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Human Rights

WOID #XIV-35. Raciste! Raciste!

Hoipolloi Cassidy | The head of one of the major far-right parties in France, Philippe de Villiers, was booted out of a mass demonstration called to protest the brutal murder of a young Jew, Ilan Halimi. As many as 200,000 may have attended - and 400,000 boots in the butt is a bunch of boot.
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Republican Sinn Fein statement regarding todays Riots in Dublin

aezer | Republican Sinn Fein statement regarding todays Riots in Dublin more...  14 Comments

Critical Mass Checkmate

j0hn | Police change tactics, so should we. more...  2 Comments

Holy and Sacred: Turd or Temple

cleaves | The famous Shiite Askariyah shrine (Golden Mosque) in Iraq has been targeted and destroyed but by whom remains unclear at this stage. Regardless of the intentions of those responsible, one dramatic (and historically consistent) point cuts through the hysteria and mayhem. That of the importance (or otherwise) of sites that are deemed sacred or holy and the 'location' of this attribution in human consciousness and/or human societies/groups. Social history records naturally occurring phenomena, rocks, rivers etc; structures built by men, temples, obelisks etc; cyclic astronomical phenomena, eclipses, comets etc, all of which have been attributed by humans with special significance at one time or another, whereas none of the produced or naturally occurring phenomenon are ‘holy’ or ‘sacred’. more...  0 Comments


Clayton Hallmark | The US and European governments dare to deny this smoking-gun photographic evidence. The CIA has been sneaking its prisoners in and out of Europe on cargo transport planes. The US says the planes carry "embassy cargo." European governments pretend to believe them -- and never inspect the planes. But, "Who you gonna believe, them or your lying eyes?" Just look at the photograph. See your flag? See your Stars and Stripes, Old Glory? See the MPs? See the prisoners? All of them (prisoners) are INNOCENT! Innocent until proven guilty, remember? They haven't even been legally arrested. What you see here, though, IS crime in progress. Kidnapping. Torture.
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STATE of EMERGENCY has been imposed in the PHILIPPINES!

Akbayan Citizens' Action Party | The worst fear of the Filipino people has come to pass. The bogus government of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in a bid to stifle the legitimate grievances of the citizens of the Philippines and pre-empt the moves of rebellious factions within the Armed Forces, has seen it fit to impose a state of emergency, under Presidential Decree 1017! Soon after the emergency was declared, demonstrations to commemorate the first People Power uprising of 1986, being held in several parts of Metro Manila were violently dispersed by the police.

Several dozen demonstrators were arrested, mostly social movement activists and civil society leaders including Ronald Llamas, president of AKBAYAN and Professor Randy David, a well-known academic and vocal critique of the Arroyo government.

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Internet Society presents NY Council Member Brewer on "What Price New York City Wireless: The Politics of Technology"

David Solomonoff | New York City Council Member Gale Brewer, Chair of the Technology in
Government Committee, will be joining the Internet Society of New York,
on March 1, to discuss broadband and public access issues. The U.S. now
lags at 10th place for low-cost broadband Internet access among
industrialized nations. The problem affects poor and minority
communities and small businesses most severely. The fast track to
wider broadband Internet access is wireless technology. more...  0 Comments


KmB USA Pro-People Youth | Kabataang maka-Bayan USA Pro-People Youth condemns the outright fascist Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) in its attempt to circumvent the democratic rights of the Filipino people by declaring a State of Emergency. more...  0 Comments

Friday, Feb. 24 -- bicycle victory dance party after Critical Mass ride

roger m | Be a part of it all even if you choose not to risk police abuse by riding the critical mass. There will be a fun dance party celebration/benifit (cheap) Friday, Feb. 24, 8:30 p.m. after the ride. more...  0 Comments

You be the judge: Is Renco robbing steelworker pensions?

Milt Neidenberg | Pensions, health care and jobs are a property right. Only under workers’ control can they be guaranteed. That’s the lesson of the WCI/Renco struggle. more...  1 Comments

Free Movie Screening @ Times Up! with Guest Speaker Sander Hicks.

Times Up! | Screening of Horns and Halos with Guest Speaker Sander Hicks. more...  1 Comments

On communities within government

Jason Gooljar | Reading about the abuse that the Mexican people have endured from neoliberal policies in maqiladora factories you wonder if there is any hope at all left. For those who do not know, a "maqiladora" is a factory that assembles imported US parts then sends them back to the US. It is truly disgusting, that is the only word I have for such a device devised by greedy capitalist pigs. more...  0 Comments

Dance With Pachamama to Benefit the Bushwick ChildCare Coop!


Dance with Pachamama to benefit the Bushwick ChildCare Coop!

Friday, February 24, 7:00pm
Mamajuana Bar & Lounge
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Compromised US Military Considers Nuclear Option

peptide | Arab fighters and insurgents have demonstrated to the world that the US is a ‘superpower’ in name only. A poorly armed and trained but highly motivated and dedicated band of fighters has exposed the US military as weak, inept, unskilled, brutal and bereft. From South America to the Himalayas, resistance against capitalist plunder and exploitation signals the inevitable failure of militaristic capitalism. Regardless of all other considerations people today have confirmed that they will fight any aggressor who threatens their homes, families and way of life. more...  0 Comments

The 'Ugly face of American racism'

Bryan G. Pfeifer | "....Trying to broaden respect for peoples’ right to self-determination within the world and trying to deal with oppression is something that is starting to happen now. The emergence of the realignment of the Black liberation movement is very important and it has the experiences and the lessons that the broader movement can learn from within an internationalist context...." -- Professor Tony Van Der Meer
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VICTORY DANCE PARTY at TIME'S UP! Space (49 East Houston St.) Feb. 24, 8:30pm

Time's Up! | Hooray! Judge rules in favor of Time's Up! Environmental Group and group bike rides.
VICTORY DANCE PARTY at TIME'S UP! Space (49 East Houston St.)
Starting at 8:30pm
THIS FRIDAY (February 24) after Critical Mass more...  0 Comments

Queer Tactics...a call for short films...National Queer Arts Festival, 2006

Shani Heckman | The National Queer Arts Festival is pleased to announce a call for submissions for Queer Tactics a night celebrating short films in San Francisco June, 2006. more...  0 Comments

Immokalee workers announce "Real Rights Tour"

nacho | ...the caravan will be joined by supporters from throughout the region
for a major rally in Chicago, where they will call on the fast-food giant
McDonald’s to work with the CIW and help establish real labor rights for the
workers who pick tomatoes for McDonald’s suppliers. more...  1 Comments

Pentagon quietly builds up South American bases

Teresa Gutierrez | Under the guise of fighting the so-called drug war or seeking “Al Qaeda terrorist cells,” Washington’s real intention is to prepare to overcome the rising movements against U.S. imperialism that are sweeping the region. more...  0 Comments

SWARM the Minutemen - Actions, Archives

bzzzzt! | Phone Jam to stop the Minutemen in Philadelphia!

Call the Valley Forge Convention Center and demand that this meeting be canceled: 610-354-8212 and 610-354-8213. Also, please call GF Management. they help to manage the Valley Forge Convention Center: 215-972-2222 and express your displeasure!
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