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Human Rights

Book sale for Daniel McGowan is on for Sunday!

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | The book sale for Daniel is on!
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Free Tibet Activists arrested in Beijing for protesting China's Tibet railway

Rangzen means Freedom | Three women were arrested after hurling a banner in Beijing's railway station denouncing China's railway into Tibet. more...  2 Comments

Info session on Daniel McGowan's case-Thursday July 6th at Bluestockings 7PM

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | read on more...  0 Comments

Illegal: US Supreme Court’s ruling of Torture Bay

gade | The US Supreme Court ruled today that Guantanamo Bay detention/torture centre was illegal (by implication) and the kangaroo military commission established to try the detainees is in breach of the Geneva Convention, well duh! Expert international lawyers stated the plain facts – illegality – of the matter from the start. Who could accuse the ‘slow to see daylight’ US court system of bias? Surely the principal pillars of American ‘justice’ could not be influenced by Bush or his neo-cons? more...  0 Comments

Would you shelter an immigrant?

Hoipolloi Cassidy | As the French Government prepares to deport thousands of undocumented school children, many in France are prepared to resist and protect. more...  2 Comments

Exonerated death row prisoner DARBY TILLIS in NYC to perform his one-man musical, DEATH ROW BLUES, Sat. 7/1/06

CEDP | 'People need to be educated about how the justice system is. That's why Darby's play is important. Hopefully it will catch like fire and spread.' -Former Illinois governor George Ryan more...  0 Comments

Nativo Lopez: What's Next for the Immigrant Rights Movement?

Socialist Worker | Nativo Lopez, president of the Mexican American Political Association and a lead organizer of the immigrant rights protests in LA, on where the movement needs to go from here. Transcript of a talk presented at the Socialism 2006 conference on Saturday, June 24. more...  10 Comments

Apartheid Israel Intensifies Gaza Genocide

John Brown | In spite of the crippling attacks on what little Palestinian infrastructre it hasn't already destroyed, Apartheid Israel still finds itself on the warpath searching for ways to induce more suffering upon the Palestinians. more...  0 Comments

Protest the Minutemen on Friday!

Elizabeth | For the third time in a month, Minutemen will protest in NYC. It is time for our side to get bigger, stronger and more organized. Please come to this protest and make it clear these bigots will not be able to recruit for their hate and grow in our city. more...  0 Comments

Take Action Now to Defend the Palestinian People

ANSWER Coalition | June 28, 2006 ANSWER Coalition Statement on Israeli Attack on Palestinians more...  1 Comments


Joan Miro | Come and protest these racist bigots! They are not welcome here! more...  2 Comments

THE TAKE, free screening!! | FREE SCREENING of "THE TAKE"
This Thursday 6/29, 8pm
at Times-Up
(49 E. Houston, btwn Mott/Mulberry)

Introduction and Q&A/discussion
with Marina Sitrin- activist and author of Horizontalism: Voices of
Popular Power in Argentina (AK Press); Professor, Gallatin School at
NYU and Argentinian activist(s) TBA

The Take (2004, 87 min, written/produced/directed by Avi Lewis & Naomi Klein)
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'This is Forever' Discussion Series @ Bluestockings upcoming events: Critical Mass & Seeds of the New

the kids | 'This is Forever' Discussion Series, hosted by Bluestockings Books, presents two upcoming events: 'Critical Mass, War Machine' with Will Weikart on July 21st, and 'Seeds of the New' with Chris Carlsson (of Processed World, author of Critical Mass) on September 1st. more...  0 Comments

Guantanamo Protest: 25 People Arrested Monday at UN

Jess Garman | A demonstration to shut down Guantanamo was held in front of the United States Mission to the United Nations Monday morning. Today, June 26, is set aside as the U.N. Day in Support of Torture Victims and Survivors, and the demonstrators made clear that they stand in support of such a day. However, they do not stand in support of a hypocritical government that is celebrating this day while at the same time holding prisoners in extremely inhumane conditions at Guantanamo, Cuba. 25 members of the group sat down in front of the U.N. Mission, blocking its doors and saying they would stay until the international consensus against these illegal acts is respected, heard and acted upon.|| More Coverage || Movie Review: The Road to Guantanamo more...  2 Comments

Images: Shut Down Guantanamo

Fred Askew | 25 people arrested at the US Mission to the United Nations more...  1 Comments

The Venezuela of Chávez

Milton D'Leon | There is no revolution without a social revolution carried out by workers, peasants and the poor, by expropriating the big capitalists and instituting a planned economy, eliminating capitalist monopolies, instituting state control over the fundamental economic activities of the country, with political power in the hands of the working class. To speak of revolution, except in this sense, is merely empty talk. more...  0 Comments

NLG Panel On the Green Scare Monday

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | Date: June 26, 2006
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Cardozo Law School, Moot Court Room
Address: 55 Fifth Avenue (at 12th Street)
New York, New York 10003
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Securitas Security Professionals Working at Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant Vote SPFPA YES

SPFPA | Securitas tries to underhandedly have trainees vote in this election to undermine the vote in favor of them! more...  0 Comments

Getting Wet with Mermaids and Dykes

Amy Wolf | On any summer weekend at Coney Island, it will smell like hot-dogs, but at the Mermaid Parade, it’s a bigger sausage-fest then usual. Persistent photographers jockeyed for the best shots in the waiting area before the parade. Here they swarmed around sultry sea goddesses and tripped over tails of those who didn’t peek their interest.

All photos are taken by Bennett Baumer.

The full article can also be accessed at: Getting Wet with Mermaids and Dykes

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Rosenthal passes bill to protect pets

LOHV-NYC | Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal announced today that a measure she authored that protects companion animals from abuse and punishes animal cruelty has passed in the New York State Assembly and Senate. Rosenthal was elected in a February special election with the help of the League of Humane Voters of New York City (LOHV-NYC). more...  0 Comments

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