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Human Rights

Thursday, October 19, 7pm, Thailand Political Issues discussion/film screening

ThaiLinks Event | On Thursday, October 19 at 7pm, ThaiLinks is arranging a discussion and film screening about Thailand's complex political history (past and present) along with the October 6, 1976 student massacre and the recent coup in Thailand. more...  0 Comments

Lynne Stewart's Crime of Courage

Stephen Lendman | The vindication of Lynne Stewart more...  0 Comments

Radical Feminist Silvia Federici to speak @ Bluestockings 10/28

the kids | Silvia on the 28th of October, and two other great events. more...  0 Comments

CPP warns against use of Philippines as staging ground for US war against DPR-Korea

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) | The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced the current large-scale military exercises being conducted jointly in various areas in Luzon and Palawan by US and Philippine as a "continuing transgession against Philippine independence and sovereignty." At the same time, the CPP warned against use of Philippine territory as a staging ground or support base for any possibility of US military aggression against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

more...  1 Comments

Criminal Paradise is Government

barra | The answer is blowing the Constitution and Bill of Rights out the window – the Triads, Mafia, Latino, Cuban groups and various South American drug cartels all have something to learn from Cheney and Bush; in fact, they look positively tame in comparison. When confronted with accusations (and proof) of murder, torture, theft/plunder, illegal surveillance, etc, on levels traditional organised crime could only dream of, what is the recourse of neo-cons? Legislate and change the Law (it’s an ass anyway). Simply legalise activities that were once considered crimes and criminalise those who oppose or disagree! There’s nothing that compares to stealing government – computerised voting, subterfuge, lies, fabricated terrorist threats and THE POWER TO LEGISLATE – it’s just too damn easy! more...  0 Comments

The Taliban Aren't Gone, Women Haven't Been Liberated

Sharon Smith | The October 7 anniversary of the war on Afghanistan passed virtually unnoticed on U.S. soil. Mainstream news outlets spared the Bush administration the embarrassment of accounting for the subsequent fate of Afghanistan's 30 million people five years after the U.S. launched the first "regime change" in its never-ending war on terror.
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Incidente con la empresa NIKON por "embargo a Cuba"

Anònim | Incidente con la empresa NIKON por "embargo a Cuba" more...  0 Comments

State Demands HIV/AIDS Welfare Recipients To Live On $11 A Day

kaitlyn tikkun | The State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance announced Oct. 1st that the NYC HIV/AIDS Services Administration will collect all post-rent income of HIV/AIDS welfare recipients, except for $330 a month. This goes into effect on Nov. 1st. Some 2,200 people are effected, including between 200 and 300 families. The New York City Aids Housing Network held a press conference on Tuesday as tenants and housing providers scramble to deal with the imminent crisis. more...  2 Comments


Stephen Lendman | KOFI ANNAN'S TAINTED LEGACY more...  0 Comments

Beneath the Whited Sepulcher: A Review of My Name is Rachel Corrie

Stanley W. Rogouski | Bringing the play to New York City would present difficulties not encountered in London. Last April, James Nicola decided to stage the play at the New York Theater Workshop, apparently without having familiarized himself with the explosive nature of the subject matter. He backed down at the first sign of trouble and cancelled the production. At this point, the liberal and progressive community in New York City and in the country as a whole, who had been strangely silent about Corrie’s death two years earlier, decided to take notice and a grassroots movement began staging the parts of the play in town squares and on college campuses across the country. It culminated in a massive rally at Riverside Cathedral presided over by Amy Goodman and what seemed to be the collective presence of New York City’s radical left. Finally, in October, Rickman and Katherine Viner were able to stage My Name is Rachel Corrie at the tiny Minetta Lane Theater in the West Village, and Rachel Corrie’s ghostly presence rises from the grave and speaks. more...  4 Comments

NYC Anti-War Protest, Oct. 5: Bush Must Go

by Micahel Rundle (repost) | NEW YORK — Instead of joining her friends in school yesterday Carissa Hernandez tried to start a revolution.

Like dozens of New York’s high-school students Hernandez, 14, walked out of class, picked up placards and banners and took to the streets of Midtown to call for the removal of President Bush from office.

The demonstration in New York, led by the protest group World Can’t Wait, stretched for up to five blocks along Second Avenue yesterday afternoon while en route to a rally at Union Square. It was one of more than 200 protests that took place in cities around the country.

And on the front line of the march Hernandez and her fellow students wore orange jumpsuits, covered themselves in stickers, badges and face paint, and chanted Vietnam-era protest songs as they urged the crowd forward. more...  0 Comments

WOID XV-47. Vir[t]U[ou]S

Hoipolloi Cassidy | "The Paranoid Style in American Politics." was published parallel to the presidential elections of 1964 in which Barry Goldwater and friends went down in flames, so it's logical that another liberal, Paul Krugman, would revive it in a New York Times Op-Ed piece, just as a new batch of political paranoids heads for the poubelle. more...  0 Comments

UN vote: US slave state Guatemala vs independent Venezuela

Henk Ruyssenaars + Xinhua | The Bolton-bulldozered UN, with it's sell outs at the top, must be bribed, threatened and forced in whatever way possible to vote for a seat for US slave state Guatemala. For humanity, brutes like Bolton and his greedy ilk are deadlier than the pest. more...  0 Comments

In praise of refined laziness

Raoul Vaneigem | never before translated text by everyone's favorite situationist more...  21 Comments

SP-NYC Statement on Lynne Stewart

SP-NYC | this lifelong fighter for the little justice the US constitution demands, gets her reward from our government. more...  0 Comments



Support Columbia Students Protesting the Minutemen

Soli D. Arity | President Bollinger's Statement:

Please support the students by signing the online petition at:

The students are also soliciting letters of support and solidarity, which
can be sent to them at

Please call and email President Bollinger's office:
phone: 212.854.9970, fax: 212.854.9973 email: more...  3 Comments

Stewart Supporters Rally on Eve of Sentencing

David Ferris | One day before Lynne Stewart is scheduled to be sentenced for providing “material support” to terrorists, several hundred supporters, family members, and colleagues of the radical activist lawyer rallied at Riverside Church Sunday evening in a spirited demonstration of solidarity and support. Standing before a banner reading, “We love you Lynne, and everything you stand for,” they celebrated Stewart’s dedication to human rights and urged leniency and mercy in the judge’s decision, which they hoped would result in a non-custodial sentence.
more...  12 Comments

Oaxaca at the crossroads

Martín Juárez | If these [Mexico City] agreements are imposed, it would signify the surrender of the Oaxaca commune to the state forces, in accordance with the program of the most class collaborationist sectors of the APPO leadership and of Section 22 of the Teachers Union. more...  0 Comments

Republica Dominicana: sigue la represion politico-militar

COMITÉ DE SOLIDARIDAD CON LOS PUEBLOS | El Comité de Solidaridad con los Pueblos integrado por personalidades y organizaciones de la comunidad newyorkina esta preocupado por las olas de asesinatos y atropellos que se vienen cometiendo en diferentes comunidades de la Republica Dominicana y muy especialmente en el reciente hecho que tiene consternada la población por el secuestro y asesinato del joven estudiante de termino en derecho de la Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo Elvin Amable Rodríguez; el pasado lunes 25 de septiembre a manos de la Policía Nacional.
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