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Human Rights

Henry Kissinger and President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe at NYU????

ME | Thursday, December 15th,
6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Closing Panel: New Political Policies for the Americas

Felipe González, former President of Spain; Henry A. Kissinger, Ex-Secretary of State of the United States; Alvaro Uribe, President of Colombia; Ernesto Zedillo, Ex-President of Mexico;
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Norman G. Finkelstein: Q&A, 10.20.2005

ref | Norman G. Finkelstein, author of The Holocaust Industry & Image & Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict, discusses the Gaza withdrawal, legitimate walls v. the Wall in the West Bank, Israel's Human Rights record, David Irving as devil's advocate. more...  0 Comments

Fallout from John Sexton's "ultimatum" (NYU Grad Strike)

Sean Nortz | Sexton's illegal move has provoked outrage from faculty at NYU and professors across the world. But Graduate Students remain unafraid, with most remaining on strike. more...  0 Comments

Victory for Mumia | Today the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued the most important decision affecting my client, Mumia Abu-Jamal, since the lower federal court ruling in December 2001. An order was issued this morning that the court will accept for review the following issues, all of which are of enormous constitutional significance and go to the very essence of Mumia's right to a fair trial due process of law, and equal protection of the law under the Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution... more...  3 Comments

New Yorkers Rally For Tookie Williams as Clemency Deadline Nears

Stanley W. Rogouski | Poets, musicians, and political activists met at the National Black Theater of Harlem on 125th Street to protest the coming execution of Stanley Tookie Williams, the founder of the Crips, writer, and nobel prize nominee.

More Coverage from LA Indymedia: "Mr. Williams is a death row inmate at San Quentin who is scheduled to be executed on December 13th, unless Governor Schwarzenegger intervenes to commute his sentence to life without parole." more...  0 Comments

en hommage à la Commune

Courbet | La Commune de Paris 1871 more...  1 Comments

conservitives and the right wing

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc) | hate and the right wing more...  0 Comments

WBAI Host Karen Lewis to be honored by NIFC

National Irish Freedom Committee | Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta will hold its 11th Annual Michael Flannery Testimonial Awards Dinner on Friday January 27th 2006 at the Astorian World Manor in Astoria to recognize and honor Irish Americans and others for their contributions to the promotion of Irish history, literature, human rights and Irish freedom.

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New School President Bob Kerrey working for FBI

Agent Bob | New School President Bob Kerrey is part of the National Security Higher Education Advisory Board more...  3 Comments

Fri, 12/16 8PM Books Thru Bars Beer and Movie Nite!

BTB | Fri, 12/16 8PM Books Thru Bars Beer and Movie Nite! more...  0 Comments

GLBT organizer arrested!

NINE | Details and Follow up support of GLBT organizer demonstrating agaist Christian Fascism more...  2 Comments

U.S. Christians March on Guantanamo to visit Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Thomas Good | Santiago, Cuba Twenty-five Christians in the nonviolent tradition of Dorothy
Day and the Catholic Worker arrived in Cuba last evening and plan to set out
from Santiago today on a solemn fifty-mile march to the prison camp at
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They seek to defend human dignity by visiting with the
hundreds of detainees. more...  2 Comments

[New York] ACLU, el-Masri SUING CIA for Torture--Mistaken ID!

Clayton Hallmark | CIA prisons and CIA flights are a growing front-page story, and Khaled el-Masri is a good example of why we all should oppose such extrajudcial flights and prisons. El-Masri is the first to sue the CIA for "rendition," or kidnapping-to-torture. The ACLU in New York will assist. This article presents the kind of information they will use. He can't sue the CIA? He can, and there are individuals he can sue, including top officials like the CIA official, the Deputy Director of Operations, who authorizes renditions and each of 6 steps in the escalation of CIA torture. Once-proud Germany allows its citizens to be treated thus: El-Masri, a German citizen charged and suspected of nothing, was arrested on vacation as he crossed the Macedonian border on New Year's Eve 2003. He was transported by a US company, Premier Executive Transport on a 737 jet to a secret US gulag in Aghanistan. He was dumped in Albania 5 months later when the CIA caught on that they had the wrong guy. It would seem PET, who provided the plane, and whatever company supplied the pilots, could be sued as well. Many such suits could ensue.
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US Statement On Extraordinary Rendition: full text

David Roknich | This is the complete statement concerning "CIA torture flights" read by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, this morning, December 5, 2005 as transcribed by the US State Department. more...  1 Comments

December 9th-Interational Day of action in support of Turkish anarchist political prisoner Mehmet Tarhan

Free Mehmet! | Mehmet Tarhan is a queer anarchist total/conscientious objector who has been imprisoned in Turkey since April 2005 because of his rejection of military service. The Free Mehmet Defense Network was started in order to coordinate with other international defense networks and groups as well as individuals (especially in the United States and Canada) to see our comrade, Mehmet Tarhan, free. more...  0 Comments


DONALD IARUSSI | Survivors of hurricane katrina have been treated badly by FEMA and the AMERICAN RED CROSS. They gave poor people and black people less than those who were white or middle class. They have discriminated and some poor people haven't been helped at all. Don't donate to the American Red Cross, give to a charity that you know will help the por. If you donated to the American Red Cross, ask for your money back and give to organizations like Common Ground Relief or the Salvation Army. And protest about FEMA. more...  1 Comments

Chicago FBI Alerted to Politically Motivated Hack Initial Statement | Chicago, IL, December 4, 2005 — Around 12:00 AM on Sunday, Chicago based was electronically attacked and invaded by politically motivated hackers. The attackers manipulated the prices of the items sold on the site, in some cases lowering prices by over five-hundred percent. "We are outraged by this blatant attack on our freedom of speech. This is fraud, it is an intrusion, it costs money, and at the same time it justifies what does. This hack proves what we are up against when we raise our voices and try to make this country a better place." more...  3 Comments

Judge Caves In; Says Suspicionless Subway Searches Are Legal

Ann Schneider | Only moments after hearing closing arguments in a two-day bench trial, U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman issued a 41-page opinion on Friday December 2nd ruling that random, suspicionless subway searches are constitutional. One of the plaintiffs in the case was carrying a copy of “It Can’t Happen Here,” on the day he was searched but the irony was lost on Judge Berman. more...  2 Comments

Help Free the CPT 4

Concerned Friend of Peace | We appeal to those holding these activists to release them unharmed so that they may continue their vital work as witnesses and peacemakers.

FOR MORE INFO, VISIT more...  1 Comments

Tuesday, December 6th: Rally and Benefit for Stan Tookie Williams (Updated Information)

Save Tookie Committee-NYC | TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6TH, 7 P.M. TO 10 P.M.
Take the 2,3 train to 125th or 4,5,6 to 125th Street

(Five Dollar Admission Price) more...  0 Comments

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