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Human Rights

Tuesday, April 25, 6-10PM: Supporting Our Political Prisoners: A Practical Discussion on How to Have Each Other's Backs

A New World in Our Hearts | An informative discussion among a diverse group of activists from different struggles. Come together and talk about how people from seemingly separate movements deal with one of their own being imprisoned under political pretenses. more...  1 Comments

This Sunday 4/23! Let's Organize ChildCare!

NYC Childcare Collective | The NYC Childcare Collective provides childcare to facilitate the participation of low-income mothers of color in building a movement for collective liberation. We would be especially excited about building with more folks of color -- especially men. more...  0 Comments

Video Hip Hop from the Immigrants Rights Rally

el pinche simon | last to share the mic at the rally april 10th

Lah Tere


G1 more...  0 Comments

Bush's pal Hu heckeled and Secret Service steps in

peace fem | Woman Heckels China president Hu and:
The US Attorney's office was weighing federal charges of "willing intimidation or disruption of a foreign official", more...  4 Comments

Greece: Anarchists/Leftists clash with fascists at Panteion University

@ | Greece: Anarchists/Leftists clash with fascists at Panteion University more...  0 Comments

The Bee's are Coming!

New School D(A)NCE | Thurs, April 27th, 6-9pm
65 Fifth Ave, Room 201
New School D (A) N C E more...  0 Comments

Immigration 'Reform': A Panel Discussion

Annu Mangat | This panel discussion is particularly timely in light of pending Congressional action on various immigration proposals. Members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee are expected to consider a compromise plan on April 27. more...  0 Comments

downloadable documentaries about ISM and PAlestine | you can download two documentaries about the ISM in Palestine and NAblus invasion, august 2004. more...  0 Comments

TONIGHT: THE FUTURE OF FOOD screening | THE FUTURE OF FOOD (formerly shown, sold out, at Film Forum) will be hosted by, this Thursday April 20th, at 8pm in downtown NYC, 49 E. Houston St. (between Mott and Mulberry)
The film will start promptly at 8pm and will be followed by a discussion, Q&A, and vegan organic refreshments kindly donated by Candle Cafe and Angelica's Kitchen!

Times-Up is an all volunteer run direct action environmental non-profit that holds many free events throughout the year. The screening itself is of course free, and as always donations are gladly accepted. more...  0 Comments

Art for a World without Borders

Canek | Visual Resistance would like to offer our own call. A call for artwork to promote and support the actions of May 1st. We welcome art by organizations, collectives, or individuals. Whether you are a professional graphic designer, a fine artist, or just someone with a lot of heart and passion that needs expressing, please, SEND US YOUR ART! Our hope is that this archive of imagery will help contribute to an aesthetic expression of ideas and actions against government repression of immigrant communities. more...  3 Comments

A guerrilla journalist inside an Ecuadorian strike!

John Dennehy | Latacunga, Ecuador - On Monday march 13th an indigenous led strike began against any free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States in Latacunga. Tuesday the strike spread to other provinces and gained momentum. Wednesday everything would explode.

I woke up early, packed my bag and hit the street.
more...  3 Comments

Immigrant Marches Rock the Country

Kari Lydersen | On April 10 immigrants rallied in more than 140 municipalities around the country, including massive rallies in Phoenix, Washington DC and other cities: the latest show of force in the quickly burgeoning immigrants rights movement that has seen half a million march in L.A. and hundreds of thousands in Chicago. more...  0 Comments

THE NEOCONS AND KATRINA - A Close Look Behind The Scenes.

Beowulf | A timeline of the Government's war against American Citizens.
A Close Look Behind The Scenes.
How To Make A City Disappear in Plain sight. more...  0 Comments

April 28th-Benefit for Daniel McGowan/Critical Mass afterparty!

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | Frequent Critical Mass participant, environmental and social justice activist and New Yorker Daniel McGowan needs your support. Come out to this benefit for Daniel which is sure to be a really fun time. He has engaged in prisoner support for years so he needs your help now. More information at more...  3 Comments

Help with a10 Indymedia video project

b rad | Wanna join in the activist media revolution? We had over 12 cameras filming the day of immigrant action on April 10th and we are looking for more. If you have anything to share let us know but we are especially looking for stories from high school kids who walked out and hit the streets and material from the Washington Square demo and march. Be the media! more...  0 Comments

Migrante Youth: US HR-4437 "anti-immigrant, repressive, exploitative"

Migrante Youth | "It fuels the unjust stereotype that immigrants are the ones who engage
in terrorism when in fact it is the US government and itís puppet
states in the 'Coalition of the Willing' who are the main proponents of
terrorism in the world," the militant workersí group Migrante Youth
said in a statement. more...  1 Comments

New Flash Animation about the School of the Americas!

SOA Watch | Close the SOA! more...  0 Comments

All Out to Killer Coke's Shareholder Meeting in Wilmington, DE April 19!

Solidarity | Wednesday, April 19th:
Coke Cornered in Wilmington, Delaware!

Join the international movement for justice and human rights against The Coca-Cola Company for murder, torture, pollution, theft, and union-busting throughout the world. more...  0 Comments

Torture in the Basque Country - video in English

David O'Shea | For years now, the Basque people of Spain have alleged that Spanish police have regularly tortured suspects, arrested for having connections with the Basque separatist group ETA. Recently, those allegations have been backed up by the UN Human Rights Commission. This disturbing story actually comes at an interesting time in the decades-long Basque conflict. Two weeks ago, ETA - responsible for hundreds of deaths over the years, announced a permanent cease-fire, the best chance yet for a resolution of the conflict. But could the torture allegations derail the peace negotiations? Here's David O'Shea. more...  0 Comments

Doctrinaire Ideologues: Relics of the Past

nano | It is the overwhelming masses of China that will assert their primacy against minority government and then spill across borders into surrounding regions. Existing maps of Asia and Europe will become redundant overnight. People across the globe will be spurred into action as they drag their corrupt leaders from their lairs to face the quick judgement of the people. The bunkers deep in mountains, designed to harbour criminal elites in times of devastation, have only a finite supply of resources before the inhabitants must emerge to face the final judgement of the people; justice is patient. more...  1 Comments

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