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Human Rights

Water as a Commodity

Gerhard Klas | The rage of the residents of Soweto is directed against the installed meters.. The first mammotyh prepaid water projct stared in 1992 under Margaret hatcher in British Birmingham.. The water suppliers cynically described this as "self-disconnect." more...  0 Comments

The 2006 Philadelphia Queer People of Color Film Series Call for Submissions!!

Andrea Okorley | Rogue Collective is seeking film submissions from queer-identified people of color (i.e. members of the LGBTQ and intersex communities) for a film series that aspires to highlight the experiences and struggles of our marginalized and often underrepresented communities. more...  0 Comments

May 1, 2006: Call to Action!: National Immigrant General Strike - El Gran Paro Americano 2006

Immigrant Solidarity Network | No Work, No School, No Sales, and No Buying, and also to have rallies around symbols of economic trade in your areas (stock exchanges, major corporations ect) more...  2 Comments

Photos of 4/01 Immigrant Rights March

Stanley W. Rogouski and Fred Askew | More coverage from: AZ Indymedia || Charlotte || Oklahoma more...  1 Comments

4 Film Screenings - Cities, Labor, and Culture: Present Crises, Past Documents

CAMEL collaborative | The film and discussion series is an attempt to connect past and present struggles of the labor movement and community organizing, as a way of considering what has changed, what is still the same, and more importantly, what can we learn in terms of past successes or failures—especially questions of how we organize, how we negotiate issues of race, class, gender, different labor sectors, changes in the labor market or housing/urban development issues. The film series is about trying to remember those struggles, and hopefully, to bridge different generations of activists, and allow for discussions between labor and social justice movements and arts communities. more...  0 Comments

Immigrants Rights March

Stanley W. Rogouski | Somewhere between 10 and 20 thousand immigrants marched on Saturday against the Sensennbrenner Bill. more...  1 Comments

Images: Immigration March & Rally NYC

fred askew | Thousands turn out to support Immigrant's rights and oppose HR 4437 more...  3 Comments

Shocking prisoner neglect

Paul Doyle | Irish prisioner Aiden Hulme has been subject to shocking medical neglect since his inprisonment in England and will loose his leg if immidiate action is not taken.

Sign the online petition: more...  0 Comments



The Internationale, ta-da, ta-da, ta-daaa

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Following a confused speech by the French President, the head of the European Trade Union Confederation has asked for demonstrations in front of French Embassies on April 4. more...  16 Comments

Critical Mass

XUp | Time’s up! Will be keeping a close watch on undercover police activity and aggressive nypd behavior toward cyclists and skaters participating in tonight’s manhattan critical mass ride.
7:00 pm, tonight, March 31st
Participants meet at Union Square Park
more...  2 Comments

Hunger Action Faults Pataki, State Legislature For Failing to Raise Welfare Benefits for 16th Year in a Row

Mark DUnlea | The Hunger Action Network of NYS criticized the Governor and the State Legislature today for failing for the 16th year in a row to raise the general welfare grant for poor children and their parents. The welfare grant today is only half of the federal poverty level, guaranteeing that welfare participants will not have enough funds to provide even the basic necessities for their families.

“Over the last sixteen years, Congress has imposed stringent work requirements upon households receiving public assistance. The only adults left on welfare are those who are disabled or already engaged in work activities. Yet still the Governor and State Legislature refuse to raise the meager benefits, even though the federal funding formula for welfare has provided the state with a multi-billion surplus that was available to pay for the increase,” stated Bich Ha Pham, Executive Director of the Hunger Action Network of NYS. more...  0 Comments

New tactics of the French resistance?

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Today, 3/31, in the evening, President Chirac is expected to announce his plans to go ahead with a widely unpopular law. French high-school and university protestors seem to be meeting him with new tactics. more...  0 Comments

NYC Immigrant Rights Marches: April 1, April 10

Visual Resistance | These marches are of the utmost importance: at least 500,000 people turned out in Los Angeles — let’s match it in NYC! [Read More at Visual Resistance || Also See: Red Flags-- "We Didn't Cross the Border, It Crossed Us." || And as usual, Indymedia has the scoop. Extensive immigrants rights coverage from LA IMC || AZ IMC || TN IMC || San Diego IMC || North Carolina IMC] more...  0 Comments

Testify! (On Making NYC a Leader on Immigration)

DMI Blog |

While people all over the country are taking to the streets over anti-immigrant legislation some people in NYC need to spend some time in their seats. Their seats in the NY City Council's hearing on immigration that is. [Read More at DMI Blog]

more...  0 Comments

Marcha del Enmigrante New York

Maria Sanchez |
Description: Say "NO" to H.R. 4437 and "YES" to a comprehensive, realistic, workable immigration reform. Come and support Immigrants' Rights around the country. March starts at 11:00 AM, at the Brooklyn Bridge entrance and crossing into Manhattan final destination 26 Federal Plaza Immigration Offices.

An urgent call on all ethnicities and races! Come and join in solidarity with our immigrants in their struggle to gain dignity to live decently and provide for their families. more...  0 Comments

Whatever Happened to Empathy?

populist | Whatever happened to empathy? How did the world suddenly become inhabited by good, red-blooded Americans and a bunch of gooks, slopes, ragheads, hadjis and any other pejorative which makes them seem less than human? How did the world suddenly become us and them? How is it that no one's beliefs and concerns have validity except ours? How has it come about that the world is now divided between us, our few allies, and a world of terrorists? more...  1 Comments

90th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising

National Irish Freedom Committee | This commemoration will be held at Kelly Ryan’s Restaurant, 5790 Mosholu Ave. in the Riverdale section of the Bronx on Easter Sunday, 16th April. At the completion of the above commemoration, Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta (The National Irish Freedom Committee) will hold a ceremony at the grave of Joe Stynes in Woodlawn Cemetery, which is close by. Joe along with Mike Flannery and George Harrison were founding members of Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Workers Union Member to Moderate Labor Panel at National Lawyers Guild Conference

Worker Freedom | This panel will explore alternative forms of organizing for low wage workers in an increasingly global economy. Topics will include the resurgence of rank and file militancy, the rise of worker centers, solidarity unionism, and the importance of undocumented workers in the movement for transformative change. Emphasis will be on worker victories in the face of assymetric resources, voices of the rank and file, global solidarity as a challenge to neoliberalism, and organizing outside of the deeply flawed NLRA system. more...  0 Comments

The Abu Ghraib files w/ sickening photos

By Joan Walsh | Today Salon presents an archive of 279 photos and 19 videos of Abu Ghraib abuse first gathered by the CID, along with information drawn from the CID's own timeline of the events depicted. more...  0 Comments

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