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Human Rights

Middle East Approaches Meltdown (The Indypendent)

Donald Paneth | Analysis of the Middle East and factors such as the intensifying violence in Iraq, the U.S.-Iran nuclear dispute, a U.S.-Iranian agreement. more...  0 Comments

Made In Palestine (The Indypendent)

Lucine Kasbarian | A dazzling exhibition documenting the struggles of the Palestinian people. more...  1 Comments

Abortion's Saving Graces (The Indypendent)

Ann Schneider | “There are more laws permitting pharmacists to refuse to fulfill a birth control prescription than there are members
of Pharmacists for Life.” more...  0 Comments

Sweatshop Beads For Sweaty Boobs (The Indypendent)

Bennett Baumer | "Mardi Gras: Made In China" examines the trail of global commerce and exploitation from the sweatshops of China’s Fujian province (where the beads are made) to the orgiastic streets of New Orleans.
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Immigration rights vote in the Senate

AE | Massive protests in LA around proposed immigration restrictions highlight the upcoming Senate discussion and vote this week. So-called 'immigration' across national borders is not respected by global capital -- and yet enforced on the Global South. Please consider, however noxious you might find it, relying on electoral politics for a moment. As a tactic if you help stop this bill. more...  2 Comments

Rachel's Words heard in NYC on March 22: Media Coverage

ISM-NYC | Rachel Corrie's legacy just might prove that the pen is mightier than the sword. Despite the cancellation of a theater production based on the writings of the late human-rights activist, some 1,200 people packed into Harlem's Riverside Church Wednesday night for an alternate production - pulled together in two weeks by friends and supporters -- that celebrated Corrie's life and protested perceived censorship.

"This is a powerful outcry, not just by people who love and know Rachel and know the work in Palestine, but anybody who champions free speech and who champions a plethora and diversity of ideas and opinions," said Adam Shapiro, co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement, to which Corrie belonged.
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Tenants and Foreclosures in Bushwick: The Underside of Neighborhood Hotness

DMI Blog |

I wish Robert Sullivan, the author of a recent article in the New York Times Magazine about real estate in New York, could have been in the basement of the Hope Gardens Senior Citizens Center in Bushwick last night. There he would have heard the conversation on predatory lending and its devastating effect on the lives of people in Bushwick, the community deemed by Sullivan as the "next cool NYC neighborhood".

Bushwick has the highest rate of foreclosure among multi-family buildings (5 units and above) in the entire city. Period. Much of this has been as a result of elaborate property flipping and deed theft scams that have left tenants, at best, scratching their heads and wondering to whom they should pay their rent, and at worst, unfairly evicted. While there has been a lot written about predatory lending over the last ten years or so, most of the attention has been on homeowners. What is lost in the story is the toll taken on the people unfortunate enough to live in the apartment buildings with property titles that are shuffled around like a game of Three Card Monte. What is also often lost is how this inflates property prices and makes the area ripe for the moving out of low income people of color and the moving in of artists, then yuppies, looking for a "cool" place to live. [Read More]

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Celebrate Wal-Martlessness with us Sunday 3pm

Michael O | From Wal-Mart No Way to the neighborhood believers, from living wage shouters to Rego Park Queens labor heroes – the anti-Wal-Mart community will be honored by Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir on Sunday March 26th at 3 PM, St. Mark's in the Bowery, 10th and 2nd Avenue. Those of you who have done the right thing – PREPARE FOR YOUR SAINTHOOD! more...  0 Comments

Triangle Shirtwaist, In Memoriam

NYU Nerds For GSOC | Today, Nerds attended a city-wide labor rally held in honor of the 147 people (mostly Italian and Jewish immigrant girls and young women) who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire 95 years ago. These deaths would have largely been prevented if basic safety precautions had been taken, such as keeping all exit doors unlocked, having sturdy fire escapes, and having sprinkler systems. [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Parade and Rally against Genocide in China

John Patrick | Former Chinese President Jiang's Final Solution has now been revealed to have Hitler-esque dimensions. The Final Straw should be recent news revealing a Death Camp in Sujiatun, where up to 6,000 Falun Gong prisoners were given a one way ticket to the crematorium that is built in to the facility. Depravity doesn't stop there -- it's connected to a medical facility, where ORGANS ARE REMOVED and sold for profit. Some prisoners are ALIVE when the organs are removed. THEN they are thrown into the crematorium. more...  3 Comments

3/29 Women's Variety Show: Celebrate Women's History Month

Women's Anti-Imperialist League | Celebrate women's history month, women's work, women leaders. Share (and test) your knowledge of women's history. Meet and network with women working for women's rights. Food and drinks provided. more...  0 Comments

Populist #25

Franklin | Limiting Presidential War Powers more...  0 Comments

Demo Against Anti-Immigrant Meeting in Bogota, NJ

Greg Pason | BOGOTA, NJ - On Saturday, March 25, the New Jersey chapter of Residents Against Racism (RAR) will be holding a press conference and demonstration at 12:45 pm at the corner of West Shore Ave and Fort Lee Road,in opposition to a meeting of the United Patriots of American (UPA) and the newly formed New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control (NJCIC). more...  0 Comments

Artists Protest the Saint Patrick's Day parade.

Jim Glaser | Claiming that they had been barred from last years parade, the Kostume Kult arts group proclaimed costumers to be "a repressed minority" and vowed to join their gay brethren in protest of the exclusivist Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. With ornate costumes, farcical signs and over-the-top attitude, these activists made their point with style. more...  0 Comments

Listen to Joy of Resistance Thursday at 11 a.m.

Joy of Resistance | Join the Joy of Resistance, multicultural feminist radio at WBAI, as we recapture the Japanese Women's Liberation Tour that recently came through NYC telling its story of a movement that changed Japanese society, and for a report on the 2006 International Women's Day events. more...  0 Comments

NYCLU Urges Investigation and Prosecution of Lying RNC Commanding Officer

kaitlyn tikkun | Inspector James Essig, who gave the orders for the largest mass arrest during the republican national convention, has lied under oath. The NYCLU urges the city to investigate and prosecute Essig's criminal misconduct. more...  1 Comments

March 25 - Demonstration Against the Minutemen in Bogota, NJ

Residents Against Racism | On Saturday, March 25, the United Patriots of America (UPA) and the New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control (NJCIC) will be meeting at the Bogota VFW at 1pm. The UPA and NJCIC have close ties to the Minuteman Project and will try to spread their hateful message. Join Residents Against Racism for a press conference and demonstration against these groups. more...  0 Comments

Yankees Shore up Stadium Support with Kickbacks to Local Lawmakers

OnNYTurf | In a startling twist, the NYTimes reports that the NY Yankees have offered the Bronx officials, the delegation of City Councilors, the Borough President, et al. $48 [correction-- $28] Million dollars over 40 years for them to spend as they please in exchange for their support for the Yankee Stadium Proposal in the west Bronx. [Read More at OnNYTurf]

Also, this Thursday, a group organizing to block the stadium, Save Our Parks, will be holding a benefit dance to raise money for their legal defense fund. more...  2 Comments


Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action | Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action is calling for a demonstration outside of the Delaware Pro-Life Coalition's annual convention. Saturday, April 1, 2006 - Holiday Inn Select - 630 Naamans Road, Claymont, DE, 19703 more...  0 Comments


Philadelphia Residents Against Racism | April 29th, 2006
Martin Library
159 East Market Street
York, PA more...  0 Comments

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