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Human Rights


Win Animal Rights | Where: Central Park West and 88th Street (look by benches)
Date and Time: Saturday June 17th 2006 at 2:00 pm more...  0 Comments

Drive Free - Veggie Fuel for your car

Tonya Kay | how you can turn Free vegetable oil into diesel fuel for cars
more...  1 Comments

Call to Action: Join Survivor's Village

Survivor's Village | Build solidarity with the evicted residents of St. Bernards by joining Survivor's Village in New Orleans, LA! more...  0 Comments

Federal Police Harass activists in Mexico

rodriguez mendez | One student of the Autonomous University of Mexico relates how she has recieved intimidating phone calls from the PFP (Policia Federal Preventiva), and reveals video taken from a police officer, who had threatened and falowed her. The police officer was captured, and latered realesed, as he secretly video taped a Meeting of the Other Campaign, the same week of the police agression against Texcoco and Atenco in the State of Mexico. more...  0 Comments

Call Congress; Critical Vote to Close the School of the Americas Friday or Monday

SOA Watch Team | For the first time in six years, there will be a vote on legislation to close the SOA/WHINSEC, the U.S. Army school whose graduates are implicated in some of the worst human rights abuses in Latin America. As countries throughout the region go through historic changes, people in the U.S. have the opportunity to make historic change THIS WEEK by demanding justice, accountability, and suspension of the SOA/WHINSEC. more...  0 Comments

Philippines: Anti-Arroyo Groups Brace for Bigger Fights Ahead

Laban ng Masa | In a gathering of around 100 leaders from labor, peasant, urban poor, women and youth groups, the umbrella coalition Laban ng Masa is bracing for bigger fights in its bid to oust the Arroyo regime and initiate reforms under a transitional revolutionary government.

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Major Victory in The People vs. Corporate Rule

POCLAD | Friends:

Something to truly celebrate! Not one of those "sort-of" victories, but a solid measure, presented to the public in a campaign, and solidly approved.

Congratulations to all involved in the campaign in Humboldt County.

Details are below.

1) Vote totals
2) Text of the measure
3) Article explaining the victory

Go and do likewise!

more...  0 Comments

TONIGHT: Stand with Immigrant Workers Against Racial Discrimination and Tip Stealing

NLG Labor and Employment Committee | The National Lawyers Guild Labor and Employment Committee invite you to an urgent weekly protest against restaurant mogul Shelly Fireman. Mr. Fireman has built a restaurant empire by stealing workers' tips and paying less than the minimum wage. Employees of color that would like to move from dish washing or bussing to the wait staff are routinely passed over for white workers. In response to the workers' organizing effort, Fireman is launching an all-out assault. more...  0 Comments

Fight for the Right of Trans People to March on 8th Avenue!

repost | The NYPD and the City are attempting to deny TransJustice's applications to march and rally on 8th Avenue. On June 6th, during a meeting at Manhattan South, NYPD Assistant Chief Bruce Smolka, made an anti-LGBT remark when he told TransJustice members, "to Go Back to The Village"... more...  0 Comments

Quick Action By Local Peace Groups, Food Not Bombs, Makes Difference for Jersey City Residents

Tommy spnyc | Jersey City Residents at 182 Central Ave. have been without
electricity for three days now. Much of their food went bad. I'm not
sure the whole story, but they have a bum landlord and the city is
threatening to kick them out because of a fire hazard, without it
being clear if they'll provide temporary housing. I just came from
the building, people are standing in the hallway shivering and some of
them haven't eaten for two days. more...  3 Comments

Resisting the Green Scare: Film Screening and Discussion | @ the Empty Vessel [on the boat!]***, Gowanus, Brooklyn
F to Carrol St., M and R to Union
Just south of the Carrol St. Bridge at 1st St. on the Gowanus Canal.
Map -

Also, see complete coverage of a weekend Green Scare events from IMC US. more...  0 Comments


The Jason Robbins' Support Committee | At the end of everyday, take the spare change left in your pocket, put it aside, and at the end of the
week, gather it up and send it to Jason for his legal fund. Just think about it - the possibility behind this is huge. more...  0 Comments

Finaliza Cumbre Alternativa de los Pueblos con Declaración Alternativa de Santo Domingo.

H. Galvan | Alternativa more...  0 Comments

Immigration News Briefs: Cessna Raid, Hunger Strike Ends, ICE Pervert Sentenced

Weekly News Update on the Americas | On June 1, Flor Crisostomo and Elvira Arellano annnounced the end of a hunger strike they began May 10, seeking a moratorium on raids and deportations. "We are ending the strike for the sake of our health," said Arellano. "Also to have the strength to return to Washington to lobby and prepare ourselves to support the next workers who will appear in court." more...  0 Comments

Chile: Student Protests

Weekly News Update on the Americas | On May 29, some 600,000 public and private high school students went on strike throughout Chile, and thousands took over school buildings. On May 30, at least 500,000 students marched in the streets around the country. more...  0 Comments

Failed Solidarity: The ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT in Haiti

Labor Notes | The most prominent international labor organizations active in Haiti, the ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT, working to support and strengthen labor unions that agitated for the ousting of Haiti’s democratically elected government, have simultaneously refused to condemn the massive layoffs and persecution of public sector workers and trade unionists committed by its illegally-imposed successor. more...  0 Comments

Five Amersino IWW members fired after rigged NLRB election

Worker Freedom | IWW and Make the Road by Walking supporters are walking intermittent picket lines at Brooklyn's Amersino produce distribution warehouse, after the boss provoked a short walk-out by firing two IWW activists. One, Eliezer Maca, was fired for challenging the boss's attempt to rig a union representation election by bringing in voters who did not work at the facility.

Staff Report - Industrial Worker, June 2006 more...  2 Comments

Hawkins US Senate: Supports Same Sex Marriage; Clinton, Bush Oppose

Howie Hawkins | “It saddens me that politicians like Bush and Clinton feel the need to attack the rights of individuals to affirm their life commitment to one another. Our political leaders should be helping to build families, not tear them apart. The provision of full legal rights for all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation is long overdue in our country,” said Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for US Senate in NY. In his weekly radio address, Bush urged the Senate to support a constiutional amendment banning same-sex marriages.
more...  0 Comments

Art of War : Gun Violence in America

Larmee |

600,000 Americans are victimized in handgun crimes each year. In 2002, there were 30,242 gun deaths in the U.S

more...  10 Comments

Update on Art Auction for Daniel McGowan [July 27+28th]

Visual Resistance/ | THURSDAY, JULY 27 -- FRIDAY, JULY 28
5pm -- 10pm.
ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street
Lower East Side, NYC

The new deadline is: JUNE 20, 2006 more...  0 Comments

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