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Human Rights

Cita en La Habana, Cuba...

sended by F Espinoza | Inicio del Homenaje de la Fundación Guayasamín al Comandante en Jefe y Gala de Bienvenida a los participantes esta noche en el Karl Marx... more...  0 Comments

Juanita Young Brutalized and Arrested by NYPD in Her Own Home

mesha Monge-Irizarry | Her son Michael Fergusonwas killed by NYPD in March 2000, a week after he was arrested for being part of a protest against the verdict in the Amadou Diallo case. more...  11 Comments

Oaxaca: Repression Unleashed

Indybay (via Barucha Calamity Peller) | A short report from today (given over the phone to indybay volunteer). Photo: B.C. Peller

See also: Nov 28th 2006 - 32nd day of PFP occupation in Oaxaca City more...  1 Comments

December 8th Benefit show for targets of the Green Scare

Friday, December 8th
Doors at 8:30pm, bands at 9pm, DJ after!
DUMBA Arts Collective
57 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY more...  1 Comments

World War 3 Illustrated #37 "Unnatural Disasters" release party Saturday, December 2nd

friends | Saturday, December 2, 7 PM
MOCCA, Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art
594 Broadway, Suite 401, between Prince and Houston
212 254 3511
FREE ADMISSION more...  0 Comments

December 6 Wednesday 7PM (nyc) Indigenous Peoples Solidarity charla/meeting

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity | All who are supportive of indigenous peoples and their struggles for their lands, cultures, languages, sovereignty are encouraged to attend (and invite others) to the 1st charla/meeting of Indigenous Peoples Solidarity (Turtle Island & Pachamama) in the nyc area. more...  2 Comments

Testimony concerning changes to parade permit rules

Alex Vitale | Testimony before the New York City Police Department concerning the proposed revisions to Chapter 19 of Title 38 of the Official Compilation of Rules of the City of New York dealing with the issuance of parade permits more...  0 Comments

NYC Police Permitting Process Debated at Public Hearing

Mitchel Cohen | Report from the public hearings at 1 Police Plaza in Manhattan over proposed new rules that Commissioner Ray Kelly has written requiring permits for all sorts of gatherings, processions, and the like. Mitchel Cohen of the Brooklyn Greens was the only speaker to endorse this new legislation ....

Read another testimony by Alex Vitale more...  10 Comments

"América Latina: la hora de los pueblos"

sended by F Espinoza | "América Latina: la hora de los pueblos"... more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca: City of Resistance

envia Red Latina sin fronteras | ALL THE POWER TO THE PEOPLE !
City of Resistance, November 26, 2006 more...  2 Comments

The Industrial Workers Of The World: Its First One Hundred Years 1905-2005 now available!

Worker Freedom | The Industrial Workers Of The World: Its First One Hundred Years 1905-2005 now available! more...  1 Comments

Fired IWW Baristas Conduct Delegation to Starbucks Regional HQ to Demand Jobs, Right to Organize

Worker Freedom | Fired IWW Baristas Conduct Delegation to Starbucks Regional HQ to Demand Jobs, Right to Organize more...  0 Comments

NYPD Guns Down Queens Man on Wedding Day

Gustavo | Yesterday, Sean Bell and his two buddies were mowed down by a barrage of bullets in Queens. Sean Bell died at the hands of the NYPD (self-acclaimed finest), just hours before he was to be wed to the mother of his children. With the scenario of a combat zone in a country in the midst of civil strife, about 50 bullets projected into the car Sean Bell was in. more...  13 Comments

Monday Morning NYPD Hearing on NYPD Proposed Parade Permit Changes

Time's Up! | Time's Up will lead a Still We Ride! Ride to the hearing. Meet tomorrow at 10am Sharp, Union Square South. more...  0 Comments

events: NYPD anti-assembly law

a | On Oct. 18, the NYPD substantially curtailed your right to gather or speak publically. more...  0 Comments

Make Dec. 1 Rosa Parks Human Rights Day

Boston Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Committee | Make December 1 Rosa Parks Human Rights Day

Friday, Dec. 1
1:00pm - Rally/March
Dudley Square, Roxbury, MA
more...  2 Comments

Marcos: “We Are On the Eve of Either a Great Uprising or a Civil War”

Hermann Bellinghausen, c/o Hans Arp, Postleft | ... “the beginning of the end for a political system that, since the Mexican Revolution, became deformed and began to cheat generation after generation, until this one arrived and said, ‘Enough,’” warned Subcomandante Marcos during a press conference. Calderón, he added, “will begin to fall from his first day.” more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca's Popular Movement Suffers Yet Another Brutal Day

Jeanne | November 25th, 2006 - Radio Zapote writes: Today, after the seventh megamarch in
Oaxaca, members of the APPO attempted to form a human fence around the federal
preventative police (PFP), but were attacked with gas more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca: Policía Federal preventiva opera masacre contra manifestación pacífica

Oaxaca | * Policia Federal Preventiva ataca a manifestantes pacíficos * Detenciones ilegales y allanamientos * Paramilitares rondan por toda la ciudad * Torturas contra los detenidos * Se reportan varios muertos, decenas de detenidos y decenas de heridos, algunos de gravedad * El ejército entraría en las próximas horas al centro histórico de la ciudad de Oaxaca more...  0 Comments

7th Mega March Takes off in Oaxaca

Barucha Calamity Peller | The Seventh Mega March of the APPO has begun with hundreds of thousands marching from Santas Maria Coyotepec, 8 kilometers outside of the capital to the central zocalo of Oaxaca City, which is occupied by the Federal Preventative Police, the PFP. more...  2 Comments

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