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Human Rights

Pro-War Hillary Clinton, What Are The Alternatives?

Steven Argue | Hillary Clinton has voted for every war the United States has carried out since she came into office in 2000, including the Iraq war. She also voted to take away our civil liberties by supporting the “Patriot Act” and its renewal. Hillary Clinton, like many Democrats, has also pounded the war drum for the racist Zionist state of Israel even louder than the Republicans. In addition she voted for the anti-immigrant wall. So what are the alternatives?
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Marathoner to run for Families of Irish Republican Political Prisoners

Irish Freedom Committee |
A multiple marathoner will dedicate his run in the Chicago Marathon, October 22, 2006, in support of the families of Irish Republican political prisoners. more...  0 Comments


Time's Up! | Participants in Garden Community Day will plant flowers, build a children’s clubhouse and raise awareness of the garden’s proposed demolition. Time’s Up! teams up with gardeners, children and supporters to save the Children’s Magical Garden de Carmen Rubio, a community garden thriving on the Lower East Side for the past 20 years. S&H Equities is seeking to obtain the garden’s two City-owned lots in order to develop on one of the few remaining green spaces south of East Houston Street. more...  0 Comments

10/13 Communicado from APPO!

Viva Oaxaca Rebelde | TO THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO AND THE WORLD: We are making a call to generate convincing mobilizations in all cities...marches, blockades, stoppages, strikes, highway blockades, etc., to avoid the massacre that the government is preparing against the People of Oaxaca. To the people of the world we are calling for you to stage protests in all the Mexican embassies and consulates throughout the world to denounce the massacre being orchestrated by the Mexican government against the People of Oaxaca.
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Picket in Support of Irish Political Prisoners - Tommorrow!

National Irish Freedom Committee | Irish Republican Political Prisoners in Maghaberry jail have been on protest since the June 19. They have issued five demands. These are:

* Free association
* Freedom of movement
* The right to full-time education
* Separate visiting facilities
* The right to organise their own landings
have declared that their resolve is strong, and that all attempts at criminalisation will fail. They have undertaken 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour fasts, and have refused to eat in their cells since the protest began. (The cells are equipped with a toilet.) There is an onus on everybody to exert whatever influence they can to resolve the situation in Maghaberry before the prisoners' health suffers.

The prisoners urgently need YOUR support!
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Mis reflexiones

Graciela | Carta que expresa las impresiones de una maestra cubana por la cruel e inhumana acción de que fue víctima un niño cubano en un concurso internacional sobre el medio ambiente desarrollado en Argel. more...  0 Comments

Universitarios cubanos contra el bloqueo y la anexión

Por: Mayte María Jiménez, estudiante de Perio | Activan las Brigadas Antiimperialistas Universitarias.
Abanderadas por el canciller Felipe Pérez Roque,
participarán en las jornadas populares de reflexión
contra el cerco norteamericano a Cuba

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U.S. Military Has Killed 127-238,000 Iraqi Civilians

Dave Lindorff | Most of the media have missed the main point about the Johns Hopkins/Lancet study of deaths caused by the U.S. invasion. Certainly it’s true that many of those deaths have been caused by Iraqi insurgents, civil war fighters and criminals, but nearly a third of them—nearly all civilians and a high proportion children--were the direct result of U.S. weapons fire.
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Lesiney Sedlav | El informe de la “Comisión para la Asistencia a una Cuba Libre”, dado a conocer por el presidente George W. Bush el 6 de mayo de 2004, constituye la legitimación de la llamada doctrina Bush de “cambio de régimen” para el caso de Cuba y representa una escalada en la agresividad del gobierno de los Estados Unidos contra nuestro país. more...  0 Comments

Rose Colored Glasses: A New & Unique Public Education & Deprogramming Video Series.

RCG Webmaster | I had two goals when making this series. To make a permanent historical record of these dark times, AND to make these videos available as cheap and easily mass-produced Super VCD's for apathetic and uninformed people to be able to watch on their Televisions. It is my hope that activists might use them as tools to educate and to inspire the populace. more...  0 Comments

Important data for anyone doing antiwar work from The Lancet

bartleby | Repsected British medical journal The Lancet has published new statistics on who is getting killed in Iraq.
It is important that you have an understanding of these numbers. Being knowledgable can go a long way toward impressing folks on the fence with the fact that you know of what you speak nd should be taken seriously. more...  0 Comments

Thom Hartmann's New Book: SCREWED, The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class


Vigentes en La Higuera los ideales del Che

Manuel Robles Sosa | Aleida, hija del legendario guerrillero Ernesto Che Guevara, destacó en La Higuera, Bolivia, que los ideales de su padre están vigentes en quienes en ese país prestan servicios internacionalistas en las esferas de la salud y la educación. more...  0 Comments

Fascism and the power of Indymedia

Bronterre O'Brien | The international anti-fascist magazine Searchlight last August published an article exposing Irish fascist, Gerry McGeough, and his magazine the Hibernian. On August 24, Indymedia New York, republished the article. Indymedia Ireland also published extracts. The articles have now provoked an irrational rant from McGeough. His attempted rebuttal give further proof of the original articles basis theme-the fascism of McGeough and of his magazine the Hibernian. more...  1 Comments

CNN: Bush denies Iraq's Death Toll Has Reached 655,000

Washington Post + CNN | "According to the survey results, Iraq's mortality rate in the year before the invasion was 5.5 deaths per 1,000 people; in the post-invasion period it was 13.3 deaths per 1,000 people per year. The difference between these rates was used to calculate "excess deaths." more...  0 Comments

The Mark Foley scandal: Where is the crime?

Fred Bergen | It is the capitalists and their parties who politicize sex. They claim
to be defending the innocent and vulnerable, but anyone who has seen the
pictures from Abu Ghraib prison knows that this government doesn't give
a damn about sexual torture and molestation. Their real intent is to
persecute anyone who strays outside the completely artificial bounds
prescribed by the patriarchal, heterosexual bourgeois family, and in the
process arrogate to themselves ever greater police powers. more...  3 Comments

Transatlantic passenger data deal a capitulation to US demands

David Lundy | Speaking today at the European Parliament in Brussels, German GUE/NGL MEP Sylvia Yvonne Kaufmann attacked the recent EU-US passenger data accord and called for greater protection for passengers' privacy. more...  0 Comments

VIDEOS from new orleans' common ground relief by blast furnace radio, pittsburgh,pa.

vincent / blast furnace radio |
great videos from our trip to new orleans for the first b-day of common ground relief / collective


also check out...
http:/commongroundcollective more...  0 Comments

A Columbia Student's Thoughts on the Minutemen Protests

Columbia Sophomore | Last week, Columbia students rushed the stage to interrupt Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist's speech. They have been roundly condemned by the campus and national media for doing so. They should be celebrated for standing firm on bedrock principles of antiracism and sending a strong message to dangerous armed right-wing extremists. || Mini-Riot at Columbia as Minutemen Forced Off Stage || Minuteman Director Calls Columbia Students "21st Century Fascists || Jim Gilchrist Wimps Out on DN! Interview || President's Letter to Columbia Protesters more...  13 Comments

España:Los grupos neonazis convierten a los inmigrantes en principales víctimas de su acoso

Jesús Duba | Los grupos neonazis convierten a los inmigrantes en principales víctimas de su acoso Los expertos de la policía y la Guardia Civil calculan que unas 10.000 personas pertenecen a grupos ultraderechistas y neonazis en España. Pese a su división en grupúsculos, estas organizaciones mantienen un postulado común: el odio a los inmigrantes. more...  0 Comments

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