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Human Rights

ACT NOW! - SBUX Responds to Union Action by Denying Anna; Need Further Action

Daniel Gross & the Starbucks Workers Union | Anna Hurst is trying to get 2 weeks pay from Starbucks more...  1 Comments

Colombia/This year have been recruit 11.000 children by illegal groups

Tribunal Internacional sobre la Infancia | The denounce was made by Sergio Tapia, president and International Attorney for Human Rights in the International Tribunal about the childhood affected by the war and the poverty. more...  0 Comments

Human Rights Require International Freedom of Movement and Residence

Joseph Nevins | Sixty years ago this week the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The declaration has helped legitimate the supposed right of nation-states to regulate immigration, thus denying freedom of international mobility and residence, and undermining basic human rights in the process. more...  0 Comments

Anti-Authoritarians Disrupt Bank of America Branches in NYC

Stephanie Basile | This is one of many actions that were held in solidarity with the striking UE workers in Chicago. more...  1 Comments

Periodista agredido en Acapulco, Mexico. Si yo muero

Guillermo Ramirez Bravo | Acosado, presenta signos de mala salud more...  0 Comments interview about Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Hans Bennett interviewed by Clayton Ruley | Those advocating this radical journalist's execution show a disturbing lack of concern about the undeniable problems of racism (and all documented police/DA/judicial misconduct) throughout this case. At the most fundamental level, the FOP-led 'Fry Mumia' campaign's lack of concern is racist....The FOP appeals to a racist lynch-mob mentality that has long infected the US, so calling this a 'legal lynching' is no exaggeration. more...  0 Comments

July War plays at Anthology

Deep Dish TV | With Filmmakers Brandon Jourdan and Francisca Caporali
Sponsored by Deep Dish TV
$5-10 Admission
December 15, 2008 at 8PM
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue, New York, NY
(212) 473-8933 more...  0 Comments

Israeli paper Globes on settlement-builder Leviev's rights abuses in Angola

Adalah-NY | "I was beaten until I fainted. When I return to consciousness it was dark. The next day I crawled back." Testimonies from the mine in which Leviev is a partner. Shooting at residents, murderous beatings with digging spades, whipping, and being thrown into the mud. Tough testimonies from Angola describe the treatment of the area's poor by security personnel at the mine in which Leviev is a partner. Associates deny this: "those were not out people." Leviev's spokesperson: "The group created a revolution in the diamond industry in Africa in general and in Angola in particular. We have widespread social and philanthropic programs there." more...  0 Comments

KKE [Communist Party of Greece] Statement on the General Strike

Communist Party of Greece | Official statement of the KKE on current events in Greece' more...  0 Comments


Nickos Stabakis | The U.S. wonders what the riots in Greece could be about. Isn't Greece a free country with a functioning economic system? Are these rioters all soccer hooligans? more...  0 Comments

Update from Greece:Students take the streets again

No justice, no peace | Students take the streets again on the eve of a major strike and the murderer's pleading yesterday more...  1 Comments

Summary of pleadings of Korkoneas in police murder of 15 year old Greek youth

nystagmenos | This is a summary of the main points covered in the first court pleadings of the police officer who pulled the trigger on Alexandros Grigoropoulos, and who was charged with intentional homicide. more...  0 Comments

Workers in Chicago Win! Local Votes to end Sit-in

Counterhegemonic | Vote is 'Yes' at Republic; Plant Occupation Ends more...  0 Comments

Human Rights Begin in the Home

DAMAYAN Migrants Workers-NY | On December 10th, 2008, DAMAYAN Migrant Workers Association celebrates the 60th anniversary of United Declaration of Human Rights with the domestic workers, women, im/migrants, people of color and all oppressed people whose human rights are under attack and are struggling for justice, dignity and liberation. Filipino im/migrant women workers continue to face the brunt on the deepening global economic crisis and are subjected to rampant human rights violations perpetrated by bad employers, diplomats, governments. We demand that individuals and institutions be accountable for upholding the basic rights of all people as recognized in the United Declaration of Human Rights and the need to develop additional protection for domestic workers. more...  0 Comments

The Persecution of Syed Fahad Hashmi

Stephen Lendman | Muslim persecution continues more...  0 Comments

Jesús Reyes Heroles, despidos y corrupción en PEMEX

Unión Nacional de Técnicos y Prof. Petroleros | El jueves 4 de noviembre a las 19:00 horas el director general de Petróleos Mexicanos, Jesús Reyes Heroles González Garza fue obligado a recibir a la Comisión de Trabajo de la Cámara de Diputados requerido para que explicara los despidos injustificados. more...  0 Comments

A French Take On "Human Rights"

Thomas Riggins | French Foreign Minister Celebrates 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Junking Human Rights (when necessary). more...  0 Comments

Una Carta del Mundo para los 5‏ Héroes Cubanos

envia F Espinoza | Desde este momento, llamamos a los hombres, mujeres, niños y ancianos del mundo a que se unan a la idea de enviarle una felicitación de "Fin de Año" a estos muchachos de la dignidad y el decoro... more...  0 Comments

"This cop who did it must see what it is to kill a kid and to destroy a life."

emiliano | Amazing how different we are from other people in the world. In the US, teenagers are killed in cold blood every few weeks by police, and only minimal outcry is ever voiced, and usually it is from activists rather than the general public. We have become so totally jaded, consumed with our possessions, immersed in a sea of digits signifying the (ever more imaginary and precarious) financial wealth accredited to each of us, lost in our iPhones, boxed away for shipment in our SUVs, that the many deaths at the hands of the US government at home and abroad as well as the infinite harm we inflict on the world, well, we just don't notice it.

For perspective, here's a quote from the streets of Athens:

"Rage is what I feel for what has happened, rage," said one protesting student. "This cop who did it must see what it is to kill a kid and to destroy a life." more...  1 Comments

Bank of America Agrees to Extend Credit to Republic Doors and Windows...

Counterhegemonic | Have the factory occupiers won???? more...  1 Comments

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