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Human Rights


Alex Gourevitch | Despite various protests and challenges, the Bush administration's war on terror continues to dominate American politics. A group of writers, activists, and students, who run the initiative Against the War on Terror have organized an event, including Christian Parenti and Corey Robin, to discuss what the problem with the war on terror is, and why opposition so far has been ineffective. The purpose of the event is to keep speeches short so there is plenty of time for debate and discussion. The event is FREE, this Saturday, Feb. 25 at CUNY Graduate Center. more...  0 Comments

Police Brutality Strikes Filipino Youth in Jersey City

Anakbayan-NY/NJ | Jersey City, NJ-- Filipino groups are outraged over what many are calling "a blatant act of police brutality, racial discrimination, and anti-immigrant sentiment" on the part of two Jersey City police officers who arrested and detained a young Filipino who was about to file a complaint against an erring cab driver. more...  2 Comments

U.S. threatens military action against Iran

Sara Flounders | The U.S., let us never forget, is the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons against a civilian population. more...  1 Comments

president bush to undergo major testing.

Jim Zender | Millions of american people are starting to
notice a very un american president and vice
president these days. Every day more and more
americans are starting to wonder if these 2
guys are even fit to run our nation anymore.
The things they do sometimes seem a little
crazy and often illegal. So some of the american
people are hoping to find a couple good shrinks
and maybe a few good lawyers to see if what they
are doing in washington is really legal or illegal,
maybe even a little crazy. more...  0 Comments

EPA, Whitman blasted for lies about post 9/11 air quality

Mary Owen | The ruling greenlights a lawsuit that seeks a special fund for medical monitoring and treatment of long-term health effects in non-emergency workers, residents and students who were exposed to the toxic air and toxin-laden debris that blanketed the area after 9/11; damages for exposure to hazardous materials from the World Trade Center collapse; and reimbursement for cleanup costs. more...  0 Comments

US Govt-Sanctioned Murder in Cuidad Juarez

joe broadhurst | ICE (Immigration) and the DEA both knew the informant. The DEA let him go but ICE continued to support him. They were aware of the first torture/murder. They let it continue. Then the bodies started piling up. In the end, 14 murders were committed, the DEA had pulled all of its staff from the city and the cover-up was in full swing. A cover-up which leads to the top of the DoJ, the DEA, ICE and local prosecutors. The main stream media won't touch it. Will you? more...  0 Comments

The Music for Peace Project

Benjamin Robison | At a time where "balanced' discussions from governments and mainstream media consist of the various ways to fight terror with no virtually no discussion about how to create the conditions for peace, The Music for Peace Project, March 31-April 2, 2006 is a global call for change. It is a celebration and a call to action. It brings together musicians and music lovers, activists and concerned citizens, conservatives and liberals, social justice organizations and human rights groups. for more info.

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Eviction Defense | Just as we feared, most of those evicted on the 13th did not have alternative housing. Some were arrested for trespassing as they sought shelter in abandoned buildings, and many dispersed throughout the country, refugees once again. This cannot be allowed to happen again. March 1st will be the final battle for thousands of NOLA families facing homelessness. more...  0 Comments

Take a stand against Islamists and Racists

Worker Freedom | The recent controversy over some caricatures of Mohammed gave the Islamists an opportunity to wage a hysterical protest internationally. In many cases, this took a violent form and was clearly aimed at silencing those who dared to even portray Mohammed.
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NYC Documentary Premiere - Mexican teachers fight for economic and social justice

DJ Squeezebox | For over 20 years, global economic forces have been dismantling public education in Mexico, but always in the constant shadow of popular resistance. Granito de Arena is the story of that resistance...the story of hundreds of thousands of public schoolteachers who have endured brutal repression in their 25-year struggle for social and economic justice in Mexico's public schools. Award-winning filmmaker, Jill Freidberg (This is What Democracy Looks Like) will be present for all screenings. more...  0 Comments

NYU Grad Student Union Reaches 101st Day of Strike; Benefit Friday

NYU Undergrad | 101 D AY S P A R T Y! Benefit Party for GSOC

The strike will have been on for 101 Days this Friday, Feb. 17. That means its time for a party to celebrate, reinvigorate, and get some funds (and fun) for the students who are being punished by the administration.

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Million Person, Critical Mass March against UN Nuclear Agency!

k.hawley | A march on the United Nations in New York may be whats needed to put the UN Nuclear Agency under the public and world spotlight and condemn and disenfranchise its fradulent authority from lending any justification to Bush's genocidal Iran war plans! more...  0 Comments

Appeal to Release Gopal Siwakoti “Chintan” and Other Political Detainees in Nepal

Justice in South Asia | Mr. Gopal Siwakoti “Chintan,” a prominent human rights activist in Nepal, along with a number of other activists, has been detained in very adverse conditions without charges by the increasingly dictatorial monarchy. This is a letter demanding his release – please endorse as well as send a copy to the Embassy of Nepal. more...  0 Comments


madhatter | N.Y. ADOPTS SAME-SEX FUNERAL RIGHTS LAW more...  0 Comments

Another NYC Critical Mass court victory

rogerm | Story by Jim Dwyer for New York Times describes how NY State court judge ruled against NYPD tactics and NYC's attempt to proscecute Times-up. more...  1 Comments


Hoipolloi Cassidy | According to Elizabeth Ann Danto (Hunter School of Social Work) Freud and his followers developed their theories within a radical project to reorganize society, a project that was crushed with the advent of the Nazis, and crushed again with the development of conformist psychoanalytic practices in America. more...  0 Comments

The Latest on Atlantic Yards

OnNYturf and New Yorker | a href=>Will from OnNYTurf writes: "A State Judge ruled Monday that the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), which is reviewing Ratner's development plan for the Atlantic Yards area in Prospect Heights, must dismiss its retained attorney David Paget. Until working for ESDC Paget was Ratner's attorney, and was actually working on Ratner's proposal to the ESDC. [...] The decision to boot Paget from ESDC was one half of the judge's ruling in a case brought by Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn and a coalition of Brooklyn community groups and Brooklyn lawmakers. In the other half the judge ruled in Ratner's favor to allow demolition of six buildings owned by Ratner." [Read More]

Meanwhile, IMC readers sound off on the recent WNYC report on the Ratner Arena. "Your interview with the filmmaker at 475 Dean Street represents the laziest kind of local reporting," one writes. more...  3 Comments

Denmark's Racist Cartoons: WW Editorial

Workers World | Hand-in-hand with their governments, media outlets ... continue to unapologetically publish these images under the banner of “free speech”—that is, freedom for the wealthy who control the capitalist media to put out whatever biased, racist, pro-imperialist propaganda suits their agenda. more...  54 Comments

Montreal's 7th Annual Anarchist Bookfair

Anonymous | Saturday, May 20, 2006, 10am-6pm

The largest anarchist event in North America.
Part of the month-long Festival of Anarchy (May 2006).
Followed by a full day of Anarchist Presentations and Workshops (May 21, 2006).
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Art of War : Black History Month

Larmee | Black History Month more...  0 Comments

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