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Human Rights

Keith Olbermann slams Rummy

tom in manhattan | This is a classic. If you havent seen it give it a watch, and pass on to a friend. Go Keith!

Youtube link -
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Reportback: Gender Equality Festival

Paola VOlquez (text) and Magdalene Martinez | Saturday August 27, 2006 was the first annual NYC Festival for gender equity provided by Girls for equality (GGE).

Various organizations came together for the festival with a mission to exchange resources, educate, empower and strengthened individuals with all sorts of activities, performances and workshops. more...  1 Comments

Kick the Klan and NSM out of Gettysburg!

Anti-Racist Action | All out Against the Klan! more...  2 Comments

NSA wiretaps in Oregon Eco Case?

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | A federal judge in Eugene wants to know whether the government used warrantless wiretaps to investigate a group of radical environmentalists charged with committing more than a dozen acts of sabotage in Oregon and the West between 1996 and 2001. more...  4 Comments

Surveillance Camera Players publish book

SCP | America’s foremost anti-surveillance camera group documents its scripts, performances, maps and walking tours, and offers analyses of the right to privacy, the militarization of the police, the ideology of transparency, the mass psychology of fascism, the society of the spectacle, the PATRIOT Act, Rudy Giuliani, September 11th, face recognition software, reality TV, webcams and wireless systems, among other topics. more...  4 Comments

Sign Petition: Save the Berkeley Housing Authority

Lynda Carson | The Berkeley Housing Authority is in a crisis and needs your help! more...  0 Comments

GRANITO DE ARENA (2006) | For over 20 years, global economic forces have been dismantling public education in Mexico, but always in the constant shadow of popular resistance... Granito de Arena is the story of that resistance – the story of hundreds of thousands of public schoolteachers whose grassroots, non-violent movement took Mexico by surprise, and who have endured brutal repression in their 25-year struggle for social and economic justice in Mexico's public schools.
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Hasan Shakur: A Maroon on Death Row

Walidah Imarisha | "Whether they murder me or not on Friday, I'm telling you, watch what Ima do, the ancestors are gonna be proud." Hasan Shakur uttered these powerful words a few days before he is scheduled to be executed in Texas, Thursday August 31st. more...  0 Comments

DC-IWW and Supporters Picket Starbucks in DC to Support Fired NYC Organizers

Worker Freedom | More details...
On August 28th, 5 members of the Washington DC Industrial Workers of the World (DC-IWW) and several local supporters met at Dupont Circle to stage an informational picket of the nearby Starbucks.
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A report from Jamilah Hoffman, a World Can't Wait organizer for the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

World Can't Wait | Hurricane Katrina not only exposed the link between race and class in this county, it also alerted the world to the lengths that this regime will go to implement their program. The statement marking one year after Katrina on the World Can't Wait website sums it up clearly: This is not government ineptitude, it is the beginning of genocide, colored with racism and excused by religion.

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Art of War : The New Anti-Semitism

Larmee | The New Anti-Semitism more...  0 Comments

A Look At the First Annual Sacco and Vanzetti Parade, Boston

Jake | On Sunday, August 27th, 2006, about 50 people braved the pouring rain to gather for the first annual Sacco and Vanzetti Memorial Parade.

The event began at the Southwest Corridor Park across from the Stony Brook T stop. People shared food, poems, speeches and letters written by Sacco and Vanzetti. An accordion performance was followed by Sergio Reyes, of Latinas and Latinos for Social Change and the May Day Coalition, playing songs on his guitar more...  0 Comments

Lithographers to Starbucks: "The Whole World is Watching, and You are Being Judged."

Worker Freedom | Jim McDermet
Regional Director
Starbucks Inc.

Re: Reinstatement of Daniel Gross
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Filipinas in Lebanon treated like ’modern-day slaves’

Internat'l Civil Society Mission to Lebanon | FINDINGS OF INTERNATIONAL MISSION TO LEBANON:

Filipina overseas workers in Lebanon are being treated like “modern-day slaves,” this was the main finding of Filipinos who had just arrived from Lebanon as part of an international civil society and parliamentary delegation.

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Antiteror $ Spent Policing Critical Mass

reZz | Critical Mass in Manhattan on August 25th kicked off much like similar rides in Paris, Japan, San Francisco or Brooklyn. About 150 cyclists gathered in Union Square to the tune of marching band music, uniformed dancers and a speech marking the anniversary of hurricane Katrina. About five minutes into the ride, it seemed to be more of a memorial to the first amendment right to free assembly. The ride was quickly halved in number as phalanxes of cops rode into the group on spanking new mini scooters, grabbed people from their bikes and …. gave them traffic tickets. more...  4 Comments

V Congreso Internacional de Salud Mental y Derechos Humanos y del I Foro Social de Salud Colectiva y Derechos Humanos

V Congreso Internacional de Salud Mental | Los invitamos a participar del V Congreso Internacional de Salud Mental y Derechos Humanos y del I Foro Social de Salud Colectiva y Derechos Humanos, a realizarse entre el 16 y el 19 de noviembre del 2006 en la Universidad Popular Madres de Plaza de Mayo (UPMPM) Hipólito Yrigoyen 1584, Buenos Aires, Argentina. more...  0 Comments

Katrina, one year later

Fred Bergen | We revolutionaries insist that black liberation, including the conquest of full democratic rights for blacks in the US, can only be achieved through socialist revolution. It is hopeless and naïve to expect the US government to "rebuild for democracy". The face of US capitalist "democracy" was unmasked by Hurricane Katrina, and it's not going to get any prettier. more...  0 Comments

WOID XV-33. Terr-O-Risks

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Perhaps it's time to rething the twisted logic that creates greater and greater repression, with worse and worse effects. more...  0 Comments

PRESTON WILCOX - Activist/Schoar/Educator - Fondly Remembered

Phyllis M. Bowdwin | They dressed in their best - some humble, some proud, some silver haired, some silver tongued. Politicians, clergy, artists, elders, activists, scholars, family and friends gathered on Wednesday, at Benta's Funeral Home, to honor Preston Wilcox - activist/scholar/educator - who passed away in Harlem, on August 12, 2006, at the age of 82. more...  2 Comments

Friday: Chris Carlsson (author of Critical Mass, and from Processed World Journal) @ Bluestockings, 7pm

the kids | Seeds of the New
A Discussion with Chris Carlsson, author of Critical Mass: Bicyclings Defiant Celebration Friday, September 1st - 7pm - $5 to $10 suggested donation
As part of the 'This is Forever': From Inquiry to Refusal Discussion Series more...  0 Comments

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