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Human Rights

Spielberg on Munich (the movie - a review)

Asad Abu-Khalil | But of course, the kinds of folks who push an ideology that required the expulsion of three-quarters-of-a-million Palestinians from their lands, and then lied about it, claiming there had been no such persons to begin with (as with Golda Meir’s infamous quip), can’t be expected to place a very high premium on truth. -- Tim Wise, anti-racist, anti-Zionist, Jewish-American activist, essayist & public speaker more...  0 Comments


Islamic Community Net | Ft. Hood hate killer Carpio's claim that he "accidentally" shot Muslimah Selina Akther while he deliberately opened fire as Sr. Selina stood at the window in her 5th floor apartment is unworthy of belief. He has spent the last six months training and practicing to murder Muslims at Ft. Hood. Ft. Hood's "1st Cavalry Division" (i.e., tanks) helped perpetrate last year's Fallujah genocide. more...  0 Comments

Arrest Information

elastic band | Right-wing nations are now utilising their new ‘anti-terrorist’ laws. Activists are being targeted and arrested in the US and Australia – who is next? The following information may prove useful in the event of arrest. A ‘friend of mine’ was recently detained for questioning by state police; his experiences were similar to those of others in the milieux. Familiarisation with the procedures and methodologies of our ‘regulatory authorities’ is invaluable in the event of arrest or detention. more...  0 Comments

Populist #19

Franklin | On the Judicial Branch, continued more...  0 Comments

Live From Iraq: Christian Parenti and GNN's Anthony Lappé

Vox Pop | • Spoken Word from Parenti and GNN’s Anthony Lappé (co-author of True Lies)
• Live Music from Phantasmatrash
• $3 pints from Six Point Craft Ales
• Friday January 6th 8:00 PM
• $5 Cover includes Free Instabook of the Vox Pop interview with Christian Parenti! more...  1 Comments


Win Animal Rights |
Let's take this opportunity to end the year the same way it began, expressing our outrage at Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) and those that allow them to continue to maim and kill in the name of product testing. HLS kills 500 animals every day to test products like tooth paste and tanning lotion. Join us as we raise our voices in protest against those that allow HLS (trading as LSRI) to continue their bloody business. Targets will include both Market Makers for LSRI and investors in LSRI stock. more...  0 Comments

Reflections on Christmas

Astrid Essed | In my christmas-message to the readers I reflect on the great contradiction between the real meaning of Christmas, being the appeal to human rights and respect and the hypocrisy, used by the ''christian'' polticians more...  0 Comments

Paramilitaries and Palm Plantations: A Murderous Combination in Colombia

Kari Lydersen | As "Jorge,” a Colombian human rights lawyer, and “Ernesto,” a Colombian campesino from the Choco department near the Panamanian border, made their way through Ernesto’s small town on Oct. 15, they knew they were in trouble. As they passed the town’s Parque Principal, they saw about 50 police and known paramilitary members gathered there. They had little doubt the group had assembled to meet them, since their contingent of Colombian activists and international human rights observers had been stopped and interrogated by police earlier in the day as they returned from the US Embassy in Bogota. more...  0 Comments

Smash Fascism in Connecticut

deletetheborder | A bunch of racists, anti-immigrants, white supremacists, and more are trying to stage a national protest at day-labor sites in the United States on Jan 7th, in the morning. Based out of Connecticut, Paul Streitz and his Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control are calling on his mostly retired, old white male friends to scapegoat undocumented people for 'taking jobs' and 'being terrorists' and other myths. If you care about civil rights, human dignity, and believe that no one is illegal, please come out and stop them. more...  1 Comments

Puerto Rico - Bearing Her Chains

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | The struggle of Puerto Rico's political status continues, as the White House releases a report detailing its views on possible solutions. Of significance is its statement removing the current status quo as a viable option, offering Statehood or Independence as the only viable permanent options. It also calls on Congress to sponsor a federal plebisicite on the matter. In Puerto Rico, some have received it with hope that it will spur action, either in the US or locally in Puerto Rico. Others have blasted it as a colonial document which stipulates how de-colonizing the territory should proceed. more...  2 Comments

mail for mcgowan

kirsten anderberg | I just talked to people in Eugene at Lane County Jail about ways to contact Daniel McGowan...he can call us collect, he can get money orders that will go onto his commissary tab so he can buy things like stamps, etc. His visitor set up is pretty grim... more...  6 Comments

"TOOKIE LIVES" RALLY IN HARLEM (this Thursday) | 12/29 Rally and Candle-light vigil in Harlem on World Redemption Day... more...  5 Comments

At Last, Mission Accomplished

M.A.Hussain | WASHINGTON - In a Christmas Eve message American President Bush said the holidays are a time to mourn U.S. troops who have died in overseas missions. Here is the transcript of his speech:
Good evening, recently Iraqis went to the polls to select their own leaders -- a landmark day in the history of liberty. In coming weeks, a new government will be formed and a people who suffered in tyranny so long will become full members of the free world. more...  0 Comments

The Iron Cage that has Descended upon Modern Humanity

populist | We are not becoming emancipated; we are becoming automated. more...  0 Comments

Interview with One People's Project

Stephanie | Jenkins talks about the creation of One People's Project, its current goals, racist ties amongst big name groups and individuals, and more. OPP celebrated its five year anniversary this past spring. more...  0 Comments

Celebrities 'hijacked' poverty campaign, say furious charities

BEEP BEEP | The campaign, led by a coalition of 540 organisations, was launched amid fanfare on 1 January this year with a pledge to narrow the gap between the world's rich and poor. Yesterday, aid workers told how it had been "hijacked" by celebrities at the expense of real achievements in securing sold debts, aid and trade deals for the developing world. Events at the G8 summit in Gleneagles in July, attended by the campaigner Bob Geldof, attracted some of the strongest criticism. more...  0 Comments

Qui est Guy PHILIPPE ?

Front pour la Reconstruction Nationale-Haïti | Depuis plusieurs semaines voire plusieurs mois, on peut trouver sur une multitude de sites internet un descriptif mensonger des idées et des actes que l’on me prête… tout cela étant tiré d'un seul et même article écrit par un partisan d'Aristide. more...  2 Comments

Jeff "Free" Luers Legal Update and Dispatch

Jeffrey Luers Support Network | Jeff has new information about is legal battle and a dispatch for his supporters. more...  1 Comments

China: grave symptoms

Workers World | China’s Communist Party has introduced market reforms, it says, in order to accelerate its development and build socialism. But the market is not just a stimulus; it creates a class of millionaires that corrupts the economic and political structures and divides the people, undermining the class solidarity that is the bedrock of socialist construction. more...  8 Comments

UFPJ leadership divides the anti-war movement

Workers World | These organizational complaints are merely a cover behind which the UFPJ leadership is readying an open shift to the right, orienting to the so-called “anti-war” elements in the capitalist establishment and preparing to use the anti-war movement as a platform for promoting the Democratic Party in the 2006 elections. more...  9 Comments

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