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Human Rights

PHILADELPHIA: Demonstration in Memory of Brad Will and in Solidarity With Our Comrades in Oaxaca

Philadelphia IMC | This morning around 30 people gathered outside the Mexican consulate (located in the Bourse building) in Philadelphia to protest ongoing paramilitary violence against the people of Oaxaca, Mexico, including the murder of NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will. more...  0 Comments

videos of brad on may 2001 at nyc-imc

viddeohacker | excuse me but the text is in portuguese. the interview is in english. more...  0 Comments

Images: Protest at Mexican Consulate

Mike Topper | Images from action at mexican consulate more...  0 Comments

Images: Protest at Mexican Consulate

Mike Topper | more...  0 Comments

Faced with the death of Brad WIll

el_gato (uruguay)([general.translatedby]) | A remembrance in homage to the comrade, fallen in Oaxaca Mexico more...  0 Comments

Images: Mexican Consulate

fred askew | Activists demand justice at the Mexican Consulate more...  4 Comments

Nationwide protests confront diamond industry

African People's Solidarity Committee | Last week demonstrations were held in front of retail diamond stores in Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco and St. Petersburg protesting the devastating impact that the diamond industry has on Africa and African people. more...  0 Comments

RSF Identifies Killers of Brad Will in Oaxaca

Nessuno | They are municipal policeman Juan Carlos Soriano (on the left in the photo, in a red T-shirt and holding an automatic firearm), municipal personnel chief Manuel Aguilar (centre) and public security director Abel Santiago Zárate, a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which controls the state government. more...  5 Comments

For an end to blackmail, for democratic conditions in the Basque Country

Joseba Agudo, lawyer from the Basque Country | Basque political prisoner Iñaki de Juana’s hunger strike has been in the media in recent weeks. After 63 days on hunger strike demanding justice and attending the numerous requests he received and the mobilisation of Basque society, De Juana ended his protest. He began his hunger strike due to the attempt by the Spanish State Prosecution to get him sentenced to 96 years in jail for writing two press articles. more...  0 Comments


Friends of Brad |
Protest the Murder of our friend Brad Will!
No Massacre! No Police!

Mexican Consulate in New York City
27 E. 39th St between Park and Madison
Monday, October 30th 2006 at 9 am
Directions: 6 train to 33rd. 4, 5, or 6 to 42nd St. 7 Train to 5th Ave. B, D, F, or V to 42nd.
Bring Red Markers and wear a white tee shirt that can be drawn on. more...  0 Comments

Brad Will's Final Video

Brad Will | Ataque de policias y sicarios de Ulises Ruiz a miembros de la APPO... more...  8 Comments

Violent Police Assault on Oaxaca Happening NOW

rtc | Thousands of riot police backed by helicopters and armored trucks broke up barricades as the marched toward downtown Oaxaca on Sunday, firing water cannons and breaking up barricades to disperse protesters. There have been several reports on the movement station Radio APPO of PFP officers beating protesters. The station also reports that snipers are flying low over the city in three helicopters. Leaders continue exhorting the people to resist but to abstain from any violence against the police. more...  0 Comments

Federal Police have Entered the Protest Zone in Oaxaca

Lloyd Hart | NPR has reported that Mexican Federal police have entered Oaxaca City more...  0 Comments

Bombs and Shields: Bradley Roland Will 1970-2006

B&S | I was preparing the entertainment Friday night for a Halloween Critical Mass after party, when a friend of mine in a dragon costume told me that people were looking for me, and that my longtime friend and roommate Brad Will may have been killed by gunmen in Oaxaca City, Mexico. more...  1 Comments

Se cierra el cerco militar, policiaco y paramilitar sobre Oaxaca

oaxaxia |
Por la mañana Radio Plantón, organo comunicativo de la APPO, que es prácticamente el único hueco en el cerco mediatico que se cierne sobre Oaxaca, sufrió un nuevo ataque por parte de paramilitares. more...  0 Comments

Electronic Blockade of Mexican Embassy and Consulate Websites | In response to a call to action to remember Brad and all the companer@s killed in the popular struggle to oust the bloody tyrant Ulises Ruiz, to show solidarity with the teachers and protesters of Oaxaca, and to attempt to interrupt the invasion of Oaxaca that Mexican President Vicente Fox is beginning, join this electronic blockade of the websites for all of the Mexican embassies and consulates in the United States and Canada. more...  4 Comments

Message from Gustavo Esteva, in Oaxaca

Mitchel Cohen | Gustavo Esteva's message from Oaxaca: more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca:Gobierno opta por la represión y la muerte

Prensa De Frente | Paramilitares al servicio del gobernador Ulises Ruiz, del Partido Ravolucionario Institucional, atacaron a tiros a manifestantes de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos Oaxaca (APPO). El resultado fue el de cuatro personas muertas, entre ellos un camarógrafo de Indymedia Nueva York, Will Bradley Roland. Además de 23 heridos.

more...  0 Comments

Llamamiento a la sociedad civil mexicana e internacional a movilizarse ante los graves hechos ocurridos en Oaxaca

Col.lectiu de Solidaritat amb la Rebel.lió Za | Queremos manifestar nuestra preocupación e indignación ante estos hechos y llamamos a la movilización para evitar un nuevo derramamiento de sangre. Queremos denunciar la impunidad con que actúan, como siempre lo han hecho en Oaxaca, los paramilitares amparados en la estructura del estado. Damos nuestro apoyo a la APPO como organización representativa de los pueblos y organizaciones de Oaxaca y nos sumamos a la petición de retiro del actual gobernador Ulises Ruiz. more...  0 Comments


Organizaciones Indígenas y de Derechos Humano | Las organizaciones civiles, los centros de derechos humanos, autoridades agrarias, ciudadanos y ciudadanas participantes en la Reunión Nacional para el seguimiento y evaluación de las recomendaciones del Relator Especial de Naciones Unidas para los Pueblos Indígenas, celebrada en la Ciudad de México, los días 27 y 28 de Octubre de año en curso, manifestamos lo siguiente, con respecto a la situación que prevalece en el Estado de Oaxaca more...  0 Comments

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