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Human Rights

All Diamonds are Blood Diamonds - Analysis and Actions

African People's Solidarity Committee | All Diamonds are Blood Diamonds! Article features link to new pamphlet exposing truth about the diamond industry, response to lies on DeBeers website, and info on the National Day of Action Against the Diamond Industry on 10/21 - protests planned for Philly, and other U.S. cities. more...  2 Comments

PHILIPPINES: Remember Martial Law!

Laban ng Masa (Struggle of the Masses) | The political climate today is similar to 1970-72, when Marcos was preparing for martial law. Unlike Marcos, however, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) has no clear electoral mandate and she does not have firm control of the military. Unable to buy legitimacy for her illegitimate government, she is performing all sorts of legal tricks to ensure her political survival. One trick she learned from the late dictator is to monkey around with the constitution.

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Hugo Chavez: Welcome Here

Modern Pitung | I had the good fortune of being one of the folks in the audience at Cooper Union when Hugo Chavez came to speak. As the yellow corporate media here in New York City continue to lie and obfuscate about Chavez's appearances, all in the interest of fomenting yet another conflict, I felt compelled to write. more...  25 Comments

Veteran of Spanish Civil War says struggle continues

Bronterre O'Brien | Irish veteran of the Spanish Civil War says that the forces of reaction today are the same as the one he fought against in Spain 70 years ago. more...  0 Comments

Radical Feminist Silvia Federici to teach class on women and the body in the transition to capitalism

the kids | Silvia Federici will present a class on her amazing book 'Caliban and the Witch'. more...  2 Comments

'This is Forever': From Inquiry to Refusal ~ A Discussion Series @ Bluestockings - FALL SChEDULE

the kids | This is Forever’ – this is for the future. What we will in the present cracks open the actually-existing to unleash potentials for the yet-to-come. What we affirm now will return to us, accumulating a set of powers and virtues into a body capable of refusing command and of claiming its own irreversible destiny. This is an inquiry into the current composition of political movements and struggle, which seeks to understand acts of refusal that are taking place on the terrain of everyday life and on the level of planetary antagonisms. This is the attempt to theorize from these positions toward new ways of life, and new ways of organizing society.
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Iraq Anti-War Rally Wall St. NYC "Columbus Day" 10/09/06 3pm

Karl Rawstron | Iraq Anti-War Rally and March to start @ South Ferry 3pm, march up Broad Street to NYSE. Call out the Corporations making war for profit and greet traders as they leave the floor of the Exchange. Speakers to include Tiokasin Ghosthorse of First Voices Indigenous Radio @ WBAI, The War Resisters League naming out "The Merchants of Death" and others. What better day to hold a war protest than "Columbus Day" the birthday of the Grandfather of Invasion, Conquest, and Empire for Profit. more...  1 Comments

Sylvia Rivera Law Project art auction October 27/28

Sylvia Rivera Law Project | SRLP works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment, discrimination or violence. more...  1 Comments

U.N. Anti-Bush Protesters Assaulted by Police, One Faces Felony Charges

repost from Not In Our Name | After being assaulted by police during a non-violent protest at the UN and then jailed overnight, Episcopal minister Fr. Luis Barrios of NYC has been charged with felony assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. Disabled Iraq war veteran Geoffrey Millard was also held overnight and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Both were released this morning. Funds are now needed to continue the struggle. more...  1 Comments

IMF out of the Philippines and South countries now, protesters demand

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) | On the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) together with the World Bank in Singapore, the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) and other civil society organizations blame “the Fund” for being the single most influential factor for the worsening poverty in the Philippines and other countries in the South.

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Film about post 9/11 hate crimes to premiere in NYC 9/24/06 3pm | Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath, an independent documentary film that chronicles a student's cross-country journey in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, will make its New York premiere as part of the city's second annual Spinning Wheel Film Festival on Sunday. The film screens at 3pm at the Rubin Museum of Art, 150 W. 17th Street in Manhattan. Five years in the making, Divided We Fall invites audiences on a journey across America to experience the untold stories of 9/11.
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Blown Gaskets and “Tola Tari Tal Tarians”

W. David Jenkins III | Why on earth would a president lobby Congress to torture anyone? more...  0 Comments

Monday: March for Restaurant Worker Justice!

May 1ster | MONDAY, SEPT. 25TH
5:30-6pm Cafe Fiorello, Broadway & 64th, (1 train to 66th St.)
6-7pm March down Broadway & 7th Ave
7-7:30pm Ending rally at Redeye Grill, 56th & 7th Avenue (N/Q/RW to 57th St or 1/A/C/B/D to 59th St./Columbus Circle) more...  1 Comments

Elvira Arellano: Immigrant Activist’s Standoff with DHS Continues

Kari Lydersen | Elvira Arellano didn’t come to the US to be an activist. Like millions of other undocumented immigrant workers in the country today, she came fleeing poverty in her native Mexico, hoping for more opportunity here. After a stint working in Washington state, she ended up cleaning planes at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. more...  0 Comments

La Jornada: George W. Bush, Culpable

K.O. | Mexican newspaper La Jornada on the Bush Crimes Commission verdict more...  0 Comments

AJLPP-USA Mobilize for the Martial Law Commemoration and International Global Days of Action

Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP)-USA | he Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP)-USA in solidarity with the people of the Philippines in their militant protest against political killings, call to resume peace negotiations and in commemoration of the 34th year of the declaration of martial rule in the Philippines launches different types of activities from September 21-23 in four major cities in the United States. AJLPP also invite the public especially those survivors or people who witnessed and experienced martial law and are against political killings in the Philippines to come and join this commemorative events. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Picket in DC

Worker Freedom | WW members passed out 300 flyers and collected approximately 75 signatures for a petition demanding that the four fired workers (IWW Members Daniel Gross, Evan Winterscheidt, Joe Agnis Jr and Charls Fostrom) be rehired. more...  0 Comments

Save Darfur Rally

Liana Grey | Over 20,000 people rallied on Sunday for an end to the genocide. According to Save Darfur, over 400,000 civillians have been killed by the Sudanese government and its Janjaweed militia: "with much international pressure, the Darfur Peace Agreement was brokered in May 2006 between the government of Sudan and one faction of Darfur rebels. However, deadlines have been ignored and the violence has escalated." more...  9 Comments

Puerto Rico: The New Meaning of September 23rd

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | The historic date of El Grito de Lares, Puerto Rico's 19th Century freedom uprising, has added meaning as the anniversary of the assassination of Macheteros leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios. This added significance challenges all freedom loving people - especially Puerto Ricans - to answer the call to liberation and sacrifice in order to move the freedom agenda forward. more...  0 Comments

Oil and Global Warming Event: Voices from the Front Lines

Andrea Buffa, Global Exchange | It's been a hot summer. Some would say un-naturally so. Join Global Exchange for a special event about global warming and oil over-consumption with grassroots leaders from communities that are severely impacted, including the Arctic, Iraq, New Orleans, Nigeria and the small island nations Micronesia and Tuvalu. Speakers include UN Ambassador Enele Sosene Sopoaga of Tuvalu, which is drowning because of rising sea levels, and Faith Gemmill of the Arctic, which is melting because of rising temperatures.

See also: CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW! G8 + 5 Climate Summit, October 3-4 in Mexico City! CALL TO ACTION | Rising Tide North America | Reclaim the Commons more...  1 Comments

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