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Human Rights

Protest Racist Cartoons

International Action Center | This Friday in New York the International Action Center will mobilize in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters who will be gathering for noon prayers in front of the Denmark consulate in a protest against disrespect and racism. more...  2 Comments

Greece: Video & report from clashes with riot cops during protest against the local and global "Big Brother"

AK (Assembly of Thessaloniki) |

...The installation of the spy software was done in the software of Vodafone’s main servers, and the Vodafone antennas which were used for spying are located around the region of the USA embassy in Athens...

"...the police attacked with a few riot police squads and a new type of chemical which causes dizziness and disorientation. The demonstrators clashed with the riot cops and the attack was blocked successfully allowing the march to continue... "

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Stephen Lendman | An account of Israeli oppression against the Palestinians more...  0 Comments

Sex after 80: Living Longer is Getting Sweeter

Amanda Davis | I am what most people would term elderly. I am neither inexperienced nor stupid – and I write as a woman not a man – and I am financially independent. I enjoy sex and what goes with it, sexual relations. As an “older woman,” I’ll try to tell you what I like to get and give.
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Urban Guerrilla Blog: Panama, Puerto Rico, the world

Infojournal | today's entry is part of a series of the writer's discoveries in his mother's homeland of panama more...  0 Comments

Break up with Google this Valentine's Day

Heartbroken | Students for a free Tibet have an action plan and alternatives and are calling on everyone to break up with Google starting today. They have a list of alternatives and there are protests globally today. more...  0 Comments

Against the War on Terror: New York Group Announces Teach-In

Alex Gourevitch | To some, being against the war on terror is a irrational and dangerous, but to one New York group, called 'Against the War on Terror', it is the only principled and rational stance. The organization, started by a small collective of students, writers, and activists, has started a weblog, found at, and is now holding a 'teach-in', to bring together New York area individuals interested in having a series of debates and discussions on the subject. The event will cover political Islam, international dimensions of the war on terror, constitutional issues, and liberty and security. more...  2 Comments

Radio Free Eireann: Live at Rocky Sullivans

RFE | Come celebrate 25 years of Irish programming on WBAI, F.M. Radio Free Eireann will take the show on the road during the month of March more...  0 Comments

URGENT ACTION: Autonomy Declared in Daechuri, South Korea

jefe | Faced with Repression and Displacement, A South Korean Farming Community Declares Autonomy and Demands U.S. Military Withdrawal more...  0 Comments

The Solidarity of Civilizations

asmani noor | Away from Clash to Solidarity! more...  16 Comments


Win Animal Rights | PROTEST BIO-CEO 2006

Dates: Tuesday & Wednesday, February 14 and 15, 2006
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 301 Park Avenue (at 49th St.)
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associated press |

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When it Snows, Where Do the Homeless Stay?

Jason Gooljar | Yes, I know it's snowing outside in New York and throughout the northeast and other regions. It does this every year without fail. It does look like a blizzard and I'm quite sure there will be a tremendous amount of snowfall. But a thought came to mind this time. It had to do with the homeless population. In times of inclimate weather, where do they go? more...  3 Comments


Gesine Wenzel |
Police officers are being judged after nearly killing an English and a German climber by cutting their rope during the protests against the G8 in Evian, 2003. More than 25 witnesses, including senior polices from the head quaters and activists on the bridge will present evidence during the trial in Nyon. The case will focus on the question of whether or not the police-officers ignored or followed orders. The verdict is expected to be announced on Thursday or Friday. more...  0 Comments

Call the GOP What They Are: "The Anti-American GOP"

joe broadhurst | Bush's infamous quote: "I"ve said that three times. You see, in my line of work you have to repeat sort of...catapult the propaganda..."

If every single blogger simply called the GOP as it should be, could Rove's repetition dance work on his own anti-American party? more...  0 Comments

Defend Freedom of Press and the Right to Blasphemy

Mahmood Ketabchi | The publication of cartoons of Muhammad by several European newspapers has given the political Islamists an opportunity to launch a brutal international assault against freedom of press and the right to blasphemy. As the Islamists and the nationalist forces find themselves in a growing conflict with the US and western governments, the cartoons of Muhammad gave them a chance to try to gain advantage over the European and the US government in order to reinforce their position internationally and specifically in the Middle East. more...  0 Comments

Bush's Social Security Sleight of Hand

Allan Sloan | There are plenty of ways to fix social security besides offering private accounts as a substitute for part of the basic benefit. more...  0 Comments

Saving the Bay of La Paz & Gulf of California

Rainbow Hawk | This is a brief historical summary & updates of our groups' efforts & progress toward saving the Bay of La Paz and the Gulf of California, the most bio-diverse body of water on Earth. more...  0 Comments

copy of letter to governor of Maine and National Democratic governors office

murdock todd cote | copy of letter to governor more...  0 Comments

Populist #22

Franklin | On the Executive Branch; Relating to War Powers more...  0 Comments

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