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Human Rights

Gearing Up for May Day

Karen Yi | Against a backdrop of multi-colored flags from Filipino organizations and amidst indigenous music from the Ecuadorian group Raices, day laborers, immigrants and community activists came together to demand dignity and rights for all workers in a protest on April 19 in Woodside, Queens. more...  0 Comments

Black U.S. Delegation Attends Racism Conference to Demand Reparations

Amadi Ajamu | The follow up to the World Conference against Racism (WCAR) 2001 and the Durban Declaration dubbed "Durban Review" will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, April 20 - 24, 2009. The December 12th Movement International Secretariat, a non governmental organization (NGO) with consultative status to the United Nations, will lead the "Durban 400" delegation and defend Black peoples' right to reparations for slavery.
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Hundreds Protest the Rockefeller Drug Laws in New York City

Ariel Tirosh | Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered outside of Governor Paterson's Manhattan office today to call on Paterson, State Senator Malcolm Smith, and other legislative leaders to repeal the 70s-era Rockefeller Drug Laws. more...  0 Comments

40,000 Union Members March Against Proposed Budget Cuts

NYC Local of the SP-USA | More than 40,000 members of New York's trade unions massed on the streets outside of City Hall yesterday to protest against the budget cuts proposed by Democratic Governor David Paterson and Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg. more...  2 Comments

Greenwich Village Rally Denounces Targeting Of Middle-Aged Gay Men in Porn Shops

Dana Farrington | A procession of speakers at a Feb. 21 rally in Greenwich Village demanded an end to undercover police stings that target middle-aged gay men who frequent porn shops. About 150 people attended the rally, which was held in Christopher Park across from the Stonewall Inn, site of a 1969 police raid and subsequent riots that marked the birth of the modern gay rights movement. more...  6 Comments

Take Back NYU! and the New Wave of Student Activism

Anonymous | Take Back NYU! has received an outpouring of support from across the globe, but it has also come under harsh criticism from many people who have consistently misunderstood the importance and legitimacy of the student occupation of NYU. The occupation of Kimmel came as a result of two years of campaigning and two years of being pushed aside, ignored, and mocked by the NYU administration. Each demand of the occupation stems from the same framework - one demanding accountability, transparency, and social justice for all. more...  5 Comments

NYU 18 Suspended, Protest Sparks Campus Debate

Dana Farrington | On Friday, Feb. 20, the student occupation of New York University’s Kimmel Center for Student Life ended, and the repercussions began. The university suspended the last 18 students who remained in Kimmel Friday morning, and non-N.Y.U. participants were told that their information would be given to the NYPD for trespassing. more...  0 Comments

Students Suspended As NYU Occupation Ends

NYC IMC | The occupation at New York University’s Kimmel Center for University Life has been ended, with some of the last remaining students barred from entering NYU buildings. The school has also kicked students out of their residence halls and said that NYU will provide the students with alternative housing for now. more...  3 Comments

New York University Students Occupy Kimmel Center, Continuing Wave of Student Activism

NYC IMC | Following what has been a wave of student activism over the past couple of months, including student occupations in Greece , Great Britain , and the United States and protests across Europe, students from the Take Back NYU coalition have begun to occupy the Kimmel Center for University Life at New York University. more...  12 Comments

Twenty-Four Hour Protest Outside Zionist Organizations’ Office Draws Hundreds

Alex Kane | About 900 New York City Jews participated in a twenty-four hour protest outside the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency offices on 3rd Ave. between 40 and 41st St. in Manhattan, calling for justice for the Palestinian people and an end to the occupation of Palestine.

