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Human Rights

Our Fundamentalists and Theirs: Political Cartoons, Jyllands-Posten, and Beyond

occasional IMC contributor | I’ve often wondered what I would have done if I had been older when the Satanic Verses was published. Someone on the left—and not some mealy mouthed democrat, either, but someone on the real left, a progressive, a radical, an anti-imperialist—needs to say this, needs to say that the entire foundation of Western modernity is grounded in a movement away from religious censorship of communication and thought. Marx thought this was true; 19th century anarchists thought this was true too. Of course, they also knew that it wasn’t always true—that political freedom covered up and served as a mask for deeper systems of economic and social unfreedom. But they also knew that despite all its flaws, this Enlightenment move was a good one, and that the shackles of religious censorship were better off than on. Perhaps all this makes me a sraight white man, or an “unreconstructed enlightenmentist.” But my political radicalism comes from belief in these things, too. more...  52 Comments

Law Suit: Housing Authority Abuses Citizenship Question

Lynda Carson | [Note: By the time this story reaches it's reading audience during the month of February, please be aware that an Injunction has just been filed in Federal Court in an effort to stop the Oakland Housing Authority from violating Federal Law.] more...  0 Comments

Politics of Extreme Unction: Revolutionary Rights

populist | Revolutionary rights. when constitutional rights are either absent or fail. more...  0 Comments

NJ Company Hosts Neo-Nazi Hit List

l. akai | The NJ based WebHostPlus is hosting a site for the neo-nazi group Blood and Honour. There is threatening information for gays, Jews and leftists. Take action to stop the nazi hit list.
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Mexico, CIPO-RFM: Who We Are and Why We Fight

rebelworker | Below is a press release explaining who and what The Consejo Indgena
Popular de Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magn" CIPO-RFM is, along with
current and up-to-date information about Raul Gatica, who's life is
currently in danger due to the mexican governments desire to silence
our voice. See also our website:
What we desire besides spreading general awareness about our
movement, is contacts in other nations, in NGOs, activist groups,
solidarity networks, and media to put immediate pressure on the
Mexican government in case of an imminent human rights crises. [ ...
] please help us build a support network for this very important movement.

We would like to have you on our list of contacts to keep you
informed of any developments and to have as an emergency cont act
for urgent information.

Luke Woodyard
CIPO-RFM English corespondent more...  0 Comments

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra is seeking Trombone Players!

The RMO | Hello there. The RMO, a radical marching band in NYC, is currently seeking trombonistas. If you play trombone and wish to be part of a band that plays music to support social change, please let us know. more...  2 Comments

Sat/Sun: National Conference on Organized Resistance in DC

NCOR | NCOR 2005 was a raging success with 86 workshops and numerous guerrilla events, again doing justice to a tradition that has happened every winter since 1998. Over 1500 people attended last year! As NCOR continues to grow exponentially, 2006 looks like another great conference.

This year's NCOR will be held on February 3-5, on the main campus of American University in northwest Washington, DC. NCOR begins Friday evening with an awesome benefit show! Workshops are Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm, and Saturday night is The First Annual NCOR Variety Show.

Please note that NCOR will be in a different building this year. The whole conference has been moved to the Mary Graydon Center (see the campus map). If you have not yet registered, you can register and pay when you arrive at NCOR. The registration fee is $12 at the door.

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Commission Of Inquiry Into Bush War Crimes And Crimes Against Humanity To Present Preliminary Findings

Bush Crimes Commission | The International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity by the Bush Administration will present its preliminary findings on whether the Bush Administration has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. Its areas of indictment are: 1) war, 2) torture, 3) global environment, 4) global health, and 5) the administration’s response to Katrina. more...  2 Comments


CITIZENS FOR FAIR LEGISLATION | Representatives Ros-Lehtinen and Lantos have sponsored a resolution
calling for devastating and extreme measures against the Palestinians
to punish them for electing a Hamas led Palestinian Authority. This
resolution calls for a ban to all financial aid to the PA; a travel
ban on all representatives of the PA; ending all financial support for
UN programs linked to the PA (including food and education programs);
closing PLO offices in Washington; and restricting the movements of
the Palestinian representative to the UN. more...  0 Comments

PROTEST against VATICAN politics / Monday, February 6th, 6pm

gianmaria | Monday, February 6th, at 6pm FACCIAMO BRECCIA - Italians for Free Choice is going to held a peaceful protest at Columbia University against the interference of Vatican politics on family, body, LGBT and sexual issues and to reaffirm the right of free choice for all. The reason of the protest is the presentation of the book "Without Roots", a manifesto of the new Vatican Politics written by Pope Benedict XVI and Marcello Pera, President of the Italian Senate, who will take part in the presentation. more...  2 Comments

The UN’s lethal role in Haiti, Ivory Coast

G. Dunkel | The UN presence provides a buffer for the Bush administration from criticisms like that of the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus and other Black leaders demanding U.S. withdrawal from Haiti, and making the obvious connection to the occupation and war in Iraq. more...  0 Comments


New York Spartacist League | Spartacist Black History Month Speaking Tour: "Race, Class and Socialist Revolution: Class-Struggle Road to Black Freedom", "Mumia Is an Innocent Man! The Fight to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!" more...  0 Comments

La represion y el hostigamiento siguen la Otra// Government Repression and Harassment follow the Other Campaign

laura and jen: centro de medios libres df | español primero
english follows

Presuntamente, el gobierno mexicano ha dado la bienvenida a la gira del
Delegado Zero a través de México, pero varias comunidades participantes en
la Otra Campaña han reportado hostigamientos y amenazas por parte del
gobierno y agentes paramilitares.

Ostensibly, the Mexican government is welcoming Delegate Zero's tour
throughout Mexico but several communities participating in the Other
Campaign have reported harrassment and threats from government and
paramilitary agents. more...  0 Comments

Demonstration To Oppose Alito Confirmation Outside Sen. Schumer's Office on Monday

lisa | In organizing the speak-out, activists say that the voices of women and people who will be most impacted by a ‘Justice Alito’ have been largely left out of the debate. Activists are demanding that the US Senate filibuster Judge Alito and that Democrats stand up for civil liberties, women’s right to choose, privacy and more of their core constituents. A ‘peoples filibuster’ was held in Union Square by the group this past Saturday.

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Tell Cult Buster, Rick Ross, he's got it wrong

Bunny Rogers |
more...  3 Comments

Art of War : La Commune de Paris 1871

Larmee | La Commune de Paris 1871 more...  1 Comments

Art of War : La Commune de Paris 1871

Larmee | La Commune de Paris 1871 more...  2 Comments

The vegan threat to homeland security

Pam's House Blend (repost) | "We believe that spying on American citizens for no good reason is fundamentally un-American, that it's not the place of the goverment or the best use of resources to spy on its own citizens and we want it to stop. We want the spies in our government to pack their bags, close up their notebooks, take their cameras home and not engage in the spying anymore."
-- Gerald Weber of the ACLU of Georgia during a news conference more...  0 Comments

The Killing Fields: Ghosts of the Walking Dead

Manuel Valenzuela | must read about the depleted uranium holocaust in iraq, great essay on the imperial exploitation of the middle east and iraq.
more...  0 Comments

Notes From a 4th Grade Science Fair

Counterhegemonic | What could be more innocuous than a grammar school science fair held on the South Shore of Staten Island? Yet, as dozens of parents and their children gathered for the high point of the juvenile social winter social calendar they carried with them all the ugly marks of deeply divided society. more...  4 Comments

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