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Human Rights


Win Animal Rights | Activities are planned for March 30, March 31 and April 1, 2006.

Details will be posted shortly. more...  0 Comments

To Stop Giuliani Check Out the Mess in Child Welfare

Eugene Weixel | Fever for Rudy runs high: poll America's mayor is America's hottest politician, according to a new poll. Rudy Giuliani topped Quinnipiac University's national "Thermometer" survey of 1,900 voters, far outpacing Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), who came in eighth. more...  1 Comments

Pace University SDS Students Face Secret Service Probe

Lauren Giaccone | Inside the event, Lauren Giaccone and Brian Kelly stood up and called President Clinton a war criminal and cited the atrocities he committed during his time in office (i.e. Rwanda, Sudan, Iraq, Bosnia) It was at this time that the two students were forcibly removed by Westchester police and brought to a room within the campus where Secret Service was waiting. [See Video]

A Press Release follows: more...  24 Comments

March 7: IWW v. Starbucks Hearing Day 2

Worker Freedom | March 7: IWW v. Starbucks Hearing Day 2
more...  0 Comments

Empire Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry (The Indypendent)

PAUL BUHLE | Review: In the Name of Democracy: American War Crimes in Iraq and Beyond
Edited by Jeremy Brecher, Jill Cutler and Brendan Smith.

Building Bridges Radio: Muktharan Mai fights sexual violence in Pakistan

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, March 6, 2006, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

Hate Crime Attack in Croatia

posted by kaitlyn tikkun | The Rainbow Party, a rare social event in Zagreb that is inclusive of all regardless of gender, race, religion and sexuality, was crashed by men who assualted the partygoers. Croatian news coverage has been minimal, but the organizers a faithful that the legal system will address this hate crime. more...  0 Comments

Chicago's 'Finest' Try to Kill Fred Hampton... Again

John Brown | Fred Hampton again grabbed headlines when Chicago's neo-fascist Fraternal Order of Police excoriated Alderwoman Madeline Haithcock over her proposal to name the short block where Hampton was assassinated "Chairman Fred Hampton Way." The idea was proposed to Haithcock by Hampton's son, Fred Hampton, Jr., who carries on his father's revolutionary legacy through the Prisoner of Conscience Committee. more...  0 Comments

Interrogation Porn (PDF)

CIA | This PDF contains a log of entries made by interrogators who were (apparently) questioning suspected Al Qaeda prisoners. "Apparently" because there aren't many questions asked in the document. more...  1 Comments

The March 2nd Issue of The Indypendent

Indypendent Staff | The Indypendent is the award winning newspaper of New York Independent Media Center. Enjoy the PDF attached. Articles will also be posted on newswire. more...  1 Comments


Stephen Lendman | Exposing the lies and deception in the corporate media. more...  0 Comments

Who’s Watchin’ Your Kids, Mister?

kirsten anderberg | Who’s watchin’ your kids, Mister? Yeah, that’s what I said.
Before you hit on me, Let’s get one thing clear
You got some woman stuck at home Chained down by your kids somewhere?
You’re traveling coast to coast You’re the jet set activist With the most
But who’s watchin’ your kids, Mister?
more...  4 Comments

Irish Socialist Party condemns sectarian riot in Dublin

Tomas Paine | Irish parliamentarian and socialist leader Joe Higgins condemned the sectarian riot in Dublin. more...  5 Comments

Statement by the activists of Iran to International anti imperialist, anti war forces

Worker Freedom | You might be aware that ICFTU &TUAC -OECD has issued a joint call for demonstrations in solidarity with striking Tehran bus drivers on February 15th. However the fact that this call has coincided with recent efforts by the USA and European countries to refer Iran to the Security Council of the United Nations and lingering accusations about the origins of some trade union organizations has created doubts and suspicions amongst anti war, anti capitalist activists regarding intentions behind this call.
more...  1 Comments

Cartoon Controversy: US Left Nationalists* Join the Islamists Against Freedom

Mahmood Ketabchi | The international protests mounted by the Islamist currents had nothing to do with confronting racism and xenophobia.
While the Islamist have pulled out their swords to amputate freedom of expression and the right to blasphemy, the leftist apologists keep beating on an empty drum to convince people that the Islamists are fighting racism. Such a characterization of the Islamists campaign is only intended to create legitimacy and credibility for political Islam, a movement in which the left nationalist current in the US finds an ally against imperialism. more...  4 Comments

Ride and Be Free!

Sholom Keller | This is a reprint of my article in the Student Underground. Be sure to check out the rest of the paper at more...  3 Comments

The Statement of the Syndicate of Workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company on the Supports and Solidarity of Worker

Worker Freedom | With the warm greetings to all workers organized with the international federations of trade unions who supported the Syndicate of Workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company on a day of solidarity on February 15, 2006 across the world and voiced their protests at the violations of trade union rights in Iran to the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The syndicate of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Workers is striving for numerous unresolved demands, including the realization of the following three urgent matters:
more...  2 Comments

Dems finally find an issue

Workers World | Now comes the fraudulent, bogus issue of the ports. Suddenly New York senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton are agreeing with Republicans Bill Frist and Dennis Hastert that a deal made by the Bush administration allowing a company from the United Arab Emirates to manage six U.S. ports is a horrendous threat to “national security.” more...  0 Comments

International Women’s Day

Workers World | Women have an especially large stake in fighting for a society where the ownership of the wealth and resources is taken out of the hands of the few and shared by all.

In this struggle, working-class women will be leaders of the multi-national force—African American, Latino, Asian and Native—that can break politically with the capitalist parties and fight for a total overhaul of society. more...  0 Comments

From Mumia Abu-Jamal on death row Free Leonard Peltier!

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Many Peltier supporters put their trust in a politician named Bill Clinton, who told them that when he got elected he “wouldn’t forget” about the popular Native American leader.

Their trust (like that of so many others) was betrayed once Clinton gained his office, and the FBI protested. In the waning days of his presidency, he issued pardons to folks like Marc Rich, and other wealthy campaign contributors. Leonard Peltier was left in his chains! more...  1 Comments

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