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Human Rights

TA Tells Disabled Fan to 'Go Home' Instead of Yankee Playoff Game

Bob | For Emil Dammling, a 72-year-old wheelchair user from West Haven , Connecticut , attending New York City sporting events are the biggest thrills of his life. He was thrilled to have tickets to Tuesday night's playoff game at Yankee Stadium and took MetroNorth all the way from New Haven to Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal, but that thrill would soon turn to dismay when he discovered that the elevator from the street to the mezzanine was out of service, an all to frequent occurrence according to disability advocates. more...  0 Comments

MIT Out of New Orleans!

Elizabeth Cook | MIT is partnering with the Catholic Church and other entities in the "redevelopment" of Lafitte Housing Development, which will entail the destruction of over 800 units of affordable housing. We call on MIT to withdraw from this plan. more...  0 Comments

Ironworkers Union Segregates Mexican Workers

Gregory A. Butler | The Ironworkers Union has set up a segregated low-wage local for Mexican lathers in the south and west. This 21 state "local union", run by White officers, basically functions as a company union for low wage scab rebar contractors. more...  0 Comments

Torture: An American Institution

Mickey Z. | Thanks to CIA and U.S. training, the true American torture legacy lies in the bloody fingerprints found across the globe. more...  0 Comments

Shell in Mayo: Your Support Urgently required

Brian and Andrew | Irish police and Shell workers have forced an entrance to Shell's self-declared property at Bellinaboy. Urgent action on an international level is needed. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Gets Wobbly - Embattled baristas at the coffee giant turn to the Industrial Workers of the World

Worker Freedom | When Joe Tessone and his fellow Starbucks baristas walked into a pep rally with management at their store in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood in August, the bosses were ready.
more...  0 Comments

Call to Action Against Racist Anti-Immigrant Groups

go team, go! | As a reminder, we are doing this counter-demo at the Mexican Consulate Sat
the 7th at 10AM. Come kick fascist ass out of New York!
more...  0 Comments

Mini-Riot at Columbia as Minutemen Forced Off Stage

Elliot D. Crooks and Comrade Gumby, breaking news taken from 'The Bwog' | As a large, vocal protest raged outside Roone Arledge Auditorium at Columbia University, Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist was heckled and confronted onstage by students, prompting a fistfight between students and the Minutemen. According to an on-scene report, "there [were] at least two minutes of chaos between students, other students and the Minutemen." It seems Gilchrist was prevented from speaking. [Read Original Post and Comments]

After the confrontation ended, a mosh pit of triumphal students and community members danced and chanted outside the auditorium, "Asian, Black, Brown and White, we smashed the Minutemen tonight!" more...  99 Comments

Invitation to join Oaxaca Camp for Dignity and Against Repression

jlaw | translated from Oaxaca Indymedia

Spanish version follows

Oaxaca installs encampment for dignity and against repression

more...  0 Comments

Protest Bush – Thusday, Oct. 5 – All day – No work, No school

Volunteer of America | No Work, No School: Everyone out to a full day of protests. Meet at 12 noon across from the United Nationas (47th Street and 2nd Avenue), march at 1:30 down 2nd Avenue to Union Square. Bring your own signs, banners, musical instruments and determination. Bush is going down. We will make it happen. more...  3 Comments

Student Activist DISSAPEARED in Oaxaca!!

Cha-Cha from Worcester, MA in Chiapas, MX | Demonstrate Friday, Oct 6th at 11:30AM in front of the Mexican Consulate in Boston! Please also demand immediate freedom for political prisoners, including Pedro Garcia who has been disappeared in Oaxaca. Translation above, original Spanish below. Traduccion esta arriba, español original abajo more...  0 Comments

Wars and Debts and Taxes, Oh My!

populist | If my memory hasn't failed yet, it wasn't just the Republican Party that got us into this horrible mess. The Democrats voted for it as well, promoted it as a necessity, and even bombed Iraq on a regular basis throughout the 1990s; all the while aggressively supporting UN sanctions that resulted in over one million innocents dead. more...  1 Comments

Not to the evict of the Almagro`s Assembly !

Grupo La Rivolta | ¡No al desalojo de la Asamblea de Almagro! more...  0 Comments

FCC Destroys Report

Nate Seeker | FCC Destroyed Report Favorable to Local Television Ownership

Groups Fighting Against Media Consolidation React to News
more...  0 Comments

World Can't Wait! Protest Oct. 5 Against Bush Regime

jeny | Be part of stopping a regime making torture legal! Come out Thursday
wherever you are.
more...  2 Comments

The Corrib Gas Controversy: State Collaboration with Shell Exposed

Brian and Andrew | The following article is a position paper on the Irish Government's attempt to placate growing opposition by the appointment of a so-called “independent mediator” to defuse the crisis over the outright handover of Irish energy resources to multinational corporations. It also includes an update on the present crisis at Corrib. more...  0 Comments

Labor must take the road of class struggle!

Fred Bergen | The era in which a reformist leadership could secure major gains for the workers has ended. Either the workers have to aim for it all, mobilizing the entire class to decisively and permanently defeat the forces of state repression that the monopoly capitalists array against them, or settle for nothing. more...  7 Comments

Act now to defend Oaxaca

jlaw | An amazing struggle is now being threatened with obliteration. The people
of Oaxaca are facing an immenent attack by the federal government which
will result in senseless bloodshed. Please take five minutes to send an
e-mail or fax to the Mexican government to demand they not harm the
Oaxacan people, who have been engaged in civil resistance for the past few
months. Also, please forward this widely if you know of people who would
want to act. more...  0 Comments

Save Darfur: Zionist Conspiracy?

Ned Goldstein, WW4 REPORT | The Sudanese government has, unsurprisingly, stressed the participation of Zionist and Jewish groups in the Save Darfur movement—and flatly accused Israel of being behind the insurgency in Darfur.
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Stop the G8+5, Defend Oaxaca! Virtual Sit-In!

edt, blhl, rtna | The borderlands Hacklab,Electronic Disturbance Theater and Rising Tide North America call for a virtual sit-in against the websites of the G8+5 and the Mexican government during the G8+5 meetings on October 3-4th, 2006 in Mexico.

To join the action, click here: more...  2 Comments

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