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Human Rights

Six Nation indigenous resistance in Caledonia info share, NYC, Mon, 7pm!

NYMAA Global Networks Work Group | The Six Nations Confederation (A.K.A. the Iroquois or Haudenosaunee Confederacy) has re-occupied an area of their land in Caledonia, Ontario, in order to halt the construction of housing developments. On April 20, 2006, at 4:30 AM, the Ontario Provincial Police attacked the Six Nations protesters with batons, tear gas cannons, and Tasers. They arrested 16 people but were repelled by the protesters. Since then, the Six Nations protesters have maintained a roadblock at the site but are under constant threat from police and settler residents of the town of Caledonia. The various internal forces within the Haudenosaunee Confederation solidly support the barricade and the land occupation. more...  1 Comments

Impale Bush and the scumbags around him

The Punisher | A time to kill. more...  2 Comments


International Solidarity Movement | This summer we will have a campaign of coordinated non-violent direct actions throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories against Israeli Occupation including the construction of the Apartheid Wall, Settlement Expansion, and restrictions on Palestinians' movement. more...  0 Comments

NYC Critical Mess 5-26-06

roger m | The riders continue to keep the NYC critical mass alive, the authorties continue to try and harrass it to death. Many cyclists were grabbed and given bogus tickets. more...  0 Comments

Irish Free State: an entity without a backbone or a soul

NIFC | The 26-County Irish Free State: an entity without a backbone or a soul of its own.
No to the 26 county neo-colonial state. No to the 6 county colonial state.
Support the 32 county Irish Republic. Work towards a new Ireland.
Support the EIRE NUA proposals!
more...  0 Comments

Protest Fleet Week celebration of war Saturday morning

~ | Groups including War Resisters League-NYC will gather at the New York Public Library steps Saturday morning for a march to the Intrepid museum to protest the Fleet Week celebration of war and empire.

41 Street & Fifth Ave. (near the "lions") 10:30 am more...  0 Comments

Communique of Solidarity with Atenco / Communicado de Solidaridad con Atenco

The New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists | The following is a communique of solidarity with the people of San Salvador Atenco from the New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists. Please distribute far and wide, particularly to people in the South; both English and Spanish versions are included below. more...  0 Comments

Border Communities Express Concerns with Bill Passed in US Senate as Troop Deployment at the Border Increases

Ella | Border Communities in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California Speak Out Against Senate Legislation. more...  0 Comments

Palestine Update

CFL | Summary: News, generally suppressed by US mainstream medias more...  0 Comments

Video: Vigil of Defiance at Senator Clinton and Schumers office

onto | About 75 concerned people protested the offices of Senators Clinton and Schumer on Wednesday over the pending immigration bills in the legislature. Organized by the Immigrant Communities in Action coalition and the American Friends Service Committee, this action was also a vigil for 4000+ who have died crossing the border in the last 10 years since Operation Gatekeeper. The many amendments to the Senate bill (like the Hagel-Martinez bill) would place 370 miles of more wall at the border, as well as increase the amount of border patrol and detention centers, ensuring more deaths, violence, and indefinite detention for migrants. For updates on the movement against borders, see more...  0 Comments

Why Do They Hate Us: Lesson #1003 and Counting...

Dave Lindorff | How is nighttime bombing of a village (when all the kids are sure to be home and tucked in bed) supposed to be “bringing democracy” to anybody? And what are these villagers supposed to do when armed Taliban fighters demand refuge in their houses? Turn them out and tell them to go away? more...  0 Comments

"Todos Somos Atenco"Rally at Mexican Consulate 5/19, video clips

onto | Video clips from 5/19/06 protest organized by Movimiento por Justicia del Barrio at the Mexican Consulate for freedom of political prisoners in Atenco, Mexico. more...  0 Comments

"Todos Somos Atenco"Rally at Mexican Consulate 5/19, photos

onto | The Movimiento por Justicia del Barrio organized this afternoon protest to show solidarity with political prisoners in Atenco, Mexico as well as the EZLN's Other Campaign. With puppets, banners, chants, and flyers, the solidarity protest built community power while showing its strength to demonstrate. more...  0 Comments

Chrysotile Institute. Canadian Asbestos: 'Lies, damned lies and statistics'...

Fresh Air | Montreal this week is hosting a 'scientific' conference about a mineral called Chrysotile.

Big deal? What’s the problem?'s a clue...
The Canadian (& Quebec)Government and Industry funded 'Chysotile Institute' once had a different name...
The ASBESTOS Institute.
more...  1 Comments

Colombia: Grassroots Summit Attacked

Weekly News Update on the Americas | On May 15, agents from the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (ESMAD) of the Colombian National Police used tear gas and rubber bullets against participants in a massive grassroots summit who were carrying out a protest blockade of the
Panamerican highway near Mondomo municipality in Cauca. more...  0 Comments

Gerry Adams and Co. Turn Backs on The Hunger Strikers

FTP | "The bogus claim made by the Provos that the Stormont Agreement of 1998 was a logical succession to the hunger-strike deaths of 1981 was equivalent to the Free Staters' assertion that the 26-County State arose out of the Easter Rising of 1916," said the President of Republican Sinn Féin, at a 25th anniversary commemoration of the death of hunger-striker Raymond McCreesh at his grave in Camloch, south Armagh on Sunday, May 21. more...  1 Comments

Gen. Hayden: A Yes-Man for All Seasons

Dave Lindorff | The general, like all officers in the military, took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, not to mindlessly follow the orders of the president. He should be getting court-martialed, not appointed CIA director. more...  0 Comments

ACLU-NJ Membership Conference to Explore Security, Freedom

Annu Mangat | The program features expert presentations on security, government surveillance and privacy, detentions and torture, and the tension between sound security practices and civil liberties. more...  0 Comments

Actions in Solidarity with Atenco in Chicago

Celeste Escobar | Pictures and brief report of actions on May 19th, 2006 more...  0 Comments

Putting the Brakes on Street Harassment: Special Workshop @ Time's Up! Bike Space

ryan the girl | Monday May 22nd
8pm @ the Time's Up! Bike Space
49 E. Houston between Mott & Mulberry

also check out : Ladies Bicycle Repair Night in the basement every monday night @ 630pm more...  0 Comments

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