on the streets

No justice, no peace | Tens of thousands of people took to the streets on Monday protesting the cold blooded murder of 16-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos by cops. more...  0 Comments

Solidarity with the Chicago Factory Occupation

NYC Local of Socialist Party USA | Speak-out! Organize a demo at your local Bank of America! Victory to the occupiers! more...  0 Comments

Christmas Appeal - Help the children of Irish political prisoners

National Irish Freedom Committee | Season appeal to help assist the children and dependants of Irish political prisoners this coming Christmas more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Republicans are a bunch of hypocrits

Research shows that Republicans only give lip service to humanistic values.

more...  0 Comments



Obama's grandfather was tortured by the British

Seamus Connolly | Ben Mcintyre and Paul Orengoh reveal in the Times of London, December 3, 2008, how President-elect Obama's grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, was brutally tortured by the British during the Mau Mau freedom fighters uprising in support of Kenyan independence.
more...  0 Comments

Rights advocates protest “Diamonds & Champagne” cocktail at Leviev’s store

Adalah-NY | New York human rights advocates protested this evening at the Madison Avenue jewelry store of Israeli billionaire and settlement mogul Lev Leviev where the elite, online social group “A Small World” held a cocktail party to "Buck the Recession with Champagne & Diamonds." Ten protesters chanted and banged drums on the street in front of the store despite the rain and cold, and despite an aggressive, but failed attempt by the NYPD to move them down the street from the store.
more...  3 Comments

Call and Text-in Action: Starbucks Barista Demands Back Wages

Starbucks Union Supporter | Call and text Starbucks Store Manager Gwendolyn Krueger at 1-551-497-0127 and demand that Starbucks pay barista Anna Hurst her wages owed to her! more...  0 Comments

Swimming Up Stream

posted by F Espinoza | Somebody had to offer a calm and serene response even though this will have to swim up the powerful stream of hopes raised by Obama in the international public opinion... more...  0 Comments

No 2010 Olympics Vancouver Canada - No Olympics on Stolen Native Land

afrikakorps | A coalition of Indigenous elders, social justice activists and community organizers are voicing opposition to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. NO OLYMPICS ON STOLEN NATIVE LAND! more...  0 Comments

The Weeds that Bind

Reginald Blanton | Remember that “strange fruit”--African Americans hanging from that “good ol’ oak” in the middle of the town’s square, burned and dismembered before throngs of white, and sometimes smiling, spectators? This wasn’t only the Death Penalty’s popular form throughout chattel slavery and up until the early 1900’s but is the grave in which the Death Penalty’s roots are deeply embedded. more...  0 Comments

Joy of Resistance presents "Feminist Agenda for a New Political Era" Thursday

Joy of Resistance | Joy of Resistance Multicultural Feminist Radio returns to WBAI in its new regular time slot, the first December of each month.
more...  0 Comments

WNU #968: Chilean Government Workers Get Raise

Weekly News Update | Public schools, customs offices, municipal governments, tax offices, public hospitals and clinics, and the judicial system were shut down. Garbage piled up on the streets, and exports were delayed, at a loss to the country of about $165 million a day. On Nov. 20 some 10,000 doctors joined the strike. more...  0 Comments


The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) together with the Society of Guerillas and Scouts (SGS) will hold an organizing meeting for widows and relatives of Filipino World War II veterans on Monday, at 10:00 AM December 8, 2008 at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center at Fountain St/Vermont, CA 90027. The event will mark the formal entry of the United States into the Second World War with the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in Hawaii on December 7, 1941.
Keywords: Direct Action, Human Rights, more...  0 Comments

New York Says NO to Budget Cuts

NYC Local of SP-USA | The NYC Local of the Socialist Party USA therefore encourages immediate acts of non-violent protest to defend education, healthcare, transportation and social services. All of these are our rights as human beings and are fundamental to the creation of a democratic socialist political project. more...  5 Comments

Our Spirits Don't Speak English_Wednesday,December 3, 2008 at 7:00 pm_Bluestokin

IndyIndigenous | When it began in 1879, the philosophy of the Indian boarding school system was “to kill the Indian and save the man,” the mission statement of Captain Richard Henry Pratt, founder and superintendent of Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania until 1904. more...  0 Comments

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