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Human Rights

International Church leaders Condemns Political Killings

Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP)-USA | More and more Protestant denominations around the world have expressed alarm over the killings, with the Methodists issuing a statement calling on the US government to pressure Philippine President Arroyo's administration into decisive action. This came on the heels of the latest Amnesty International statement condemning the Arroyo government’s inaction and apparent crackdown of political dissent.
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escuelas seguras

Ramero Bedinzo | Global Warming spells disaster for much of the multibillion-dollar wine industry. What next?

Children and farmers devastated, Food Security at risk.
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NYC Rescinds Proposed Parade Permit Regulations and Cancels Police Hearing

Times Up! / OnNYTurf | NYC rescinds its new parade permit regulations and cancels August 23 police hearing. Overwhelming support at People's Public Forum last night at St. Mark's Church helped to apply pressure on city to back off. [OnNYTurf || Assemble for Rights Response || StreetsBlog || Newsday more...  7 Comments

A World Beyond Capitalism Conference! No Charges for anything!

equality | The Second Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference, known as the 2006 A World Beyond Capitalism Conference is set to begin August 26th in Portland. It will continue from August 26th-28th, 2006. There is no charge for anything! more...  3 Comments

Reminder: Vigil for Abeer Hamza Tommorrow

nionnyc | August 19th would have been Abeer Hamza's 15th birthday. Instead, she was raped, murdered, and set on fire by at least 5 US Soldiers. Join us in remembering Abeer, and demanding the end of immunity for human rights abuses by US and other occupation forces. more...  0 Comments

Israel's Military Failure

Juan Chingo | Now more than ever we must struggle for a revolutionary working class leadership for all the masses of the Middle East, the only solution that take advantage of the weakening of the principal foundations of the pro-imperialist and Zionist regional order in a progressive direction. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Workers File OSHA Complaint Over Rats and Insects at Stores

Worker Freedom | Starbucks Workers File OSHA Complaint Over Rats and
Insects at Stores more...  3 Comments

Letters From Lebanon: This Pain Has No Ceasefire

Barucha Calamity Peller | Five hours after the ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah, in a village just north of the Litani River I walk over houses, houses that have become ruins of what once was. more...  1 Comments

A Poem About Our Children

Mary La Rosa | Our Children! more...  0 Comments

"Still We Ride" to the People's Public Forum

TIMES UP! | Stop the NYPD's Parade permit revision scheme!
"Still We Ride" Bike ride to the People's Forum.
Meet @ Union Square South 6 PM 8.17

People's Public Forum
St Mark's Church 7 PM 8.17
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Industrial Worker - Issue #1686A, September 2006

Worker Freedom | Starbucks fires 3 IWWs for union organizing
8 million U.S. workers may lose union rights
The General Strike - By Staughton Lynd
Featured Articles:
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National Lawyers Guild Condemns Starbucks Over Unlawful Termination of Union Co-Founder Daniel Gross

Worker Freedom | NLG Supports Boycott of Starbucks Until All Fired Union Members Are Reinstated more...  0 Comments

The August 12 protests and their implications

Fred Bergen | Only the working class, mobilizing the power that is uniquely its own to stop war production and paralyze the war industries, and based on its material interest in the defeat of imperialism, can stop the war! But the strategy needed to stop the war -- massive political strikes aimed at bringing down the government of the imperialists -- requires a political break with the bourgeois forces. more...  1 Comments

Possible Pretext Behind the NYPD Parade Permit Proposal

DMI Blog |

Less conspicuously, these police-initiated restrictions on the use of public space present a potentially broader threat, not particularly to people in prosperous, safer neighborhoods where unconstitutional police searches and seizures are rare, but to people living in minority-dominated, often poor neighborhoods accustomed to constant, aggressive policing. [Read More from DMI Blog || The People's Lawyer: You + Me = Parade? || Recap of Rule Changes || Assemble for Rights || UFPJ Call to Action || OnNYTurf]

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Immigration News: Raids in Upstate NY, Wisconsin, N. Carolina, Alaska

Weekly News Update on the Americas | An immigration officer told the families the arrested workers would be sent "home--to Mexico." "We have been living in the United States for 20 years," responded one of the detainees' relatives. "Our home is here, our job; we have children." more...  0 Comments

NYPD Proposes Changes to Parade Permit Regulation

Adrienne | For those of you that don't know what the NYPD is trying to do, here is a brief recap. The NYPD has proposed a change to the rule that interprets NYC's Parading law.
People's Forum August 17, St. Mark's Church at 7pm.
Rally outside of 1 Police Plaza August 23 at 6pm. more...  1 Comments

(Updated) STARBUCKS INFAMY: IWW Organizer Daniel Gross Terminated for Union Activity!

Worker Freedom | The Starbucks "investigation" of IWW member Daniel Gross concluded today with his termination after more than three years of organizing at the company. more...  0 Comments

Tracing a Trail of Destruction: Report from Lebanon, August 13, 2006

Walden Bello* | BEIRUT, Lebanon - The wounds of war were evident shortly after we crossed the Syria-Lebanon border at 1130 in the morning on August 12. At Haissa, about three kilometers from the Dabboussiyeh border crossing, we come across the ruins of a bridge hit by Israeli war planes just the day before. Villagers tell us 12 people were killed and 10 wounded, all civilians.

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There is still art for sale from the art auction to benefit Daniel McGowan's legal fund

Visual Resistance and | The art auction for local activist Daniel McGowan was a raging success. Because people were so genorous with their donations, we have some art left to sell to benefit Daniel's legal defense fund. more...  0 Comments

Get the real news from the Global AIDS Conference in Toronto at | Independent Blog Puts the Sex and Drugs Back into
AIDS through Honest Coverage at International AIDS Conference more...  0 Comments

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