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Human Rights

Invisible People, Bold Visions: New York Rally for Immigrants' Rights

Christina Z | When I first walked out of the subway in front of city hall, I was baffled by the sheer numbers and energy of the people, waving flags of all colors, chanting, “Los pueblos, unidos, jamas sera vencidos (The people united will never be defeated.) As I stare out the sea of people of all races and cultures, I wonder fearfully, “What if they all just disappeared?” more...  3 Comments

How horrible must their alternative be?

Chazcat | How horrible must their alternative be if they choose to stay here? more...  39 Comments

Who says French workers take long breaks?

Hoipolloi Cassidy | The humiliating defeat of the French Government over the CPE anti-labor law may not be its last. more...  0 Comments

Number of Feeder Marches Planned for April 10 Protest

Feed Me! | OK, people, this is looking like its going to be big! I'm getting big protest flashbacks as I look at this list! more...  2 Comments

Benefit Party for Daniel McGowan/Critical Mass After Party-save the date

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | April 28th
84 Clinton Ave Apt 1
Between Myrtle Ave and Park Ave in Clinton Hill more...  4 Comments

Help Free Marty Tankleff!

SM (and text from | On March 17, 2006, his motion for a retrial was denied by a Suffolk County criminal justice system notorious for
law enforcement and prosecutorial misconduct. Though a parade of credible witnesses, including the gunman's son,
testified on Marty's behalf; though there was no physical evidence tying him to the crime; though there is DNA evidence that the court refuses to test; and though articles in the New York Times and Newsday supported the call for a new trial, Marty remains a victim of Suffolk County injustice. He needs your help.

more...  0 Comments

Massive Immigration Rights Protest Planned For Monday

IMCista | As congressional negotiations over immigration reform collapse, the people themselves prepare to take to the streets on Monday, April 10. Labor unions, religious and community organizations and immigration advocacy groups are organizing the rally, which will converge at City Hall/Broadway. The rally is scheduled to last from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.

[Student Walkout Planned || WCW Plans Walkout || Call for Irish Turnout || IWW Contingent || Bilingual Fliers || Polish || Chinese

BE THE MEDIA: Share Your Protest Plans and Report Back With Us! more...  4 Comments

Preserve Randall’s Island! Hearing on Monday!

scott strungalong | A proposed private theme site would occupy 26 acres of our public waterfront

We are opposed to this effort due to the following reasons: more...  0 Comments

Sign Petition-Help Free Marty Tankleff!

S. Meyer | Marty Tankleff has served 17 years of a 50-year to life sentence for a crime he did not commit.

more...  0 Comments

World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week in N.Y.C.

Win Animal Rights | Date/Time: Friday, April 28, 2006 at 3:30 PM
Location: E. 42nd Street and Third Avenue
Date/Time: Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 3:30 PM
Location: E. 42nd Street and Third Avenue more...  0 Comments

Torture Victim And Others Report From Iraq

Marcia Hassis | Life in Baghdad has become unbearable yet so many of its people have no choice but to go on in the midst of chaos and destruction. more...  0 Comments

Monthly Immigration Protests Continue at Dominican Consulate

Grassroots Haiti Solidarity Committee |
New York activists are picketing the Dominican consulate from 5:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. on Friday, April 7, in the latest of a series of monthly protests against the persecution of immigrant workers in the Dominican Republic.

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April 15, John Zerzan & Kevin Tucker: Civilization: Its Origins and Collapse @ NYU

Guisseppe Zangara | Ever think there was something horribly wrong with the way things are? According to anarcho-primitivists, the social, ecological, spiritual and political problems that we all face are a part of civilization. more...  5 Comments

No yellow ribbons from this ex-marine

populist | We can and should support troops-to-be, but do so before they become troops. We should post a warning sign, and disclaimer, in all recruiting stations. Prospective enlistees should be told that their new employer will not be the Department of Defense, but the Department of War; and that their service will not be in the defense of freedom and democracy, but in the building of an empire for America's powerful elite. And that their countrymen, for all the yellow ribbons and pseudo-patriotic talk, will ultimately blame them for the added terrorism they instigate with their wars. Just like there is truth in lending, we should demand truth in recruitment. more...  0 Comments

US, NYC, IWW* in Monday april 10th - Immigrant Rights Rally

Worker Freedom | US, NYC, IWW* in Monday april 10th - Immigrant Rights Rally more...  0 Comments

WALK OUT! meet @Union Sq. 1PM


We are having a contingent for youth who want to STOP HR 4437, and who want to stop the whole horrible context this racist, anti immigrant bill has been brought out in. TO SAY NO TO BUSH'S FUTURE, YES to a future worth living and fighting for!

We have not come here to beg or ask for crumbs. We have come to demand and take what we need to live with equality and dignity and not live like slaves or animals.

No militarization of the border. No discrimination. No criminalization. No anti-immigrant laws.


The World Cant Wait, Drive Out the Bush Regime!. . . . . . .
more...  0 Comments

NYC high schools walk out of school to protest.

Inti ossio |

For Immigrant Rights!

April 10th - 1pm
Followed by a March on City Hall to
join the city-wide demonstration to stop HR4437!

1,000,000 protest in Los Angeles! 300,000 protest in Chicago , 50,000 protest in Denver,
10,000 protest in Milwaukee, 20,000 protest in Phoenix, 10,000 protest in Sacramento, 20,000 protest in D.C, 40,000 students walk out in Southern California !

We say:
* NO… to anti-immigrant laws!
* NO… to H.R. 4437 and the criminalization of immigrants!
* YES… to legalization, citizenship ad family reunification!
* YES… to workers protection and civil rights for all!

After the walkout join as @ laic

LAIC is offering FREE transportation to the march from Queens. For more information:
CALL: Manuel 718-565-8500 / 917-544-1693
DATE/TIME: Monday, April 10 at1:00 PM
LOCATION: Latin American Integration Center (LAIC) 49-06 Skillman Ave. Queens NY
(bet. 49 & 50 St, take #7 train to 52-Lincoln Ave. Station)

for more info on youth/students movements contact
Natalia 917 7543081

Natalia Aristizabal Betancur
Latin American Integration Center
49-06 Skillman Ave
Woodside, NY 11377

718-565-8500/9241 ext 6
more...  6 Comments

Protest NYU tuition hikes!

sean | Join NYU students and faculty in calling for reasonable tuition costs and administration accountability. more...  1 Comments

Immigration: A Nation of Colonists – and Race Laws

Juan Santos | Two choices were before them. These were the terms of the debate: take the whole nation and lock the people on reservations, or take as much land – with as few Mexicans – as possible. Thus the border was established through a race war, through brute and overtly racist violence. The border is an Apartheid Wall. So it stands today. more...  8 Comments

Bashing Chavez at The Times: How Dare He Do Good With Oil Revenues!

Dave Lindorff | The nation’s leading newspaper calls Chavez a threat to the U.S. for using Venezuela’s new oil wealth to aid development and help the poor in Latin America. more...  4 Comments

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