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Human Rights

Solidarity Demonstration with Oaxaca in San Francisco

indybay reposter | In San Francisco activists called for a convergence and critical mass at 4pm. Approximately 150 protesters marched during rush hour traffic blocking the entrances to the Oakland Bay Bridge. Mock body bags were piled in front of the consulate as red paint was splattered on to the doors. Two banners were hung at the entrance to the freeway and the doors to the Mexican Consulate were locked by demonstrators. more...  1 Comments

Clashes With the Police, Barricades Re-erected in Oaxaca

Barucha Calamity Peller | November 20th, Oaxaca: About 5 thousand people marched to the zocalo. There, people got on top of trucks, barricaded the zocalo and began protesting the police. The police lunched teargas, after which began hours of battle. Protesters defended themselves with slings, fireworks, and bazookas, and constructed barricades around the APPO planton in Santo Domingo plaza, just blocks away from where the police were advancing from.

See Also: PFP and APPO clash in Oaxaca by John Gibler | APPO Press Release

Previous Reports and Photo Essays by Barucha Calamity Peller:
Federal Police Confronted for Sexual Assults in Oaxaca | Women, Political Parties, Barricades and Autonomy (article and photos) | November 14th: Graffiti in Oaxaca | November 11th: Oaxaca At Any Cost (article and photos) | November 7th: Women of Oaxaca | November 6th: Photos from the Barricades | November 5th: Photos and Audio Report

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Mexican Ex-Presidents Blasted in Report

madhatter | Mexican Ex-Presidents Blasted in Report more...  0 Comments

Sex, Rape and Harassment - A Free Workshop at Hunter College

Maria Arettines | A free workshop including participatory theater, clear terminology, resources, speakers, and open discussion more...  0 Comments

ATHENS: Student severely beaten by undercover policemen, right after the 17N demonstration

LA - translation from IMC Athens newswire | . more...  1 Comments

Athens 17-11-2006: A "small" witness report from the Hilton block

one of those who got away (translated by LA) | . more...  0 Comments

Food Not Bombs Heads to Nigeria | The land, once lush, has suffered rapid deforestation, soil
degradation, general water and air pollution in the more urban areas,
and desertification. It is said the most pollution in Nigeria can be
directly caused by oil. Spills have tainted the waters, constant
burning of oil wells have affected the air, and the soil that once gave
birth to rich foods in abundance is now barely uberous.

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"Horses Shit and Carry Pigs"

Modern Pitung | Activists from NY who can remember the massive February 15, 2003 anti-war protests and the brutality of the NYPD horse units will find an eerie parallel in the story of Houston janitors being stomped by police horses more...  3 Comments

APPO supporters endure torture

John Gibler | Rene Trujillo Martínez, a thin 25-year-old lawyer and volunteer radio announcer with the Oaxaca People´s Assembly (APPO), holds the uncomfortable distinction of having survived a disappearance

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Zapatistas Sucessfully Block Roads

Jon Wilkes Booth | Thousands of indigenous residents of Chiapas - civilian support bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN, in its Spanish initials) - have successfully blocked all major roads and highways in the state in defense of the people of neighboring Oaxaca state.

Fuck Yeah! more...  0 Comments

Federal Police Confronted for Sexual Assults in Oaxaca

Barucha Calamity Peller | On thursday night, a 48 year old Oaxacan women called into the APPO university radio and testified that the Federal Prevetive Police occuping the zocalo had sexualy assaulted and harrassed her. Sinse then, many stories have emerged of sexual assault on part of the Federal Preventive Police. In response, hundreds of women marched around the Zocalo, where police stand gaurd in riot gear with water tanks around the perimeter. Some of the women theaterically reanacted the sexual harassment in front of the PFP, and others held mirrors with "we are rapists" written on them facing the PFP. Before the act the PFP peppersprayed the crowd, and the PFP also advanced water tanks during the performance. more...  1 Comments

ATHENS, GREECE: Demonstration commemorating 1973 student uprising is brutally attacked by police

imc Athens | Police brutality against massive memorial demonstrations in Athens and Thessaloniki more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca Is Not Alone! ¡Oaxaca No Está Solo!

Boston Con Oaxaca | People of Boston and New England will join the Zapatistas tomorrow to say ¡ya basta! Oaxaca is not alone! We demand the resignation of Ulises Ortiz and all other PRI officials in Oaxaca, freedom to the political prisoners of Oaxaca and Atenco, removal of the Federal Preventive Police and the army from Oaxaca, a return of all the disappeared, justice for the indigenous communities of Chiapas, and justice for all oppressed communities here in the U.S.A.
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leijia | In solidarity with the Zapatistas' call for a general strike, there will be a Oaxaca press conference held at the New Schoolon November 20th. more...  4 Comments

Thanksgiving Proclamation

George Washington | President George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation
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Women, Political Parties, Barricades and Autonomy

Barucha Calamity Peller | Who Will Live On in the Oaxaca Uprising? Article reposted from and Photos more...  1 Comments

Petition in support of the Pace SDS students arrested for Free Speech

Lauren Giaccone | This petition is being circulated in support of the students arrested at Pace University on Nov 15th at a demonstration at the campus. 4 students were charged with disorderly conduct and another student was charged with Obstructing Governmental Adminstration and disorderly conduct. All 5 students have court dates in December. The students also face a possibilty of disciplinary action, as was threatened in a University-wide email bulletin sent by the Administration. more...  1 Comments

UCLA Chancellor Norman Abrams a Pawn of the Ruling Elites, Or Part of the Ruling Elite?

Inquiring minds want to know | Here is the You tube link, in case you missed it:

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Global Action Day for Education (30th Nov.)

TS | A Global Action Day for Education will take place on the 30th Nov to protest and resist neoliberal reforms. Students of the world unite!
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Saturday night screening of "Giuliani Time"

October 22 Coalition-NY | How did a man who
persecuted the homeless
criminalized art
made the poor poorer
supported brutal killer police
become Person of the Year?

See the REAL Giuliani, as many of us remember him! more...  0 Comments

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