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Turning the Tables: New Book Looks at How WTC Restaurant Workers Used 9/11 Tragedy As Organizing Opportunity

Karen Yi | Atop the North Tower of the World Trade Center, employees from every nationality graced the tables of the Windows on the World restaurant serving exquisite wines and delicacies while speaking in their native tongues for the benefit of tourists that came to dine at one of the city’s must-see attractions. But after the 9/11 attacks, the plethora of languages was snuffed out. The fall of the towers took the lives of 73 Windows on the World employees, displacing hundreds more. In the years that followed, Windows on the World survivors found themselves still struggling to recover from the loss of their jobs and their co-workers while watching in dismay as anti-immigrant sentiments gained strength in the larger society. more...  0 Comments

Right to the City Alliance Members Released From Central Booking

NYC IMC | According to a Picture the Homeless press release, "the last of the Right to the City Eight were released from Central Booking, after spending more than 24 hours locked up. Many thanks to all of you who turned out for this morning's press conference, or made calls to the police or the Mayor's office, or spread the word to friends and allies. The police response shows that the Mayor is vulnerable and nervous, and we need to keep the pressure up. And the PRESS response shows that people are paying attention. So stay tuned as we turn up the heat." more...  3 Comments

Come Celebrate Inaugaration Day As New Yorkers Give Bush the Boot

Alex Kane | Drawing inspiration from Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi, who became a hero to millions after hurling two shoes at outgoing President George W. Bush, New Yorkers plan to give Bush a “farewell kiss” by tossing shoes at a portrait of Bush painted by artist Rebecca Migdal. more...  7 Comments

Thousands Line the Streets of 7th Avenue, Calling for an End to the Israeli Assault on Gaza

Alex Kane | The rally and march to the Time Warner building near Columbus Circle was organized by the Break the Siege on Gaza Coalition-NY, which includes a number of local pro-Palestinian organizations. Time Warner was targeted because the demonstrators say that CNN and other media outlets are not showing the truth about Gaza. more...  0 Comments

New Yorkers Rally at City Hall to Protest Bloomberg’s Trip to Israel

Zahra Hankir | Some 300 New Yorkers gathered in front of City Hall in Manhattan Wednesday evening, slamming New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a recent visit to Israel, during which he endorsed the Jewish state’s ongoing bombardment of Gaza and failed to acknowledge the suffering of the Palestinians. more...  2 Comments

Pro-Palestine Protestors Slam U.S. Support of Israel

Zahra Hankir | As Israeli ground troops crossed the border into Gaza, rapidly escalating an offensive that has taken the lives of over 460 Palestinians, thousands of New Yorkers gathered at Times Square on Saturday afternoon demanding that Israel end the killing and that the U.S. renounce its support of the Jewish state. more...  1 Comments

Roundup of New York City's Response to Israel's Attack on Gaza

New York City Independent Media Center | New York City residents and activists sprung into quick action as soon as the Israeli bombing campaign of the Gaza Strip in Palestine began. Numerous protests, sponsored and organized by a variety of pro-Palestine and peace organizations, have occurred, all calling for an immediate end to the violence in the Gaza Strip and an end to U.S. military aid to Israel. more...  5 Comments

Hundreds Rally for Gaza Outside Israel's UN Mission

Zahra Hankir | Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists gathered in front of the Permanent Mission of Israel to the UN in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday evening, protesting Israel’s bombing campaign against Gaza, which has left over 370 Palestinians dead and over 1,700 injured. The spectators covered the sidewalk of the entire block at the corner of 42nd St and 2nd Ave; at the opposite corner of the street, a much smaller pro-Israel counter-protest was held in support of the Jewish state’s military action against Hamas. more...  0 Comments

Striking Workers at Bronx Cookie Plant Face Difficult Christmas Season

Micah Landau | It is Christmas time, but there is little holiday cheer at the Stella D’Oro cookie factory in the Bronx. The 136 workers at the famous Italian biscuit company, members of the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers (BCTGM) International Union Local 50, have now been on strike for more than four months and it may be several more before they head back to work. The workers’ contract extension expired at the end of July and Local 50 called the strike when the owners walked out of negotiations on August 13. more...  2 Comments

New School University Students Continue Occupation

NYC IMC | More than one hundred students are occupying parts of New School University, demanding the resignation of / President Bob Kerrey and other administrators, student participation in decision making processes, transparency and the immediate suspension of "capital improvement projects" that the students say take money away from financing their education. Students from CUNY schools have joined the protest as well, saying that this is the first step towards more occupations in their system as they face budget increases due to Governor Paterson's budget ax. more...  2 Comments

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