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Human Rights

Terror: European Union & US neocons against Iran

Foreign Press Foundation | Tomorrow the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will - concerning Iran - report the figures below. The question of course is: with Iran under daily control, who are the criminals within the European Union advocating more war, and who profits* from it? more...  0 Comments

New Orleans: DYING @ UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL | Get officials to help these people. more...  0 Comments

GENOCIDE: National Guard not allowing aid into the city

NewOrleans.IndyMedia.Org | The National Guard is carrying out orders of Genocide against the largely African American population of New Orleans.

Are foreign nations required to intervine under international law? more...  2 Comments

The Path out of Crawford Leads to Binghamton, New York

Tarik Abdelazim | As members of Camp Casey pack up and leave Crawford for a national bus tour, many in the anti-war movement are focused on the late September convergence in Washington. Meanwhile, the most important anti-war federal trial since the Vietnam war begins in less than three weeks. The route from Crawford to Washington must be amended. Next stop: Binghamton, New York. more...  1 Comments

Anarchists clash with police during "No Border action" in Venna, Greece.

libertarian | Anarchists clash with police during "No Border action" in Venna, Greece. more...  1 Comments

Hurricane Katrina: U.S. gov't guilty of criminal neglect

Workers World | President Bush was criminally negligent in diverting funds that had been requested to protect the people of New Orleans for use in the criminal war of conquest in Iraq. The Bush administration did this in full knowledge of the impend ing danger. The highest government agency in charge of dealing with disasters, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, warned of the potential for disaster as early as 2001. more...  1 Comments

king coal comes to nyc

massey | Chairman and CEO of Massey Energy Co. is coming to nyc, the man responsible for the permanent destruction of beautiful mountain habitat for families and critters alike. Clean coal is a lie and they are making millions. Mountina top removal is ecocide. more...  0 Comments

Well-Fed Media Pigs Call It "Looting"

Steven Black | White people spew over brown people fighting to survive. more...  11 Comments

"Enemy Combatant" from Peoria Sues Rumsfeld

David Roknich | In a manner similar to that of Jose Padilla, Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri was abducted on the eve of his trial, declared an enemy combatant, and thrown in the brig. After approximately 2 years of detention in the same brig as Jose Padilla, al-Marri has filed a lawsuit against Donald Rumsfeld for:
"...unlawful and unconstitutional conditions of confinement
to which Plaintiff has been subjected by Defendants at the Consolidated Naval Brig (“the Brig”)
in North Charleston, South Carolina, since President Bush designated him an “enemy combatant” on June 23, 2003."
more...  1 Comments

Union Organizers Arrested at NYU

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Some eighty union leaders and activists staged a peaceful sit-down and arrest in front of NYU's library today to protest the University's decision to refuse to recognize its Graduate Employee's Union.

more...  3 Comments

Prisoner Letter Writing Night - Sept 8

the kids | A letter writing night to support young political prisoners will take place at Bluestockings Bookstore and Activist Center on September 8th. Vegan snacks will be serve for all those who attend, and donations will go toward the prisoners themselves thru their support groups. more...  2 Comments

Join Us in Palestine for the 2005 Olive Harvest Campaign: ISM

International Solidarity Movement - Palestine | Palestinian farmers and agricultural organizations, in coordination with the International Solidarity Movement and the International Women's Peace Service, announce the 2005 Olive Harvest Campaign. The campaign will take place between October 15 and November 15.

While the world is blinded by the smokescreen of Israel's "Gaza disengagement" plan, the Israeli government continues to seize Palestinian land throughout the West Bank to expand settlements and build its illegal Annexation Barrier.

As this goes on, Palestinian communities continue to resist Israel's attempts to cement its control of the West Bank and imprison Palestinians behind walls and fences.
more...  0 Comments

NYC Rally: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! Hands off Lynne Stewart and Assata Shakur!

Partisan Defense Committee | Thursday, September 15th, 7:00pm at: Community Church of New York, 40 East 35th Street -- The Partisan Defense Committee is urging you to join us for a rally to fight government repression and the "war on terror," which targets blacks, immigrants, labor and leftists. We call on you to come out in defense of Lynne Stewart, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Assata Shakur. Their fight is a fight for us all. Speakers include Lynne Stewart, Pam Africa of International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Cleo Silvers of 1199ers for Peace and Justice, Don Alexander of the New York Labor Black League for Social Defense and Rachel Wolkenstein of the Partisan Defense Committee. For more information, call 212-406-4252 or email
f more...  0 Comments

NYU Union To Rally August 31

GSOC Supporter | Wednesday August 31
12:00-1:00, Bobst Library
70 Washington Sq. South more...  0 Comments

My experience and suggestions for Critical Mass

Obert | The bicyclists are winning in the ongoing struggle against police oppression. more...  8 Comments

Asked for photo ID at New Utrecht High School on Election Day

Vincent La Marca | On the morning of Election Day, Nov. 2, 2004, I was asked by an auxillary police officer for photo ID in order to enter the polling place at New Utrecht High School. I felt this was a violation of privacy and inconsistent with Board of Election policy. I believe that IDs should be propery handled by poll workers. I'm sure hundreds of voters in Bensonhurst were asked for photo ID that day and that some of them were turned away from the polls. more...  1 Comments

Images: Critical Mass

fred askew | Critical Mass NYC August 2005 more...  5 Comments

Street Vendors Converge on City Hall to Protest Unfair $1,000 Vending Fines

The Street Vendor Project | These fines, often imposed for such violations as not displaying one's license or being too close to a store front, can reach $1,000, which is equal to three months' earnings for many vendors and threatens to put them out of business. The vendors were joined by NYC Council member Robert Jackson and mayoral candidates Fernando Ferrer and Anthony Wiener, who all gave speeches singing the praises of vendors as hardworking small business owners in pursuit of the “American Dream,” and speaking out against the exorbitant fines. more...  1 Comments

Critical Mass! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

bike ninja | there are a few themes for the night. there are a bunch of afterparties.
jump on a bike and have some fun! more...  1 Comments

8-26 Critical Mass dedicated to Jeff "Free" Luers

CMer | 8-26 Critical Mass dedicated to Jeff "Free" Luers, eco-militants and anarchists. Since 8-27-04 over 500 cyclist have been thrown in jail on fabricated charges. They share a degree of the repression endured by Jeff and other citizens. They have been branded as terrorists or possible terrorists because of where they stand in a cultural divide. more...  17 Comments

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