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Human Rights


Win Animal Rights | Dinner: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at NYU Hayden Hall
Where: NYU Hayden Hall, 33 Washington Sq. West (between W. 4th & Waverly)
Time: Dinner 6:00 PM
Demos: 7:00 PM (we will leave NYU as a group and travel to various demo locations) more...  0 Comments

Celebrate 5-Year Anniversary of Left Turn Magazine April 18th & 26th! |
Join editors, writers, and fellow travelers as we celebrate the
five-year anniversary of Left Turn magazine ( and the
release of their special 20th issue entitled "Reflections on
Resistance: five years of grassroots reporting." more...  0 Comments

Easter Rebellion of 1916 Reembered in New York

Patrick | A brief report of Yesterdays Easter Commemoration in New York. This is a personal report. Official NIFC report to follow shortly.
more...  1 Comments

Psychology of a Guaranteed Income

Erich Fromm | The main obstacle to a guaranteed income seems to be psychological, the envy triggered by another's good fortune. Creating a society where life is worth living and people are treasured not consumed like corn is vital. The economy exists for people, not vice versa. This 1965 essay by the renowned psychoanalyst Erich Fromm shows us a human future opposed to the dystopia of permanent war. more...  3 Comments

What Rumsfeld Knew

Michael Scherer and Mark Benjamin | nails Rummy to the torture chamber wall more...  0 Comments

New NYPD Surveillance Cameras

SCP administrative services | The accompanying picture is taken from ground level and so hardly shows what monsters they really are: a pair of cameras -- they now come in pairs -- both of them globes, which means each one can swivel round 360 degrees, look beneath themselves and zoom-in so well that they can read a cigarette pack from as far as 1,000 feet away. The AP's looking-up perspective doesn't allow us to see where they cameras can see, that is, into what windows can they look. 30 feet up is certainly high enough to look into the windows of any floor of a standard tenement (three to five storey) building. more...  6 Comments

A Review of "Unembedded"

Stanley W. Rogouski | Unembedded is a book and photo exhibit by four independent photojournalists on the war in Iraq. Kael Alford, Thorne Anderson, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad and Rita Leistner. more...  0 Comments

Statement from the Leadership of the Republican Movement

anon. | THE Leadership of the Republican Movement extends fraternal greetings to members, supporters and friends throughout the world on this the historic 90th anniversary of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic. We send special greetings to our imprisoned comrades in Ireland and to prisoners throughout the world who are incarcerated because of their struggle for freedom and justice. more...  0 Comments

Giuliani Expose opens May 12

Robert Lederman | Spread the word..............It's Giuliani Time more...  1 Comments

Check out the New Issue of The Indypendent!

NYC-IMC Print Team | This week's Indy focuses on immigration battles from Arizona to the Big Apple. We also have on-the-ground coverage from New Orleans, Israel and the French student movement, an analysis of Massachusetts's widely-touted new health care plan, a look at the new Trader Joe's arrival in New York, a story about the 40-year odyssey of music legend Roky Erickson and much, much more.
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WOID #XIV-48. Viva La Luxuria!

Pretty Boy Freud | The most significant news about the recent Italian elections may be the one most embarrassing to established media. more...  0 Comments

Source Code special on Eco Arrests

Source Code | This short quicktime file deals with the arrests of eco activists on December 7th, 2005 and the 65 count indictment against them. It should be noted that one of the activists, Daniel McGowan, is a NYC activist that is currently out on bail and on house arrest. More information on Daniel at more...  1 Comments

The Power of Latinos

Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff | In the last weeks, the sleeping giant of American politics has growled: the young immigrant generation, the Latino population.. E pluribus Unum - one out of many - is the national motto of the United States inscribed in all kinds of public buildings. more...  5 Comments

Filipino Social Democrats assure extreme leftist BAYAN MUNA solons case against them very strong

PDSP | “The details that BAYAN MUNA party-list Rep. Satur Ocampo and his colleagues (Rafael Mariano, and Teodoro Casiño of BAYAN MUNA; Liza Maza of GABRIELA; Joel Virador Crispin Beltran of ANAKPAWIS) want, regarding the diversion of their pork barrel funds to abet communist insurgency, are now part of the evidence in the rebellion charges being filed by government against them,” Intengan said.
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peace fem | You can help defeat anti-choice, anti-woman laws in South Dakota.
There are very few women's health care facilities in that sparsely populated state. more...  0 Comments

Filipinos Join Solidarity Pact with Black Trade Unionists in Support for Immigrant Rights

BAYAN USA | Filipino-Americans Join Solidarity Pact with African-American Trade
Unionists in Support of Immigrant Rights; Call for May 1st Rally in
Union Square
more...  0 Comments

To create is to resist. To resist is to create.

National Council of the Resistance | Twelve leaders of the French Resistance speak up against the new forms of the old fascism. more...  0 Comments

Filipinos in New York and New Jersey Join National Day of Protest For Immigrant Rights

Justice4Immigrants | More than 100 Filipinos and immigrant allies joined at least 250,000 more in a New York City immigrant rights rally as part of the April 10th national day of action across several US cities, calling for comprehensive immigration reforms amidst the ongoing immigration debate in Capitol Hill. The Justice 4 Immigrants Filipino Coalition (J4I), a broad formation comprised of Filipino organizations and individuals from New York and New Jersey, raised their banners and flags high in a sea of multi-national representation in front of Manhattan's City Hall. The Justice 4 Immigrants Filipino Coalition is an active member of the Steering Committee of the April 10 Coalition. more...  1 Comments

The Wholesale Criminalization of Immigrant Communities

The New SPACE | The Wholesale Criminalization of Immigrant Communities: Mass Detentions, Torture and Exile more...  0 Comments

"The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary"

jj | "In a very real sense, Ruairí Ó Bradáigh can . . . be said to be the last, or one of the last Irish Republicans. Studies of the Provisional movement to date have invariably focused more on the Northerners and the role of people like Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. But an understanding of them is not possible without appreciating where they came from and from what tradition they have broken. Ruairí Ó Bradáigh is that tradition and that is why this account of his life and politics is so important."

—from the foreword by Ed Moloney, author of A Secret History of the IRA more...  0 Comments

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