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Human Rights

655,000 Deaths in Iraq

Blofeld | Today's release today of the Lancet report on 655,000 Iraqis killed as a result of the american aggression.

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Irish Patriot, Gerry McGeough, replies to slander from satanic, homosexual, bolshevik freemasons

Sam McGuire | An article in the August 2006 issue of the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight detailed the connections between former Irish republican, Gerry McGeough, and the neo-nazi, Third Positionist movement. This article was covered on Indymedia. Now McGeough, drawing on his contacts in New York City, exposes the satanic, homosexual, bolshevik element behind this slander. more...  2 Comments


Campaign to End the Death Penalty | WED., OCTOBER 18 - 7:30 PM
9 WEST 130th Street (at 5th Avenue) HARLEM more...  0 Comments

Stop the Harassment against the Protesters of the Minutemen at Columbia – WCW

Allen Lang, National Student Organizer – WCW | Below is an open letter written by Allen Lang, National Student and Youth Organizer of World Can't Wait, in support of the recent protest at Columbia U. against the founder of the vigilante immigrant-hunting group the Minutemen. The students who took part in this protest are facing as-yet-undisclosed, but almost certainly severe, disciplinary action. We cannot allow students to face any disciplinary actions, including expulsion, for protesting the Minutemen.

After reading this open letter of support Columbia protesters Howard Zinn said: "I strongly oppose punishing students who have engaged in nonviolent protest."

Sign this Open Letter right away: more...  0 Comments

WEDNESDAY: Lynne Stewart at Fordham Law School Five Days Before Sentencing

Fordham Guild | Wednesday, October 11
Fordham Law School- 62nd and Columbus in Manhattan
4:30p-6:00p in Room 303 more...  0 Comments

Student/Farmworker Alliance National Days of Action!

SFA | 1-2 Punch!
Nationwide McDonald's actions Oct. 27-28th
From 'sweet spot' to sore spot!...

This October 27-28th, join students and young people across the country in standing with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to end sweatshops and modern-day slavery in the fields! more...  0 Comments

Halem Rally FRIDAY to Support Lynne Stewart

CSD | A Rally and Tribute

Friday, October 13th

6 PM to 8 PM

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church

9 West 130th Street

(Between Fifth and Lenox Avenues) more...  1 Comments

Minuteman Dir Says Columbia Students are “21st Century Facists”

keeley | What a jackass more...  18 Comments

New York Grassroots Leaders Invited to Caracas Nov. 8 - 13

taleigh | This delegation will link NYC grassroots leaders & organizers with their counterparts in Caracas to build relationships, solidarity and strategy for global and local justice. Of particular focus will be promoting a sister-city relationship between the Bronx and Libertador, city districts with similar profiles: historically marginalized and under-resourced; yet artistic, resiliant, and actively organizing. Churches, unions, schools and other community-based organizations should send representatives with the intent to continue direct organizing upon return to NYC. more...  1 Comments

Giorgio Agamben: "No" to biometrics

Giorgio Agamben | statement against biometrics on the occasion of the arrest of three students, charged with destroying a biometric reader than had been installed in their high school. more...  0 Comments

US Church Leaders Condemn Political Killing of a Filipino Bishop

AJLPP-USA | Justice for Bishop Alberto Ramento! Justice for all 756 victims of political killings including church workers, peasants, union officials and organizers, journalists, women, student activists, lawyers, doctors and peace advocates who, in their pursuit of justice for the poor and oppressed, have been felled down by the military death squads of the government of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
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TOMORROW: Solidarity w/ Starbucks Workers: Justice from Bean to Cup!

