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Human Rights

Update from Argentina: Rock for Hotel Bauen and Zanon

Marie Trigona | Here's the latest on the BAUEN conflict. If anyone is interested in more information please contact Marie Trigona or the BAUEN hotel:

Trabajadores del Hotel Bauen Coop
prensatrabajadoresdelbauen [at] more...  0 Comments

small WORLD Weex Mix: Afrobeat Special!

small WORLD Weex Mix: Afrobeat Special! | Kick off the weekend by kicking out the jams with the small WORLD Weekend MIX Afrobeat Special! more...  0 Comments

MTA Also Violated Taylor Law

Sonali | While the media is focusing on the illegality of the strikes, we should not forget that the MTA also violated a section of the Taylor Law when they tried to make last-minute changes to the pension plan. more...  2 Comments

A Christmas Story- Devotees Arrested for Chanting Hare Krishna

A Krishna Devotee | It was the Thursday before Christmas, and London's Oxford Street (the longest shopping street in the world) was brimming over with Christmas shoppers. Twice already that week plainclothes police had arrested devotees chanting Hare Krishna there, but today we were intending to avoid any trouble. more...  5 Comments

Day 4 of TWU Strike: Will Toussaint Get Away with this Sellout?

Varlet | It is still possible for the TWU membership to turn this situation around by demanding an immediate full meeting of the union, where Toussaint and the TWU Executive Board would be compelled to explain their betrayal. A vote should then be taken as to whether or not the strike should recommence, and a vote should then be taken to establish a strike committee capable of carrying out the program of the TWU membership against the MTA's naked strikebreaking attempt. more...  6 Comments

Freewheels: Browne's Undercover Comments "Disingenuous"

FreeWheels | See below. more...  1 Comments

eugene court update/McGowan

kirsten anderberg | According to the Federal Courthouse in Eugene, Daniel McGowan went to court in Judge Coffin's courtroom on Dec 22, 2005. He was there for both his initial hearing and also an arraignment. He entered a NOT GUILTY plea. His counsel has 21 days to present a motion now to the court. Both sides have 10 days to exchange discovery materials now. more...  1 Comments

SPFPA - International Union, Security * Police * Fire Professionals of America - SPFPA

SPFPA | The SPFPA is the LARGEST, OLDEST and FASTEST GROWING 9(B)3 Security Police Union in the World Today !
more...  0 Comments

Firefighter in critical condition after getting hit by bus while bicycling to work

jmc | An off-duty firefighter who was likely bicycling to work because of the transit strike Thursday morning was critically injured in midtown by a private shuttle bus making an illegal turn, authorities said. more...  1 Comments

And to all, a good night


Strike: Winners and Losers?

Analysis | The rank and file of TWU Local 100 is a definite winner. From the looks of it and I may, like Jed Brandt, eat my shoes, but I think the TWU has beat back the pension proposal by the MTA. The also shut down the largest city in the US and showed the strength that workers have. It was a lesson to workers and also to the bosses as to who runs this city. [See Also Juan Gonzalez: Both Sides Did What They Had To] more...  34 Comments

Dignity Beyond Persecution,The Rebirth Of Marcus Garvey, Honorable Roger Toussaint

Jacqueline Amos | A Coward dies a thousand times; but a brave man dies once, It is not the man who stand on the mountain, but man who walks with Dignity. more...  0 Comments

Now about a city wide call in sick day on Friday?

Support the strike! | This would show the mayor who's city this is. more...  1 Comments

The strike ain't over until the UNION says it's over! Ignore the news media reports of a settlement!

Varlet | Ignore news media reports that a settlement has been reached in the transit strike. It is a standard tactic of "impartial mediators" to announce a settlement has been reached when no such decision has been made by the union. more...  6 Comments

Starbucks Union: Statement of Solidarity with Transit Workers

Worker Freedom | As a recipient of support from TWU Local 100 members on our picket lines, it is with great honor that we express our total solidarity with striking transit workers in New York City. We know you are striking not only for your families but also for every working New Yorker.
more...  0 Comments

Transit Strike: A Victory?

Hoipolloi Cassidy | All indications are that the tactics of the Mayor and MTA have backfired with the people of New York more...  1 Comments

TOOKIE LIVES RALLY - 12/29 | TOOKIE LIVES. RALLY AND MARCH ON 12/29. more...  1 Comments

11:15 am, AP reports return to work.

Tommy SPNYC | 11:15 am, AP reports return to work.

All the more reason to make the Rally TODAY, 4-6, Manhattan end of Brooklyn Bridge. more...  0 Comments

The MTA and the Governor Forced This Strike

Transport Workers Union Local 100 (AFL-CIO) | For generations, a job in New York’s subways and buses was the first step on the road to the American dream. The MTA is telling us Not Any More. That’s what this strike is all about. more...  1 Comments

RALLY: Support the TWU!

Troops Out Now Coalition | Thursday, December 22
4-6 pm
Assemble on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge more...  0 Comments

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