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Human Rights

Photos from UNGASS demo

kaitlyn tikkun | Images from the UNGASS Demo more...  0 Comments

Support Parole for Political Prisoner Jalil Muntaqim

New York City Jericho Movement | Jalil Muntaqim, cofounder of the Jericho Movement for Recognition and Amnesty for Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War held in U.S. prisons, will be coming up for parole for the third time in July. He feels it is important that as many people as possible write to the Parole Commission and elected officials on his behalf. more...  0 Comments

What Is At Stake: A Series of Speakers on the Bush Agenda, June 5-9, NYC

World Can't Wait | In early June, the World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime will be holding a series of events delving deeply into different aspects of the Bush Regime's crimes and the reasons that they must be driven out. more...  0 Comments



Columbus yippie steve conliff, notorious for having pied Governor James Rhodes(butcher of Kent state) passed away on June 1, 2006 due to a long bout with lung, bone and brain cancer.....Please click the link below to check out the eulogy....... more...  0 Comments

Bush and Rumsfeld Teaching Ethics to Soldiers?!

Dave Lindorff | Every time you think you’ve seen everything, the Bush presidency tops itself with a new act that is more outrageous than the last one, but really, they’re going to have to stretch to top the idea of this administration teaching ethics to soldiers.
more...  0 Comments

Timor-Leste (Update)

peptide | America has been steadily reducing its active presence in the South Pacific over the past decade. Australia (the deputy sheriff) is expected to ‘step up to the plate’ and safeguard western interests in that region. Timor is the first test of deputy (dog) in the region and to date the deputy appears to be weakening at the knees. more...  0 Comments

Israeli Poll Indicates Strong Current of Anti-Arab Racism

Kenneth J. Theisen | A recent poll taken in Israel is very disturbing. It shows that racism toward Arabs is very strong among many Israeli Jews. The recent elections in Israel also indicated that such racism was beneficial to parties that take a racist stand against Arabs in Israel. Is this anti-Arab racism part and parcel of Israeli politics in the 21st century or an abberation? more...  0 Comments

Politicians Lie? Say it Ain't So!

populist | ...All by its lonesome, the federal government extracts over Two Trillion Dollars from us every single year. Yet, with all this unthinkable wealth, it has been incapable of reducing poverty, improving our schools, preventing 9-11, catching those who perpetrated the attacks, making health care affordable, reducing crime, and so on. Going even further, each year, it passes new laws that make it legal to pry into your life even more... more...  0 Comments

Freedom From Oil Action Camp

Mike Hudema | Freedom From Oil Action Camp (8-14 July 2006 in Southern Indiana) is a 5-day summit of 150 to 200 young organizers working to break America's oil addiction - register today at more...  0 Comments

The fight for public housing in New Orleans

Socialist Worker | Led by a 70-year-old grandmother who drove her motorized scooter into the police barricade, New Orleans residents force their way through police lines to re-take their public housing complex, one of many closed by the city in an effort to aid privitization and gentrification in post-Katrina New Orleans. more...  0 Comments


Vener Malabanan | Hindi pa man natutuyo ang dugo ng pinatay na si Noli Capulong ng Laguna, walang pakundangang pinatay ng mga berdugong militar si Sotero Llamas ng Bicol sa nagpapatuloy na kampanya ng terorismo ni Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Ipinahayag ni Vener Malabanan ang pakikiramay ang Pesante-USA sa mga naulila at kaanak ni Ka Teroy. Bilang isang kasama sa First Quarter Storm ng 1970 sa Bicol kasama nina Bodjie Jimenez ,Amor Espinas , Francisco Portem, Cezar Gavanzo, Juan Escandor, Mayor Johnson So at iba ang martir ng kilusan, isa siya sa mga nagpundar ng kilusang magsasaka sa Bicol at nagsulong ng armadong pakikibaka sa matagal na panahon. more...  0 Comments

!Todos Somos Atenco! Two events about the police repression of flower vendors and the Zapatistas in Atenco this week

nyc zapatista | Join us for an evening of films, first hand accounts, and discussion about recent police violence in the towns of San Salvador Atenco and Texcoco, Mexico.
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Starbucks Woes Continue as IWW Initiates Legal Action

Worker Freedom | New York, NY- Still reeling from a defeat at the
National Labor Relations Board in March, Starbucks was
hit with a fresh legal charge from the IWW Starbucks
Workers Union today. more...  7 Comments

PROTEST at the UN General Assembly Special Session on AIDS (UNGASS) On Wed. May 31 12:30pm

HousingWorks | Protest at the UN General Assembly Special Session on AIDS (UNGASS)
Rally and March on Wednesday May 31 at 12:30pm
Assemble at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th St betw 1st-2nd Ave)

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On the PNR judgement (Passenger Name Record)

David Lundy | The agreement decided that air carriers operating flights to, from or across United States territory had to provide the United States authorities with electronic access to the data contained in their reservation and departure control systems, called "Passenger Name Records (PNR)[1]. more...  0 Comments

6/1/06: Forum on Haiti and Picket Line at Dominican Consulate

Grassroots Haiti | What are the prospects for Latin American help in restoring stability and sustainable economic growth to Haiti, and what is the role of solidarity both in Latin America and in the United States? more...  0 Comments

Action Alert: Coca-Cola Haiti Violates Labor

Grassroots Haiti | Workers at the Brasserie de La Couronne, S.A./Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Haiti brewery in Cap-Haïtien in northern Haiti are calling for labor rights supporters internationally to write to CEO Jaar to protest ongoing labor violations.
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New date/deadline for Visual Resistance Art Auction for Green Scare defendant Daniel McGowan-July 27&28th

Famiyl & Friends of Daniel McGowan | Call for Artwork: Benefit Gallery Show for Daniel McGowan
Thursday, July 27 & Friday, July 28, 2006 at ABC No Rio
Co-sponsored by Visual Resistance and Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan
Deadline: June 20, 2006 Contact: more...  0 Comments

Trafficking in Children Across the U.S.-Mexico Border

Manolo Guillén | The trafficking of children across the U.S.-Mexico border runs rampant. The United Nations has listed Mexico as the number one exporter of exploited children into North America. more...  0 Comments

Event: Education, Not Deportation

All City NYC | We hope that you will join us for the official launch of YouthPower’s
Education not Deportation Campaign* *, and that we can continue to work
together to end police presence in NYC schools, and ultimately achieve our
goal of equal and full access to educational justice for all youth in New
York City. [Read More]

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