D | Tomorrow night, Tuesday, Oct. 10th at 6 PM, members of the Starbucks Workers Union (IWW - IU/660) will gather for a screening of the DVD, "Together We Win: The Fight to Organize Starbucks," followed by a Q&A to discuss current workplace conditions and provide information on how we can all be involved in this struggle. more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca une a los mexicanos contra la represión

carlos vigueras | El movimiento indigena de Oaxaca a unido a todos los mexicanos y a los que vivev fuera de México.
Todos han votado en contra de la represión para resolver el problema de los maestros y de los pueblos de Oaxaca.
Pero al igual que en el sistema electoral, el gobierno de Vicente Fox se opone a reconocer su derrota en estas
elecciones en que se destaca la necesidad de terminar con la corrupción y dominación de unos cuantos
encabezados por el gobernador Ulises Ruiz. La votación del pueblo se quiere ignorar porque se pide su renincia. more...  1 Comments

NIFC solidarity with a community under siege / Video from Rossport

National Irish Freedom Committee | The National Irish Freedom Committee has been helping publicise the struggle in Rossport for quite some time now and we are the only Irish organisation here in America that has been vocal in our support of the community in Mayo, and have used our resources to help keep our members and other concerned people informed about what is going on there. more...  1 Comments

Story on Yesterday's Rally against Minuteklan at Mexican Consulate

One People's Project | We missed the fun and excitement of chasing Jim Gilchrist out of Columbia University in NYC, so we had to come out for the protest the xenophobes were having outside the New York's Mexican Consulate! Like we said when Gilchrist's melee happened, They are not wanted in the Northeast, and it showed here. It must be tough as hell for them accepting this, but when you only bring less than 30 people to your demo, many of them tokens and sellouts that you prop up to "prove" you are not racist, and the other side bring three times that number to oppose you, it has to be a little disheartening. We are still waiting to see what kind of action they will be taking against undocumented workers of the Eastern European persuasion, but as much as we try to press that point, they don't seem as inspired as they are when the immigrants are a little darker. This rally had it's comic relief too: a man done up as some sort of character walked past and had people of both sides gawking at him. This rally was taking place while a new Will Smith movie called I am Legend (remake of the Charleton Heston movie The Omega Man) more...  0 Comments

Minutemen violence at Columbia caught on new Univision video

CU student | Please forward as widely as possible! more...  3 Comments

Indigenous Teachers Defend ´A Just Cause´

John Gibler | OAXACA CITY - Every night streets here become battlefields in waiting. But behind the commandeered city buses, burned trucks, and coils of barbed wire, a group of atypical urban rebels stands guard. ||A Long Weekend in Oaxaca Ends Without Military Intervention ||Student March, Climate & Oaxaca in Mexico ||We Walk Slowly: Other Campaign Update ||Oaxaca on the Brink: Popular Rebellion Spreads in Southern Mexico ||Marcha por la dignidad de los pueblos de Oaxaca ||Oaxaca une a los mexicanos contra la represión more...  3 Comments

Christian Political Leadership, Hypocrisy, Duplicity, and Purposeful Evil

Seven Star Hand | If Christian leaders are going to go around attacking others for not living up to their professed values, it's a damn good idea to be truthful and actually walk the walk. Logs and motes in the eye, camels through the eye of a needle, glass houses, kettles and pots, and what goes around comes around, et al. Karma's a bitch when She finally decides enough is enough! This wouldn't have been so bad on Republicans if they hadn't been such arrogant hypocrites in order to corner the so-called values voters! more...  0 Comments

Tomorrow NYC shows the Minutemen AGAIN, Mexican Consulate 10AM

Scott Myers | On Saturday Oct 7th at 10 come to the Mexican Consulate to RALLY FOR IMMIGRANTS' RIGHTS AND FOR A WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS! 27 East 39th Street. Why the Mexican consulate? Because the NYC Chapter of the Minutemen as well as a rash of vigilante,
Minutemen-affiliated anti-immigrant groups will be holding a rally outside the Mexican consulate on 27 East 39th Street in NYC on Oct 7th at 11am. WE PLAN TO GET THERE FIRST, OCCUPY THEIR SPOT, AND OPPOSE THEM! more...  0 Comments

Global Social Rights

attac berlin | Globalized capitalism means precarity and exclusion in the North and increasing exploitation and impoverishment in the South. Global social rights could be a counter-power. more...  0 Comments

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