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Human Rights

PROTEST fascist confirmation of Alito.

A | Protest: Today, Monday@Union Square, 4:30 pm
Fascist Confirmation of Alito into the Supreme Court

*Alito confirmation hearings begin, women and men all across the country will wear bloody patches in protest of what will surely be in store if Alito ascends to the Supreme Court...

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how much is enough? enough

Murdock Todd Cote | Read and learn more...  0 Comments

Impeach the Liar-in-Chief

populist | Our Founding Fathers would not have approved of Bush concerning his honesty or his abuse of the powers of his office. more...  0 Comments

The Enemy Within

Walter F. Wouk | There is no wiggle room when it comes to our civil liberties. You either suppor the Bill of Rights or you join the ranks of it's enemies. more...  0 Comments

Demonstration to Demand the Release of Jailed Iranian Union Leader

Billy | Mansour Osanlou was arrested by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for leading a transit worker protest demanding higher wages and better working conditions. Monday’s demonstration is part of an international effort by supporters of organized labor to secure Osanlou’s immediate and unconditional release. more...  2 Comments

Slave and Native American Burial Ground in Teaneck Threatened

First Voices | A historic burial ground reported to hold the remains of slaves, Native Americans and early Dutch settlers, which is privately owned, is slated for development. The Coalition for the Preservation of Teaneck's Indian-Slave Cemetery is attempting to raise $100,000 by next week in order to save the Pomander Walk and prevent the graves from being desecrated. As fundraising efforts continue, we speak with a member of the coalition about the issue. [Read More] more...  1 Comments

Reform and revolution

Sam Marcy | What has made the Cuban Revolution unique? Why is it such a beacon to the workers and oppressed masses, not only of Latin America and the Caribbean but around the world?

There have been many uprisings, guerrilla wars, progressive electoral victories and military coups in Latin America in the course of this century. But the triumph of Fidel Castro's guerrilla army over the Batista dictatorship did something that no previous struggle had accomplished. more...  5 Comments

Why the TWU strike was an historic event

Milt Neidenberg | The strike will resonate far beyond this city, particularly among the more oppressed, low-paid multinational workers—including many women and immigrants—who suffer intensified deprivation and indignities. Because of the strike, TWU Local 100 and its leaders came out stronger, with a contract they can live with and their dignity intact. Considering that it came during the most relentless and protracted attack on the labor movement, this was the biggest and best thing that has happened in years. That makes it an historic event. more...  2 Comments

STOP NY MINUTEMEN in Freeport! Tomorrow, Sat 1/7, 8am. - Freeport, NY

noborders | A bunch of racists, anti-immigrants, white supremacists, and more are
trying to stage a national protest at day-labor sites in the United
States on Jan 7th, in the morning. If you care about civil rights, human
dignity, and believe that no one is illegal, then please come out to
stop them, and stand in SOLIDARITY with migrant workers.

background info: more...  5 Comments

REGISTER NOW! Feb 11 NYC Grassroots Media Conference at New School University

RadiKelly KaPOWski | Join hundreds of fellow media makers, activists, artists, academics and youth for an action-packed day of informative panels, hands-on workshops, strategy sessions and an evening networking party.
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NIFC to honor Larry Kirwan of BLACK '47

National Irish Freedom Committee | Show Larry your support by placing an ad in the commerative journal! more...  0 Comments

Bleeding the Boroughs

Housing Works |

SOUTH BRONX: Drained of support

In the poverty-stricken South Bronx, where rates of both HIV/AIDS and children orphaned to the disease are among the highest in the city, a 15-year-old community health nonprofit called Health People works with local HIV-positive parents to help connect them to proper medical services and prepare crucial guardianship papers should they fall ill or die. It also offers mentoring programs for children neglected by overtaxed parents. [Read More]

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ARGENTINA - Encontremos a Marita, encontremos la justicia!!

Familia Verón - ARGENTINA | Dice el viejo adagio que “Todos los caminos conducen a Roma”, la capital del mundo, llamada así por sus conquistas y por ser el centro de operaciones del Imperio Romano. El caso Marita Verón ha puesto en exposición la cruda realidad de la trata de blancas en el Noroeste Argentino que, como la antigua Roma, parece tener en La Rioja su centro de operaciones.
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The Sago Mine Disaster

Cliff Willmeng | The effect on the families was devastating. State police and SWAT team members, who had already been assembled to keep the company safe, were dispatched to the church. A fight had to be broken up when one of the community members lunged for a company official. It was an anger that, no doubt, was born though years of company lies and abuse. If government power could not be used for the health and safety of these miners, it was dispatched rapidly enough for the safety of coalmine officials. more...  5 Comments

From RTW 31: Toussaint’s Contract Deal Falling Apart - Mass Membership Meetings Must Decide the Way Forward!

Eric Josephson, Track Division, TWU Local 100 | The Local 100 ranks still feel the power of our strike. We have to fight back against Pataki and management’s new attacks. But that’s the last thing on President Toussaint’s mind. He’s still trying to talk his way out of the mess he’s gotten us into and trick us into supporting his deal. more...  2 Comments

The Best Housing & Poverty Review of 2005

Lynda Carson | The Nation's Housing Policies Are Going In The Wrong Direction... more...  1 Comments

Zapatista "Other Campaign" starts series of town-hall like meetings in San Cristobal . . .

Andrew Kennis | The Zapatistas began today the first of a series of town-hall like meetings that will comprise the bulk of a six-month nationwide caravan dubbed as the Other Campaign. The campaign will touch every state in Mexico and aspires to form a wide-ranging non-electoral and anti-capitalist alliance that can be a powerful enough of a force to implement a new constitution for Mexico. more...  0 Comments

Katrina Survivors Confront NYC Mayor

Stephen Millies | Michael Bloomberg, New York’s billionaire mayor who bought his second term in November, hadn’t planned on being confronted by nearly a hundred protesters during his extravagant inauguration on New Year’s Day. But there they were, picketing on Broadway across from City Hall. Their 50-square-foot banner demanded justice for survivors of the hurricanes that devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. more...  1 Comments

Americans in the Bubble

populist | What if we, the American citizenry, are the ones living in a bubble. isolated, clueless, without a clear fit in the world's puzzle? more...  0 Comments

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SAOIRSE | Saoirse is published monthly, and an annual subscription is only $30.00.

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