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Human Rights

From Military-Occupied New Orleans

Ruth | I’m writing from military-occupied New Orleans. The National Guard and State Police have been sent into town and a juvenile curfew imposed, because as far as the bourgeois state is concerned, a few too many black people have returned.

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"If they come for you in the morning" Art Auction for Green Scare target Daniel McGowan. July 27 + 28th

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | Thursday, July 27 & Friday, July 28, 2006, 5-10pm
ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington St, Lower East Side, NYC
Free entry
Co-sponsored by Visual Resistance and Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan
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Another racist government frame-up unravels

Fred Bergen | The case itself leaves no doubt that the seven men -- Narseal Batiste, Patrick Abraham, Stanley Grant Phanor, Naudimar Herrera, Burson Augustin, Lyglenson Lemorin, and Rotschild Augustine -- were set up by a government agent bent on sustaining public fears of "Islamic Terrorism" in the service of US imperialist wars. more...  0 Comments

UP-RUDED!: Time's Up! and Rude Mechanical Orchestra Fundraiser Dance Party

Time's Up! and RMO | Two long time allies are teaming up for an evening of rocking out and raising money for the goodfight. NYCs punk rock radical marching band the Rude Mechanical Orchestra leads an evening of music that includes Monkeyshine 9, Heavy Creatures, Quick Release and Phil Not Bombs. more...  0 Comments

Immigration News: High Tech Firm Raided, Supreme Court Upholds Deportation

Weekly News Update on the Americas | On June 23, US District Judge Stephen Wilson in Los Angeles ruled that Palestinian immigrant Aiad Khaled Barakat should be allowed to become a naturalized US citizen. Barakat is one of the so- called "LA 8": seven Palestinians and a Kenyan whom the government arrested in 1987 and sought to deport for alleged associations with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP more...  0 Comments

Why Israel is on the Attack in Gaza

Socialist Worker | From Paul D'Amato's "The Meaning of Marxism" column in Socialist Worker newspaper. Available online at more...  0 Comments


Elizabeth | Protest the Israeli invasion of Gaza and Lebanon! more...  2 Comments

Lou Dobbs: Stop Your Racist Immigrant Bashing! Friday 4:30 pm CNN

May 1 Coalition | Protest at CNN (Home of the Lou Dobbs Show) - 59th St. & Columbus Circle more...  0 Comments

The Deal of the Art

Paul Werner | New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, which has been flaunting its own free admission rule for over thirty years, now raises the stakes. more...  1 Comments

If They Broke the Law, String 'Em Up

Dave Lindorff | Bush, during his two terms as Texas governor, oversaw the executions of 152 people. If he’s a war criminal, and guilty of causing the deaths of captives at Guantanamo and elsewhere, it would be poetic justice for him to follow them on the long walk. more...  0 Comments


NYC Emergency Response | ******PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY*******


Co-founder of the MinuteMen, Jim Gilchrist, is coming to Ground Zero
to spread his racist filth about immigrants. The MinuteMen are a
violently anti-immigrant group that has been protrolling the border
armed. They are coming NY and are exploiting 9/11 to further their
agenda. We can not let them co un-opposed

JULY 26th


[Carlito's is at 1701 Lexington Ave. btwn 106 &107th]


FOR MORE INFO CALL: 347.537.3433
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Railroading Your Rights

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg | Despite the serious questions as to the effectiveness of random searches, the surveillance machine still pushes ahead. After all, DHS puts on a great show. more...  2 Comments

Israeli Actions in Gaza and Lebanon – Where is NYC?

concerned | I’ve been following the news really closely the past two weeks and I’ve been surprised to see a serious lack of coverage about what is going on in the Middle East on the IMC newswire. In addition to this, I’ve been surprised that I haven’t been able to find out about any emergency actions/events happening in NYC to assist in putting a halt to Israel’s military actions. ||Pay No Attention to the Israeli Bombardment of Lebanon ||Israel Kills Palestinians with U.S. Weapons ||Coverage of June 16 Emergency Rally more...  7 Comments

7/28-30 Washington, DC: National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network | Friday - Sunday July 28-30, 2006
Ward Circle Building, American University
Washington, DC
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Protest - Lou Dobbs: Stop Racist Immigrant Bashing - Friday July 14th

NYC May 1 Coalition | On Friday, July 14 we call upon all who can to demonstrate against racism immigrant bashing outside of the New York headquarters of CNN in Columbus circle where Lou Dobbs makes his daily broadcast from. Join trade unionist, students, antiwar activist, and immigrants on Friday and together, let’s start the process of stopping the racist tide and turn it back. more...  0 Comments

Stop Racist Harrassment of NJ Day Laborers!

repost | Every Saturday from 8-10 am, the racist, anti-immigrant United Patriots of America has been gathering to heckle, intimidate, and take photos of day laborers waiting for work and the contracters who come to hire them.
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THU, 6/13: THE HARDEST QUESTION EVER: a play about violence, prisons and community responsibility

Tim D | This three-act play depicts community responsibility, forgiveness, and the pain of loss. The Hardest Question Ever is a mixture of live performence, chain gang inspired music, and shadow puppets set inside a life size cell covered with 100's of letters written by prisoners.

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Status of Human Rights on the US/Mexico Border

ella | Shadow report filed by immigrant human rights groups to the United Nations. more...  0 Comments

Krauthammer Has It Wrong: The Constitution is for Peace and War

Dave Lindorff | He and the President are trying to justify dictatorship on the cheap by claiming that “everybody does it” during wartime, and then things go back to normal…except there is no war now, and the fake “war’ on terror will never end.
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Hawkins for US Senate Supports Lynne Stewart Release

Howie Hawkins | NY: Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for US Senate, called today for Manhattan federal Judge John Koeltl to give civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart a sentence of home confinement with no time behind bars. Hawkins said that Stewart’s conviction ultimately should be overturned on appeal. “Lynne Stewart’s conviction for her role as a defense attorney for Abdel Rahman’s is a continuation of the Bush administration’s efforts to suppress civil liberties in America using the 9/11 attacks as a pretext,” noted Hawkins. more...  5 Comments

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