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Human Rights

France for Mumia! Mobilize for Thursday! by Hans Bennett

Hans Bennett | Pam Africa and other supporters has written up their own City Council Resolution to counter the previous one condemning French support for Mumia and are going to present it at Philadelphia City Hall for the City Council opening session first thing in the morning this Thursday, September 14. Africa emphatically urges people to arrive that morning to show support for the new resolution. more...  0 Comments

What is Batay Ouvriye

M. Pierre | The workers in Haiti are organizing despite very difficult circumstances. In many parts of the country, workers are calling on Batay Ouvriye to provide them with organizational framework. It is a heavy-handed responsability on Batay Ouvriye given the onerous economic and material conditions in Haiti today. Progressives and justice-minded people around the world should get informed as much as possible about what is happening on the ground and support the Workers' Movement, Batay Ouvriye in Haiti. more...  4 Comments

Rep. Towns Must Be Held Accountable for DR-CAFTA Sellout

Adam Weissman | Ed Towns signing of The US-Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement, contradicted his vehement earlier opposition to the agreement and compromised the interests of workers, small farmers, healthcare recipients, and the environment. Towns must demonstrate that he commit to putting voters before corporate interests, or voters must look to his anti-free trade opponent, Charles Barron, as an alternative. more...  1 Comments

How to Make Work Safer with Direct Action - An IWW Story at Starbucks

Worker Freedom | Requests have been routinely made and ignored for the purchase of a stepladder. It is vital for our safety that we have a stepladder available to use for such tasks as changing light bulbs, reaching boxes on high shelves, and cleaning ceiling tiles. Currently, we are forced to balance ourselves on unstable cafe tables to accomplish tasks in hard to reach places. Our store is not ergonomically designed and until it is, the purchase of a stepladder would be a simple solution to a number of safety concerns. more...  2 Comments


Mahigpit na nakikiisa ang Pesante-USA at Alliance Philippines o AJLPP-USA sa lumalaban sambayanang Pilipino para itauyod ang kanilang mga karapatang demokratiko. Palibhasa walang mandato at peke ang pagkakahalal nito, nangungunyapit sa kapangyarihan ang pangulo ng Pilipinas na si GMA.

Mula ng umupo ito noong 2001 mahigit na 745 na taumbayan na ang kanilang pinaslang na kabilang sa mga organisasyong progresibo tulad ng ANAKPAWIS, BAYAN MUNA, GABRIELA, BAYAN, KMP, PAMALAKAYA CPA at iba ang makabayan at demokratikong pwersa.

Walang patunguhan ang Rehimeng-Arroyo kundi ang mapatalsik dahil sa pangaapi nito sa sambayanan. Tinatahak nito ang landas ng pasistang sina Marcos at Estrada. Ibagagsak sila ng taumbayan sa di malayong hinaharap! more...  0 Comments

The First Anniversary Of Mayor Nagin's Mandatory Evacuation By Force Order.

Mike Howells | On September 6, 2005 Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans directed police and occupying troops to use force to dislodge Katrina survivors from their homes on the east bank of Orleans Parish. About 40,000 New Orleanians were in New Orleans when Nagin issued this order. This article, written by a Katrina holdout, explores the struggle that pitted the government against the thousands of New Orleanians who refused to abandon their homes. Nagin's war on the holdouts is one of the forgotten crimes against humanity committed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. more...  0 Comments

(mp3) interview with malik rahim on the anniversary of the founding of common ground relief collective

vincent / blast furnace radio | location of mp3 interview more...  0 Comments

25th bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights – Behatokia

Basque Observatory of Human Rights – Behatoki | The latest Basque Observatory for Human Rights - Behatokia Bulletin, is available on our web page,, or, to directly download it in compressed format:
more...  0 Comments

The Second Wave: U.S. Immigrant Rights Groups Steps Up

Coalition In Defense of immirgant Rights | Different Immigrant rights groups and coalitions stepped up their mass actions nationwide in more than 6 major cities to force the US Congress to enact laws that will give amnesty and full rights to more than 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

More mass actions is slated from September 7 to September 9 in protest of the much delayed congressional action on the immigration reform law that will legalize at least 3 to 5 million undocumented immigrants and at least 7 million workers as “guest workers” in the SB 2611 or the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that all immigrant rights groups and advocate rejects as “modified HR 4437”. more...  0 Comments

