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Human Rights

Neo-Cons Terrorized by Peanut Butter & Jelly

Daithí | …from the Houston Global Awareness Collective : more...  0 Comments

Judge Alito, Jesus, Homosexuality, Abortion and Privacy

aCitizen | The "religious" right REALLY wants Judge Sam Alito on the Supreme Court. But why? How might Judge Sam help advance their agenda? How does the right's agenda compare with that of fascist regimes--in particular, Hitler's? And do you know what Jesus of Nazareth actually SAID about two of the "religious" right's hot-button issues?
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Hard Honest Worker Forced to Beg on the Streets

Dan Lilienthal | On 34th st. by 7th Ave., Bob tries to scrape money together so he can eat. A hard-working honest man from North Carolina, Bob left his welding job of 20+ years after skin cancer began to set in. His weight is now down under 100 (although the bundles of clothing he wears makes him appear bigger). He lives in subsidized housing in the Bronx, but has been unable for 10 years to receive any of his social security, as well as any welfare or housing stamps. With tears in his eyes, he tells me his stories. more...  4 Comments

On the Scandinavian Model

Daniel Dettling | The Scandinavian model could help us find our way to social compromise and true security through investments in education and apprenticeships. In 1945 the US was the only unscathed superpower. After giving all advantages to capital, the social compromise between labor and capital seems dissolved. Our altered state of paralysis, insecurity, fear and corruption could give way to security, trust and interdependence. more...  0 Comments

Spartacist Black History Month Speaking Tour

New York Spartacist League | Spartacist Black History Month Speaking Tour: "Race, Class and Socialist Revolution: Class-Struggle Road to Black Freedom", "Mumia Is an Innocent Man! The Fight to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!" more...  0 Comments

Spartacist Black History Month Speaking Tour

New York Spartacist League | Black History Month Speaking Tour: "Race, Class and Socialist Revolution: Class-Struggle Road to Black Freedom", "Mumia Is an Innocent Man! The Fight to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!" more...  0 Comments

Populist #21

Franklin | On the Executive Branch more...  0 Comments

Speak-Out on Saturday in NYC to Oppose Confirmation of Judge Alito to US Supreme Court

Jane Doe | As the Senate debates the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court, individual members of NOW who are affiliated with the Reproductive Choice Association and the Womens Mobilization list-serve have put together a speak-out for the public to voice opposition to conservative take-over of the court. more...  0 Comments

Ford bosses to cut 30,000 jobs

Fred Goldstein | The lesson is that no concessions will lead to an end of the attacks. The only answer is organized resistance. more...  1 Comments

Boycott Home Depot! New Orleans Call to Action

liza | The Housing Authority of New Orleans has leased land from the C.J. Peete public housing development to Home Depot. Not only is this land needed for low-income families who are trying to return to New Orleans, but the land could also be used for FEMA trailers to provide temporary housing for people whose homes were demolished. more...  0 Comments


Naomi Archer, Four Directions Relief Project | Four of Louisiana’s coastal Native American tribes issued an urgent appeal for support in the aftermath of Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita. Despite the buzz of recovery activity in New Orleans and on other parts of the Gulf coast, tribal leaders say they have been forgotten and their people continue to suffer. more...  0 Comments

COURT SOLIDARITY needed in trial of NJ Palestine Activist, Feb 2nd

Anonymous | COURT SOLIDARITY is requested in South Brunswick, NJ on Thursday, February 2nd, at 1 PM. Activist Abe Greenhouse is on trial for allegedly pieing former Israeli cabinet minister Natan Sharansky in 2003. Greenhouse, a longtime activist for Palestinian rights, faces jail time if convicted. more...  0 Comments

Wendy's "Finger" couple gets 9 years - US Military"Torturer& Murderer" Lewis Welshofer,gets $6.000 fine!

Carl Nardoccio | The attorney said the clapping at the end of the trial was a testament to Welshofer (and probably to "Old Glory" that symbolic U.S. Flag?).
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Jan. 25 PATRIOT Act Call-In Day

Bill of Rights Defense Committee | Today is the day! Join the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and tens of thousands of allies throughout the U.S. in an overwhelming grassroots response to the PATRIOT Act and other governmental excesses. more...  0 Comments

In crisis, Washington manufactures new tensions

Fred Goldstein | Washington is moving towards a confrontation that is very dangerous. The anti-war movement must take heed of this new threatening development coming out of Washington, put it high on the agenda, and tell Washington: “Hands off Iran!” more...  0 Comments

ALL CITY Forum on Popular Education & Liberation March 3-4th | For those interested in Popular Education strategies as means to educate our communities outside of the traditional educational institutions, come through to El Puente March 3rd and 4th located at: 211 S. 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 ( more...  1 Comments

Taser’s don’t kill, Excited Delirium does!

TASER IMHO | Taser International, the Scottsdale Arizona manufacturer of the extremely controversial “X26 Advanced Taser” electro-muscular-disruption “stun” gun was thrown a bone last week; abet one they may still choke on. more...  0 Comments

Sentada Virtual contra la SGAE

Veron | Organizada una Sentada Virtual contra la página Web de la SGAE para protestar de forma pacífica y ordenada contra el canon impuesto en los cd´s virgenes more...  0 Comments

TWU Dissident Speaks at 'Labor Notes' Forum Friday

garrett | A powerful strike results in a contract that is rejected. Want to know more about what happened, and what is likely to happen now? more...  1 Comments

(From OpEdNews.Com) - Squeezing the Work Force, Remaking Unions in the Workers' Image

Worker Freedom | Charles Sullivan is a furniture maker, photographer, and free lance writer residing in the eastern panhandle of West Virgina. He welcomes your comments at
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