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Human Rights

Campaign To End AIDS Moves Forward This Fall

c2ea | (September 12) The Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA), a new national grassroots movement supported by AIDS and community groups across the country, will continue to organize hundreds of local events and ten cross-country caravans this fall while making some scheduling changes due to the impact of Hurricane Katrina, organizers said today. more...  0 Comments

Where to send Katrina Donations

jw |

Lists by city and state, and what is needed where. They let you know if the post office can deliver or if it needs to be FedEx or UPS. more...  0 Comments

4 Struggle magazine #5 is out | a very large and interesting online and print magazine of writings by political prisoners and prisoners of war more...  0 Comments

UN report on the ‘Third World’ in the U.S.

Fred Goldstein | At the very moment that the profound racism and class oppression in the U.S. has been highlighted by the disastrous toll on the poor, largely African-American population of the Gulf Coast, the United Nations has issued a report about racism and poverty affecting the U.S. health-care system. more...  0 Comments

The Senate and the real John Roberts: Workers World editorial

Workers World | The hearings are being conducted by millionaires on the Senate Judiciary Committee, most of whom are lawyers and are about as far away from the workers and the oppressed as the moon. They allow Roberts to not answer questions. They let him plead in case after case involving his reactionary writings, arguments or rulings that he was just working for an administration or a client. This is equivalent to the argument that every low-level indicted war criminal makes: “I was just following orders.” more...  0 Comments

The Incompetent American (or, the "Ugly American" on Steroids)

populist | Although some level of incompetence in government is universally expected, it started accelerating towards its pinnacle in the US after the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to install Bush in the presidency. more...  0 Comments

Long Island: Protersters outnumber Minutemen

Heather Cottin | Anti-fascist organizations from New Jersey and from New York City came out to castigate the Legionnaires for inviting Minutemen founder Chris Simcox to Suffolk County. Simcox is organizing vigilantes to keep immigrants from crossing the border. more...  1 Comments

Hurricane Katrina -- Beware of disaster profiteers and peddlers of hate!

Campaign to Stop Funding Hate | The Campaign to Stop Funding Hate urges donors to make an informed decision about how they want their contributions channeled and ask all those committed to broad values of secularism, pluralism and justice to oppose the forces that use the pretext of relief operations to further their sectarian agendas. more...  0 Comments

John H.o.W.A.R.d line roars at Fascism Week

Propaganda Monster | Embellishments of all kinds -- detention, deportation, fines -- were evident on the dogwalks this week, as were masculine details such as ASIO, security risk, threats and new anti-liberty laws. Even those signs came off more like criminogenic intellectual slavery and less harsh than the nasty, over-the -top feelings of many suspected terrorists detained last season. That's a joke son! more...  0 Comments

The Center for Constitutional Rights wrote:

Edget Betru CCR | Now more than ever we need to put an end to the Bush Administration's illegal practices torture and detention. Here's how you can join the fight: more...  0 Comments

An Important Call From New Orleans

The Funkinest Journalist | A brief discussion with a brother in New Orleans. more...  0 Comments

ISM-NYC Olive Harvest Campaign Training 2005 October 1st and 2nd in NYC

rachel | The International Solidarity Movement's New York City support group (ISM-NYC) will be holding a training in NYC on Saturday and Sunday, October 1st and 2nd from 12:00 - 5:00 each day for activists who plan to go to Palestine this autumn for the Olive Harvest with ISM or with other non-violent direct action groups. The call for international volunteers to come to Palestine from October 15- November 15 for the Olive Harvest was issued by Palestinian farmers and agricultural organizations, in coordination with the International Solidarity Movement and the International Women's Peace Service. International and Israeli volunteers join Palestinians each year to harvest olives, in spite of efforts by Israeli settlers, soldiers and bulldozers to destroy this vital piece of Palestinian life. The presence of internationals during harvest time has proven in the past to help limit and decrease the severity of attacks.

more...  0 Comments

Military requests medics from anarchist relief project

Chuck Munson | The situation in Algiers got a bit more surreal this week when the U.S. military asked the anarchists for help in providing basic services to local residents. A medical military clinic commander asked the folks running the Common Ground Clinic if they could lend a few medics and doctors to the military until the military sets up a “permanent” health clinic on Newton Avenue on Monday. more...  0 Comments

One Emergency Away

Cascade Dem | The Bushies are using Katrina to extend their reach and eliminate local control more...  1 Comments

Four activists ejected from WNYC radio show on subway searches.

Sterling Brooks | Three men and one women, standing up for the fourth amendment and apposing subway searches, were ejected from the taping of the WNYC, Brian Lehrer Show monday night. One of the men said "to allow our radio waves to be used by racist, neo-con, propagandists must be stopped at all costs". more...  3 Comments

Killing Americans By Health Care Policy

populist | Lack of health insurance kills Americans. more...  0 Comments

Katrina's Latest Victim: Frances Newton RIP

Dave Lindorff | A media awash in Katrina stories had no time for a poor black woman being killed by the state in Texas after being railroaded onto death row for a crime she probably never committed. more...  0 Comments

Block Roberts nomination

Final Hour | NOW: Rally Union Sq. TODAY 5:30 (Sept. 15)

NOW (National Organization of Women) has organized a rally to block Roberts' nomination to the Supreme court. His possible confirmation would mean a loss of liberty and rights not just for women however. Join this last hour rally to make your voice HEARD! more...  1 Comments

9/15 Rally for Mumia Abu-Jamal, Lynne Stewart, Assata Shakur

Partisan Defense Committee | The Partisan Defense Committee is urging you to join us for a rally to fight government repression and the "war on terror," which targets blacks, immigrants, labor and leftists. We call on you to come out in defense of Lynne Stewart, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Assata Shakur. Their fight is a fight for us all. more...  0 Comments

'Homeland Security' Chief delayed federal Katrina response, memo shows

by Jonathan S. Landay, Alison Young | Your criminal government at work. more...  2 Comments

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