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Human Rights

For united labor defense of the fired Chevy's Fresh-Mex workers!

US supporters of the FT-CI | Solidarity action is urgently needed for the workers at the Tracy,
California "Chevy's Fresh Mex" restaurant, who were illegaly fired on
May 2 in retaliation for their participation in the May 1 strike and
demonstration in Stockton, CA. more...  1 Comments

Treasonous to the Brazilian people

Santos Filho | For Garotinho, Lula works for national and international financial capital and wants a new mandate for, among others things, to privatize the country. more...  0 Comments

Appeal for the liberation of the comrades arrested in Paris on May 1st

Students and precarious of the faculties..... | Appeal for the liberation of the comrades arrested in Paris on May 1st

Students and precarious of the faculties and schools in revolt more...  0 Comments

May 1 Roundup: "Day Without an Immigrant"

Weekly News Update on the Americas | May 1, International Workers' Day--a holiday in most of the world, but not in the US--was celebrated by immigrants and their supporters around the US this year with rallies, marches and a nationwide boycott urging "no school, no work and no shopping." more...  0 Comments

Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery in NYC, May 11

@ | Human trafficking, often referred to as "sex trafficking" or “modern-day slavery,” is the worst form of labor abuse existing in NYC today. more...  1 Comments

IS Eco Sabotage Terrorism [corporate media poses the question]

Reposter | This article has five parts. It isnt bad for corporate media. Support local Daniel McGowan
who is indicted in this case and facing life in prison. See more...  0 Comments

Global Conscientious Objectors to Gather in Washington & NY to Oppose Global War

Steve Theberge | Bringing together conscientious objectors from South Korea, Colombia, Israel, Bosnia and Hercegovina, and the United States, this panel and discussion will explore the potential of conscientious objection as a strategy for building a global anti-war movement. more...  0 Comments

Great movies at BAM about Iraq, Cythnia McKinney, Capital Punishment and Hip-Hop

IMCista | Sundance Institute at BAM presents fourteen independent feature films and eight shorts from some of the most dynamic emerging filmmakers in the U.S. and around the world. Ranging from documentaries on the war in Iraq and pressing social issues to comedies and cutting-edge shorts, these films represent the diversity of subjects and styles that audiences discovered at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Most screenings are followed by Q&A sessions with filmmakers. more...  0 Comments

Sharon Smith on Subterranean Fire: Working Class Struggle from Haymarket to May Day 2006

Elizabeth | Sharon Smith, author of _Subterranean Fire_, will speak on how the immigrant rights movement today is part of a long line of working-class struggles in the U.S. -- and what the movement of today can learn from this hidden history of struggle. more...  2 Comments

California Safe Schools Co-Hosts Advocacy Workshop for Special Needs Children

California Safe Schools |
"Information is power, and gaining access to the kind of information parents need can be difficult," added Senator Nell Soto (D - Pomona). "The workshop will broaden parents' base of knowledge and give them additional tools to ensure that the needs of their children are met."

more...  0 Comments

¡Somos Milliones! We are millions!

US supporters of the FT-CI | The May Day outpouring, which was called the “Gran Paro Americano /
Great American Strike” or “Un Día Sin Inmigrantes / A Day Without
Immigrants” was, though in a partial form due to the minimal organized
participation of most trade unions, a general strike: by all measures a
momentous political advance for the working class. more...  1 Comments

Police Brutality in Prospect / Crown Heights

Bad Bacon Buster | These are five photographs from an incident in the south gate of the Shuttle Train station at Prospect Place between Classon and Franklin Aves, taken this evening. They were beating up a minor, while a fireman tried to calm a very scared kid and make the cop be less hard. more...  5 Comments


NI QUITO NI PONGO | Wal-Mart Stores tied to attacks on Mexican Peasants in outskirts of Mexico City. Groups in Southern California mobilize in response & encourageINTERNATIONAL protests more...  0 Comments

Common Ground activist in NYC Sunday 5/7 to meet with Metro NYC supporters

Greg Pason | A reception for Common Ground Collective activist Sean White will be held from 4 -7 pm @ 339 Lafayette St (buzzer #11) in Manhattan. Sean is on a college speaking/fundraising tour and will make stop in between events to give an update to folks interested in the Common Ground Collective's work in New Orleans. more...  0 Comments

Anniversary of New York's Tuskeegee Racist AIDS Drug Tests On Foster Kids Goes Unnoticed.

Eugene Weixel | Saturday, May 06, 2006 No Doubt. "I've had many ACS case workers tell me: 'We're ACS, we can do whatever we want' " David Lansner, family lawyer more...  0 Comments


ADELAIDA | JUSTICIA!!!! more...  0 Comments

Report: Protest at Mexican Consulate in solidarity with EZLN and Atenco

onto | Given only one days' notice, 40-50 people showed up at the Mexican Consulate to demand the government end state repression of the people of Atenco, free the detainees, stop the violence and intimidation against the other campaign, and stop harassing journalists. more...  1 Comments

CUNY coalition for Immigrant Rights! Meeting Saturday, May 6

E. | Come to this meeting for CUNY students from all the colleges and community colleges to figure out a next step to make CUNY a safe zone, demand equal tuition and full financial aid for all students regardless of status, and defend immigrant rights on our campuses. more...  0 Comments

Colombia: Army Kills 10 in Meta

Weekly News Update on the Americas | On Apr. 15, Colombian Army using explosives and machine gun and rifle fire attacked a house where some 50 civilians--including many children and older adults--had taken refuge next to the Puerto Nubia School in the southern department of Meta. more...  0 Comments

Virtual Sit-In Against the Mexican Government for the Red Alert


the virtual sit-in

manifestación en línea




No a la violencia en TEXCOCO, México y si al la Campaña Zapatista por democracia en Mexico! Todo el 5 de mayo.

La protesta Virtual
Acción de FLOODNET

Opriman aqui para unirse a la accion:

Esta es una alerta roja contra el gobierno mexicano por su agresion violenta contra
la gente de Texcoco, Mexico el 3 de mayo del 2006. more...  0 Comments

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