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Human Rights

MLK Day Events Planned for Around the City

imcista | New Yorkers will celebrate the life of Martin Luther King over the next two days. A ceremony will be held at 4:45 p.m. Sunday at Riverside Church in Harlem where King gave one of his most famous speeches. On Monday, the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) will host a free event featuring the mothers of slain civil rights workers James Chaney and Andrew Goodman, Raul Midon and the Imani Singers of Medgar Evers College and a free-screening of the award-winning documentary “Standing on My Sister’s Shoulders”. We also have reports that there will be an MLK Day rally in Central Park and Sweet Honey in the Rock will be giving a children’s concert but don’t have any more details. Please let us know about any additional MLK Day events that are scheduled to take place. || Beyond Vietnam: MLK’s Classic 1967 Antiwar Speech || The Martin Luther King You Don’t See on TV || How Working-Class Direct Action Paved the Way for MLK Day || MLK Day 2003: A Surging Antiwar Movement Hits the Streets more...  2 Comments

New Orleans: Images from the Lower 9th Ward

Diane Krauthamer (of NJ Indymedia) | These are pictures of the still devastated area, as well as the "blue house" occupied and being rebuilt by the Common Ground Collective. more...  4 Comments

Bosses to blame: Murder in coal mine

David Hoskins | As a result of this criminal negligence, twelve working class martyrs joined the ranks of their 100,000 coalmining brothers and sisters who have been killed since 1900. more...  0 Comments

Protesters outshout racist Minutemen coast to coast

Ruth Vela and Heather Cottin | The reactionary Minutemen group had called for Jan. 7 “Stop the Invasion” actions against immigrant workers in 19 states. But they brought out far more opponents than supporters. more...  9 Comments

The g-string: Alito’s Laws in Your Draw’rs (The Indypendent)

AMY WOLF | Privacy has come under attack in the United States and so will Roe v. Wade if Samuel Alito is confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. Alito has and will continue to carry out a reactionary moral vision. more...  3 Comments


Philipp Rassmann for BFF | The event will feature dozens of different films on a variety of bicycle styles - from BMX to urban bike culture, cycling to commuting. more...  0 Comments

Neocons Make U.N. Power Play (The Indypendent)

DONALD PANETH | UNITED NATIONS, N.Y.— The U.S. takeover of the United Nations approached a conclusion on Dec. 23 when the Bush administration blocked the implementation of the U.N.’s 2006–2007 budget. The U.S. insists the U.N. General Assembly approve a series of “reform” measures within the next few months.
more...  0 Comments

Democracy Behind Bars in East Africa (The Indypendent)

NEELA GHOSHAL | Just a year ago, the East African nation of Uganda was still a darling of the West, hailed as an African success story based on its economic growth and success in combating AIDS. How quickly things change, particularly in Africa, where Western governments tend to wear blinders when it comes to the dictatorial tendencies of their allies. more...  8 Comments

Zapatistas Launch ‘Other’ Campaign (The Indypendent)

RAMOR RYAN | This new political initiative, called the Other Campaign, is intended to influence Mexico’s July presidential election. Rejecting the suggestion that they were leaving the armed struggle and entering the political mainstream, the Zapatistas say they are reaching out to anti-capitalist and leftist organizations across the country, and conducting a campaign “from below, for below,” focusing on “a radical transformation of the Mexican political system.” more...  0 Comments

People Power Vs. Disaster Capitalism in New Orleans (The Indypendent)

LAUREL SUTHERLIN | There lives a real possibility that New Orleans will become a proving ground where social justice and sustainability can merge into a model of major relevance to us all. People are being pulled here from all over the country, and within the seething chaos of it all is an electrified sense that something big is birthing here – a movement congealing from disparate directions – an invention of necessity that is addressing issues rapidly becoming universal. more...  2 Comments

NYS's uninsured pay double

posted by keeley | The uninsured in New York state pay more than double the best market rate for prescription drugs, said a report released Thursday.
The 20 most popular prescription drugs cost the uninsured about 68 percent more on average than the federal government paid for the same medications, according to the report by the New York Public Interest Research Group. more...  0 Comments

Populist #20

Franklin | On the Judicial Branch, continued more...  0 Comments

HR 4437/Anti-Immigrant Bill

madhatter | HR 4437/Anti-Immigrant Bill more...  2 Comments

Times Up! Weekly Movie Night, Jan. 12, Wal-Mart

Time's Up! | Free movie tonight--8 PM more...  1 Comments


Clayton Hallmark | EU AGREED TO CIA PRISON FLIGHTS -- With these words: "Both sides [EU-US] agreed on ... increased use of European transit facilities to support the return of criminal/inadmissible aliens...." more...  0 Comments

Advice From An Old Man

populist | on resisting America's next war... more...  1 Comments

Documentary about NYPD's Attack on Critical Mass

Time's Up! | Get the word out! Host a screening of Still We Ride, a powerful new documentary about the suppression of free speech and free assembly of New York City's bicycling community. Check out:
more...  0 Comments

Operation: Over - a spring of resistance against the war machine in boston

Free Youth Network | This spring will be the fourth spring of the war and occupation of Iraq. The fourth spring of bombs over Baghdad and body bags full of young Iraqis and working-class Americans. The fourth spring of tyranny and torture in the name of freedom. The fourth spring of the armed robbery of the Iraqi people, and the poor people and young people of Boston. So this spring, we, the Free Youth Network, ask you to join us in a campaign of nonviolent direct action to confront, disrupt, and break down the war machine. Right here in our own communities. more...  0 Comments

Reportback: Solidarity Against the Minutemen in Freeport, Long Island

onto | Against the anti-immigrant call out for a "National Day of Protest", a group of 40 people rallied in Freeport, Long Island in solidarity with day laborers. Jobs for Justice, The Freeport Community Worklink Center, day laborers, socialists, anarchists and others came together to voice "No one is Illegal", "New York Supports Day Laborers" and "No Racism in Freeport." After 2 hours in the cold, the sorry looking 8 NY minutemen packed up and left. Another victory for immigrants over racist scapegoating. more...  0 Comments

Documentary about NYPD's Attack on Critical Mass

Time's Up! | Get the word out! Host a screening of Still We Ride, a powerful new documentary about the suppression of free speech and free assembly of New York City's bicycling community. Check out: more...  0 Comments

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