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Human Rights

Abu-Jamal Case at Third Circuit as Prosecutor Admits He Had No "True Defense"

Dave Lindorff | The Philly Journalist and former Black Panther's appeal to the Third Circuit offers three shots at a new trial, but also raises the threat of a restoration of his death sentence. Meanwhile, his original prosecutor concedes that he never had a "true defense" and suggests he could have been convicted on a lesser charge than first-degree murder.
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Mexican federal officials to investigate American filmmaker's death

By Jay Root, McClatchy Newspapers | OAXACA, Mexico - Amid pressure from U.S. diplomats and family members of slain filmmaker Brad Will, federal prosecutors in Mexico are taking over the investigation into the American's death in Oaxaca, the state's governor told McClatchy Newspapers. more...  3 Comments

Report-back from the First Puerto Rico Social Forum

NYC Delegation Steering Committee | The First Puerto Rico Social Forum was a great success! Now it's time to start building a delegation towards the next one, and to mobilize our community towards the upcoming U.S. Social Forum. Come hear the NYC Delegations' experiences and evaluation of the PRSF, and make sure to spread the word far and wide!
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Oaxaca Filmmakers in NYC

Paul DeRienzo & Joan Moossy | Paul DeRienzo and Joan Moossy discuss the situation in Oaxaza, Mexico more...  0 Comments

Health Department Abandons Proposed Change to Transgender Birth Certificates

kaitlyn tikkun | The NYC Board of Health killed a proposal to allow transgender New Yorkers to change the gender designation on their birth certificate without undergoing gender confirming surgery. The proposal was widely hailed by the transgender community as a groundbreaking recognition of transgender people and garnered worldwide attention. more...  3 Comments

6pm at Swayduck Auditorium of The New School
65 5th Avenue
YOU MUST HAVE AN I.D. TO ENTER! more...  0 Comments

Alert: Lorenzo Ervin unjustly fired by Nashville Peace and Justice Center

Liberty ABC | On Monday, December 4, 2006, Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin was unjustly fired
from his position as coordinator of the Nashville Peace and Justice
Center (NPJC). more...  1 Comments

Your support is needed to FREE Leonard Peltier! Thursday, December 7, Federal Court Bldg 9:00 a.m.

FREE Leonard Peltier | After 30 years of surpressed evidence and FBI Frame-up of Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier-

Lawyers will challenge the FBI in court to release long held vital records
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On the Verdict of the the GANG Rape of a Filipina by Four US Marines

AJLPP-USA | The gang rape of Nicole by four US marines in the Philippines is not only an issue of a woman but a whole nation raped for the last century, made possible through onerous and lopsided military agreements, much like the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).
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Rally for Daniel McGowan & against the Green Scare-Thursday, December 7th-12 noon [plus nighttime event]

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | Noon rally at Foley Square, Manhattan.
Nighttime dinner and movies at Times Up! more...  0 Comments

Tempest in a TimesSpot

The Invisible Ham | A recent dustup between the New York Times and the democratic blogosphere reveals how little actual difference there is between the two. more...  0 Comments

Powder keg: rallying for a cause

NAYABA ARINDE | Police claim that officers fired in self-defense as the car was driven towards them. It is disputed whether or not they identified themselves. Sources close to the family say that the young men feared for their lives and did not know that the five plain-clothed and undercover, white, Black and Latino shooters were cops.
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Sean Bell: Killed in a hail of NYPD bullets

Jared Rodriguez | The NYPD has a long and bloody record of innocent victims--like Amadou Diallo, a West African immigrant who died in a hail of 41 police bullets
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Eric Ng Memorial Ride - Saturday, Dec. 9 @ 1pm

visualresistance | We are planning for a memorial ride this Saturday, December 9th, meeting at 1pm in Washington Square Park and then proceeding to the site of Eric’s death. Non-bikers can head straight to the site, on the West Side bike path near Clarkson St. Please bring flowers (especially sunflowers), sidewalk chalk, paint, whatever you want. There will be a memorial service after the ride with music and a slideshow, and a party later that night. Check back here for further details; we’ll update this post as soon as we can.

See also: Original Story on Eric's death | Tears and Rage: Reflections on Death more...  4 Comments

Karl Liebknecht : Unmask the Class Justice !

Emil Asturig von München | À parte os abusos militares, é a Justiça de Classe que flagela e enerva as massas. more...  0 Comments

State of siege in Oaxaca: Solidarity is urgent

Carlos Vigueras | Flavio Sosa and his brothers Horacio and Erik was hunting for the Mexican authorities and sent to jail with
others liders of the Popular Assembly of Towns of Oaxaca (APPO). more...  0 Comments

Llamado a la movilización por Oaxaca (EZLN) y mensaje de la APPO

Cancuc | llamado a la movilización por oaxaca y mensaje de la APPO more...  0 Comments

Screening of "The Canary Effect" this Wednesday @ Bluestockings

Greg Pason | Watch "The Canary Effect" at Bluestockings this Wednesday December 6th @ 7 PM more...  1 Comments

Protest 12/8: Justice for Immigrant Workers!

ROC-NY | 51 years ago, Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus or to accept racial segregation. On December 8, 2006, restaurant workers refuse to accept racial segregation in New York City restaurants. Workers at Restaurant Daniel and the Fireman Hospitality Group who have filed legal charges and lawsuits for discrimination say NO to racial segregation, and refuse to be invisible, just like Rosa Parks. more...  0 Comments

Protest WEDNESDAY: Justice for Sean Bell! 4:30 @ 1 Police Plaza

Modern Pitung | A call to action has been issued for a citywide demonstration in protest of the NYPD murder of Sean Bell and continued police harassment and brutality in the communities of color in New York. Text of call follows.
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