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Human Rights

We Won't Back Down: Starbucks Manager Threatens Lawsuit and t Against IWW

Worker Freedom | Statement of the IWW Starbucks Workers Union followed by threat letter received yesterday

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The struggle for communication.

Emilio de Lima (Ed.) | The IMC of the world are the most appropriate space for discussions and proposals around the right to communication. The hemisphere, the continent and the world were, are and will be affected by what happens to almost the 200,000,000 (two hundred million) Brazilian citizens. We are all together on this ship in danger that is the planet earth. No one is alone or alone can solve the most serious problems.

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Make Obama enact Single-Payer health care!

forwarded by Skinny John | The Obama "Transition" Team has announced a project for people across the country to host and attend "health care discussion meetings" to gather ideas and input from the grassroots about healthcare reform. more...  1 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Vatican's views on bioethics lack scientific outlook. more...  1 Comments

New Yorkers Reject Paterson’s “Doomsday” Budget

Counterhegemonic | We must encourage democratically organized political expressions which reflect the growing anger and disillusionment of poor and working class communities. All available forms of non-violent protest – from sit-ins to occupations, from education to mass direct action – must be employed in this struggle. more...  0 Comments


October 22 Coalition-NY | December 21, 2008
Doors open at 6:00, show starts at 6:30pm
The Delancey Bar & Nightclub (bottom floor)
168 Delancey Street (between Clinton & Attorney), Manhattan on the Lower East Side
(J to Essex or F to Delancey)
$10 donation – no one turned away more...  0 Comments

Police Officer Shown in Tape Shoving Critical Mass Biker Indicted

NYC IMC | A police officer who was videotaped knocking a man off his bicycle in July during a monthly cycling event in New York City has been indicted, the officer’s lawyer said on Monday. more...  2 Comments

About Amadeu Casellas, political prisoner (Catalonia, Spain)

Grup de suporrt a Amadeu Casellas d'Osona | In regards to my recovery from the hunger strike, I feel much better. However, since I quit the hunger strike, they haven’t facilitated me any kind of dietary reinforcement. The medical services, apart from preventing the doctor we trust to see me, haven’t done anything. A big part of my recovery is owed to my prison mates, who have been giving me part of their meal, especially yogurts, fruit and pasta. The medical services have only given me vitamins in pills. Nevertheless, as I said, I feel quite recuperated and now it is only a matter of waiting for these 90 days to pass.

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NYC cop who knocked down CM cyclist indicted on felony and misdemeanor charges

plausible_deniability | A grand jury indictment is expected to be unsealed Tuesday in the case of a New York City police officer shown in video footage knocking a bicyclist to the ground in Times Square. Officer Patrick Pogan is expected to plead not guilty. more...  1 Comments

The Abduction, Secret Detention, Torture, and Repeated Raping of Aafia Siddiqui

Stephen Lendman | America's war on Islam more...  0 Comments

Eyewitnesses tell the press about Alexandros' murder in cold blood.

nystagmenos | Two eyewitnesses who were in a nearby cafe saw the whole thing and described it to the press; they are intending to testify about what they saw. Their stories contradict what the cops charged with the murder have said. more...  0 Comments


Campaign to End the Death Penalty | Join us to write holiday greetings to prisoners, to celebrate the movement against the criminal INjustice system, and to remember the legacy of Stan Tookie Williams more...  0 Comments

Greece: The Rebelion of Silence

Carlos Vigueras | Greek youth joins the world in their demands for justice for the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos of just 15 years old, killed by police heir to the dictatorship of the colonels in Greece.
Socially anger accumulated by long years of dictatorship and repression springs in the streets of Greece in search of freedom and justice.
The hope of youth worldwide and the millions of men and women who love freedom is to do justice for Alexandros and release all the political prisoners. more...  0 Comments

Greece: The Rebelion of Silence/La Rebelión del Silencio

Carlos Vigueras | The young people and his testimony about the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos put the eyes of the world in Greece.
Freedom and justice is demanded by million of people around the world.
Los jóvenes y su testimonio acerca del asesinato de Alexandros Grigoropoulus ponen los ojos del mundo en Grecia.
Libertad y justicia demandan millones de personas alrededor del mundo. more...  0 Comments

More of the truth about Alexandros' murder, from... cops!

exegermenos | Excerpts of statements from the cops near the incident and from the radio conversations with central operations contradict the stories of the two cops involved in Alexandros' murder more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | Chicago Protest: U.S. Out of Middle East Now "This is the first speak out of this sort [that I know of] since Obama has been elected." more...  0 Comments

Statement of Nikos R., a friend of Alexandros

Exorgismenos | This is a translation of the statement of Nikos R., which describes what happened on the night of December 6 and how the police shot his friend Alexandros Grigoropoulos. It completely contradicts the statement of the policeman who pulled the trigger.
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This civilization is rotten to the core !!!

Seven Star Hand | The Vatican and its primary cohorts are the secret rulers of Planet Earth and their primary tools of governance are secrecy and the deceptive triangle formed by money, religion, and politics. It is beyond obvious that monetary, religious, and political leaders will never solve humanity’s persistent problems. To do so would free you from their deceptions and put them out of work… more...  1 Comments

Greece: Insurrection Brings Participatory Democracy to Agios Dimitrios

report from Ag. Dimitrios via CIMC | An update from a Greek activist in contact with people inside the Occupied City Hall at Ag. Dimitrios, (southern suburb of Athens) detailing the day to day popular decision making now taking place there. more...  2 Comments

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) NOW

SPFPA | The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is legislation in the United States which aims to "amend the National Labor Relations Act to establish an efficient system to enable employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to provide for mandatory injunctions for unfair labor practices during organizing efforts, and for other purposes.
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