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Human Rights

Bird Flu - There is No Such Thing - German Virologist

Christopher Ray; Rolf Martens; Liam Scheff | Is there a bird flu pandemic? German virologist Dr. Stephan Lanka says no, and does so in detail.

He makes some points that I’m sure will seem startling, but there’s a wonderfully no-nonsense, common-sense approach to his thinking (“Think for yourself, look into it yourself”), and a refreshing lack of fear-mongering.
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ENTREVISTA a ABUY NFUBEA (Pan-African federation in Spain)

renata ondo | ENTREVISTA SE REALIZó durante el foro youth Black Comunitty Collective of European en UK. La entrevista SOBRE la evolucion del mto negro Y situacion de los negros en ESPAÑA se realizó en lengua inglesa desde Barcelona a través de Africans Radio de londres. Fue publica en el revista Black Consciece de Baltimore USA y recientemente en Diopisme de Dakar Senegal more...  0 Comments

Austin FBI Officer Says Indymedia, FNB, CP of Texas on Terrorist Watch List; 2005 IndyConference Mentioned

Liz | Rasner then placed the FBI’s Central Texas “Terrorist Watch List” on the screen. On a list of approximately ten groups, Food Not Bombs was listed seventh. Indymedia was listed tenth, with a reference specifically to IndyConference 2005. The Communist Party of Texas also made the list. Rasner explained that these groups could have links to terrorist activity. He noted that peaceful-sounding group names could cover more violent extremist tactics. more...  0 Comments

The McDonaldization of Intersex activism

Curtis E. Hinkle | Many intersexuals are marginalized by the groups which speak for us. more...  0 Comments

Charges, but No Penalty, for a Chief's Role in a Convention Arrest

madhatter | Charges, but No Penalty, for a Chief's Role in a Convention Arrest more...  0 Comments

May comes to Paris in March

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Students and workers protesting a new law designed to strip legal protections from most young hires have been occupying buildings and demonstrating throughout France more...  19 Comments

Media Release: Former ELF Spokesperson Subpoenaed to Grand Jury, Protest Set | The "Green Scare" Continues... more...  0 Comments

Join Cindy Sheehan in Defending Pace Students' Free Speech

Charles Jenks, Traprock Peace Center | See letters defending student free speech by Cindy Sheehan, Anthony Arnove, Tim Carpenter and many others at
More letters are coming in. See background and updates at the Campus Antiwar Network website - more...  0 Comments

Queer Turkish Anarchist Conscientious Objector Mehmet Tarhan is FREE!!

Free Mehmet Tarhan Defense Network | Late Thursday evening, Mehmet Tarhan was taken from Sivas military prison --where he was held since April 2005-- to a local recruitment center, where he was released. Mehmet was sentenced to four years in prison in August 2005 for refusing to serve in the military, and was repeatedly beaten and tortured by military personnel. In Turkey, military service is mandatory for all men up to the age of 40. more...  1 Comments

"Great Walk" in Queens Draws Crowd

Aaron M. Cohen | Approximately 50 people marched through the ethnically diverse neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens, rallying afterwards on the corner of 73rd and Broadway. Bystanders stopped and listened as speakers protested the religious oppression of women around the world. more...  1 Comments

Populist #24

Franklin | The Executive and War Powers, continued more...  0 Comments


a union activist | Industrial Workers of the World IU # 660's Starbucks Workers Union made a noble effort to unionize 3 Starbucks stores in Downtown Manhattan. Despite their best intentions, the union activists involved basically bit off more than they could chew. After all, it is hard for 4 people to face off a multibillion dollar global retail giant, with a high turnover workforce and an elaborate system of on the job surveillance. So, the IWW was faced with coming up with an exit strategy. They actually did a good job of that. Sadly, the union has declined to face reality, and admit that a defeat is a defeat. more...  7 Comments

Light a candle in memory of the Hunger Strikers

anon | . more...  0 Comments

U.S. repression of journalists

nann via granma | Bush and his ultra-right honchos are really pissed this time – in their efforts to track down a US loyalist, who spilt the beans on domestic spying, the Bush gestapo are now targeting journos and the free press. All the ‘security’ agencies at this megalomaniac’s disposal have been commandeered for the task. This attack on the free press is yet another devastating blow directed at the already battered body of American democracy and liberty. America, the home of the brave and the land of the free, has been relegated to the historical record. This new land is an abominable aberration of the original.

“..and we all shine on..” – in the dark!

[History does record that the American Revolution was won by a brave and fearless people – they are without doubt in extremely short supply today!] more...  1 Comments

Union Scores Big Victory Against Starbucks at Labor Board

Worker Freedom | Coffee Giant Must Rehire Fired Baristas and Rescind National Anti-Union Policies
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Gay Mexican Executive Clears Legal Hurdle, vs Coca-Cola Femsa

Notigay | The first and second phase of the civil suit brought by fired (forced to resign) executive Roberto Mendoza against Coca-Cola FEMSA, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company and Latin America’s largest soft-drink producer, has resulted in a ruling for Mendoza, who accuses the company of discrimination due to his sexual orientation and therefore of moral damage. more...  0 Comments

Women of the World United for Change in NYC

Talia Whyte | Hundreds of passionate, dynamic women- and a few men- from around the world gathered at UN headquarters on February 27 for the start of the 50th session of the Commission on the Status of Women. The event marks 60 years of working for gender equality, peace and development.

Meanwhile, truthout provides an update on Cindy Sheehan's arrest Monday at the UN.
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Pace University Threatens CAN and SDS Activists with Explusion after Calling Bill Clinton a War Criminal

Brian Kelly | Yesterday we (Brian Kelly and Lauren Giaccone) were threatened with disciplinary actions ranging from warnings to expulsion: all for holding a peaceful rally, handing out educational flyers about Bill Clinton’s war crimes, and holding regular CAN/SDS meetings at our school.
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Academic Collapse and Bureaucratic Despotism in Argentine Culture. Letter to Kirchner

Eduardo R. Saguier | In order to reach an international audience the Document has to be written in the english language, and to avoid its contamination with apocryphal signatures a neutral institution like PetitionOnline had to be chosen. A free academic discussion is not possible within CONICET, neither in the rest of institutions that are concerned with education and culture, due to a climate of fear. The present invitation has been signed by a committee of six members.

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Groundswell for Impeachment

Dave Lindorff | A majority of Americans—a majority!—say they think President Bush should be impeached on at least two grounds, lying about Iraq’s alleged WMD threat and alleged links to Al Qaeda to justify an invasion, and NSA spying on Americans without getting a court warrant, but the media and Democratic Party leaders don’t want to admit it. more...  0 Comments

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