Support the Indigenous People of Argentina

Zoe | Friday, Sept. 8th, Alwan, the Arab Center for the Arts, will host an event in support of the indigenous people of Northern Argentina. Luisa Boggiano, an Argentinean activist, will talk about the conflicts affecting the native peoples of the Missiones and Salta regions, which will be followed by a Q&A. One of the issues facing these communities is the devastation being wreaked on the land by US corporations. Another is the disenfranchisement of the indigenous communities and their limited access to education, among other basic rights.
more...  0 Comments

9/21: This is Forever Discussion Series: Documentary on Negri

the kids | The next installment of 'This is Forever':From Inquiry to Refusal Discussion Series will be a showing of a documentary film about Antonio Negri. more...  1 Comments

Afghanistan: Campaign against Taliban 'causes misery and hunger'

Kim Sengupta | "The counter-narcotics policy and eradication of the poppy crop have caused tensions between local people, the government and the [Nato] coalition. The removal of the farmers' livelihood programme runs counter to winning 'hearts and minds' in many areas. The Taliban capitalise on this ... by championing the cause of the farmers, at the same time protecting those (including themselves) who profit from the heroin trade."
more...  1 Comments

ORGANIZING MEETING: Unjust Laws are Meant to be Broken///FEATURING: ELVIRA ARELLANO (Sept. 12 @ 6:30pm)

No One Is Illegal (NOISI) Coalition | Very Important organizing meeting to discuss next steps for the Immigrant Rights Movement. more...  0 Comments

Sept. 23 for a Free Puerto Rico

September 23 Coalition | Sept. 23rd is a historic day for Puerto Rico. It is El Grito de Lares, the day of an 1868 uprising that helped end slavery on the island of Puerto Rico. Sept. 23, 1990 is the day that Macheteros leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios escaped from custody. It is also the day, Sept. 23, 2005, 72-year-old Filiberto was assassinated on his doorstep. Join with us to make Sept. 23, 2006 a day of resistance, rebellion and uprising. more...  0 Comments

Editorial - Blogging Stocks pundit gets it all wrong about the IWW and Starbucks.

Worker Freedom | Retailers like Starbucks operate on such a thin margin that -- were Starbucks to become widely unionized -- there would be some transfer of money into union dues, but any significant increase in pay or benefits would result in the need to cut overall staff, something a union would not be likely to tolerate.
This demonstrates the foolishness in taking the business press seriously when it comes to analyzing unions. more...  2 Comments

"Attention, Shoplifters" from

ronald reagan | from our friends at an informative article on the latest efforts to protect the capital of major chain stores that can afford the ridiculously complicated technology to combat shoplifting. kind of hilarious, kind of scary, definitely relevant. if you go to, (it is your patriotic duty to do so), there is a surprising number of comments against the use of this "big-brother" technology (to use a cliched term).

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Ground Zero clean-up workers, Lower Manhattan residents and other workers devastated by the toxic fallout of 9-11 speak out at Ground Zero

Tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 6th at 12pm there will be a Rally and Press Conference where hundreds of Ground Zero clean-up workers, Lower East Side and Chinatown residents will denounce the government’s shameful misconduct and neglect. They will demand that Governor Pataki provide reparations for the worsening health and economic crises they still suffer arising out of the World Trade Center disaster.
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Brooklyn Critical Mass this Friday 7pm

anonymous | Brooklyn Critical Mass meets on the second friday of the month, 7pm, at Grand Army Plaza and the Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge more...  0 Comments

Haiti: Rape victims say stop using what we have suffered as propaganda without recognizing our existence

The Commission of Women Victims for Victims | Port-au-Prince, Haiti, September 1, 2006: Despite the threat of violence amidst continuing arson attacks and gun battles in Port-au-Prince’s poorest neighborhoods, hundreds of women victims of rape will march through the capital today with faces veiled to raise their voices against ongoing violence and discrimination against women. On the occasion of this historic march, the Commission of Women Victims for Victims released the following declaration: more...  0 Comments

Anti-Arab Racism, Islam, and the Left

Rami El-Amine | Racism against Arabs and Muslims long preceded the 9-11 terrorist attacks and has much of its roots in Western imperialism in the Middle East, especially Israel's colonization of Palestine. Yet, the escalation that we witness today can be traced to the war on terror launched after 9-11 by Bush and his neoconservative ideologues with the backing of the Democrats. Anti-Arab/anti-Muslim racism has helped sell the detentions, wars, gulags, and occupations of US imperialism's latest and boldest venture into the Middle East and South Asia. In turn, this imperial venture has further inflamed racist views of Arabs and Muslims. more...  1 Comments

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