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Human Rights

Media Release: David Hicks Tally Board

Australians for David Hicks to come Home | Media Release: David Hicks Tally Board more...  0 Comments

PFP expanding operations to towns surrounding Oaxaca City

indybay (via Barucha Calamity Peller) | short update from today. Ongoing coverage in english at: more...  2 Comments

Killing in Oaxaca, a dispatch from a friend's daughter

madhatter | Killing in Oaxaca, a dispatch from a friend's daughter more...  0 Comments

Press Conference on Juanita Young: 10am at City Hall

October 22 Coalition-NY | Thursday, November 30, 2006, 10:00am
Steps of City Hall, New York, NY more...  1 Comments

Campaign to free Dame Dieng, a young computer genius imprisoned in Senegal

amilcar | Dame Dieng is 21 and has been arrested without any valid explanation, the Senegalese police invented the same old insult and threat known for centuries stuff when they invaded the political opponent, Idrissa Seck, headquarters where Dame Dieng happened to be, he had been recruited by this contradictor to the authoritarian Wade regime after having worked for a newspaper’s website and proved there his incredible gifts for computer matters more...  1 Comments


as.f | A report by Uli Schmetzer
From La Realidad and Oaxaca:

more...  1 Comments

The "Gaza-Solution" and the Ongoing War on Islam

By Mike Whitney (in Aljazeerah) | more...  0 Comments

against surveillance cameras

SCP administrative services | Space Hijackers! (UK) Leipziger Kamera! (Germany) Surveillance Camera Players! (USA).

coordinated actions, 1:30 pm Saturday 2 December 2006 more...  7 Comments


ST RMAKER | Every last one of them said, in their own way, that the Police could not, and should not, attempt to squash bicycling and protest by taking over the role of defining what a permitted event is.
The undisputed target of the Police's newly claimed powers is the urgent need to control cyclists, riding together for safety, on our notoriously hazardous streets. more...  1 Comments

A Look at the Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca-Ricardo Flores Magón (CIPO-RFM)

Diana, c/o Hans Arp, Postleft Office | The Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca-Ricardo Flores Magón (CIPO-RFM) is a social and democratic organization formed by 26 indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico, comprised of about 2,000 members. They follow libertarian and indigenous ways and customs. The CIPO-RFM is a grassroots movement whose members work in their communities in the defense of human rights, on communal projects and environmental conservation, and in the provision of basic social needs. more...  0 Comments

National Solidarity Actions with Steelworkers Striking at Goodyear

United Steelworkers | In the eighth week of their strike, the Steelworkers are organizing
actions at stores that sell Goodyear tires across the country. Come
join members of the USW in getting the word out about their struggle and
informing the public of the dangers of driving on tires produced during
a labor dispute. more...  0 Comments

In Support of the People of Oaxaca

Kellen Kass, c/o Hans Arp, Postleft Office | Aside from small aspiring states such as the Marxist-Leninist Mexican Communist Party, there are other politicians in the midst of the APPO. One of the spokespeople of the APPO, the media-darling and crass opportunist Flavio Sosa, was a part of Vicente Fox’s election campaign in 2000 through his organization the New Left of Oaxaca. Sosa has also been actively involved in the PRI splinter-party the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) for years, a party he actually quit in order to be involved in the APPO. It should be pretty obvious that Sosa is a political opportunist who moves from one group to the next in hopes of carving out some kind of position for himself. more...  0 Comments

28th of Nov. 2006 32nd day of PFP occupation in Oaxaca City.

otr@ | At approximately 10:00 PM on tuesday the 27th, our compañero Marcos García Macedas, one of the State Councilors for the Committee in Defense of the Right's of the People, an organization adherent to APPO, was ambushed in the middle of the town of Putla de Guerrero by ministerial police. The compañero's health is tenuous as a result of four bullet wounds from the barrage fired in his direction. more...  0 Comments

Rally for Oaxaca: 12pm Friday, December 1

beka | Emergency demonstration at the Mexican Mission to the UN. Friday, 12pm. 44th street btw 1st and 2nd Ave.

Oaxaca is under siege. More than 140 people were arrested this weekend and three were killed. The repression has reached new heights, with disappearances occuring daily. APPO has issued a call for solidarity demonstrations on Dec. 1st, the day the new government takes power. International attention and pressure is desperately needed. more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca under marshal law

radio zapote |
The city of Oaxaca lives now under marshall law; civil guarantees and human rights are nonexistent. more...  0 Comments

Editorial Cartoons: It's going to be a New Day with the New Democratic Majority!

Mike Flugennock | Like Charlie Brown attempting to kick Lucy's daintily-held football, Amerika's Pwogwessive voters came charging up, expecting to slam it clear into next week, but instead found themselves kicking air and landing on their asses. more...  0 Comments

Rally for Oaxaca, THIS FRIDAY! Dec. 1, 12 pm Mexican Mission to the UN

Friday, December 1, 12pm
Mexican Mission to the U.N.
44th Street btw. 1st and 2nd ave more...  0 Comments

iWW EZ Supply Workers Win Huge Victory!

Worker freedom | The IWW had an amazing victory last week. A contract was negotiated between the Boss at ez-supply and the workers. After a year long fight workers made the big wins in improving their working conditions. This is amazing!
more...  0 Comments

SP-NYC Statement on the Nov. 25th Police Murder.

SP-USA Local collective statement | The Socialist Party of New York City condemns unreservedly the shooting and murder by police in the early hours of Saturday, November 25th. more...  1 Comments

FAO Schwartz Supports Racist Hate Site

Jackie Chiles | Contact them and tell them why they should not be patronizing LGF. more...  3 Comments

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