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Human Rights

The death of an American filmmaker in Oaxaca remains unsolved

By Jay Root, McClatchy Newspapers | OAXACA, Mexico - Filmmaker Brad Will always was attracted to fiery protests and popular rebellion. So he had high hopes when he went to southern Mexico to document violent clashes between angry leftists and a state government known for repression and abuse. more...  0 Comments

After an American Dies, the Case Against His Killers Is Mired in Mexican Justice

NY Times, By JAMES C. McKINLEY Jr. and COLIN | MEXICO CITY, Dec. 10 — A month ago, the death of Bradley Roland Will seemed cut and dried. Mr. Will, an independent New York City journalist was shot in the chest while videotaping a lopsided confrontation between gunmen who supported the beleaguered governor of Oaxaca and protesters demanding his ouster.
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"Voices of Silence"

SCP Photolab | yesterday in Washington Square Park, the Surveillance Camera Players performed a brand-new play on the 10th anniversary of the group's first performance. more...  2 Comments

Advent Calendar that looks at occupation of Bethlehem.

DeeDee | I bought an advent calendar in Austria last month and have been posting daily images of Bethlehem on a blog: more...  0 Comments

6 Year Old killed by truck in Sunset Park

Amina | Community is complaining that the police did nothing. more...  10 Comments

In Defense of the Meat-Hook: Pinochet Evades "Justice" with Death

Modern Pitung | For all the rejoicing around Augusto Pinochet's shuffling off this mortal coil, am I the only one who is unsurprised by this miserable excuse for a human taking the easy way out before ever getting into the dock? more...  0 Comments

Philippines: Charter Change is Arroyo's Cover-up

Democratic Left-Philippines | AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party) today stepped up efforts to derail attempts at the House of Representatives to initiate Charter Change (Cha Cha), calling the move as nothing more than an attempt to cover up the seething political crisis hounding Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA).

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Golpe en Chile(fotos):

Fuente externa | Aqui estan las fotos que plasman una epoca brutal. Aqui estan las huellas de los miles de muertos que lucharon por un Chile mejor. Aqui estan las cicatrices de Chile, de Latinoamerica y del mundo. La lucha es de todosen contra del imperialismo USA. more...  0 Comments

Víctor Jara ...Presente !! (1932-1973)

Eduardo Andrade Bone | Tras el triunfo de Salvador Allende en las elecciones presidenciales de 1970, Víctor asumió un rol preponderante en el desarrollo cultural y político del país. more...  1 Comments

Mexico Federalizes Brad Will Investigation; Local Activsts Debate the Chances for Justice

Chris Anderson | Nearly two months after Brad Will was gunned down on the streets of Oaxaca City while chronicling a popular revolution against the State governor, and more than two weeks after that uprising suffered a brutal wave of repression, the investigation into the murder of the NYC Indymedia journalist appears to be hostage to internal Mexican politics. more...  1 Comments

Once de septiembre de los pueblos: Chile treinta años después

James Cockcroft | Diseñado por los "Chicago boys" (economistas de la Universidad de Chicago que postulan la primacía del libre mercado), el modelo neoliberal chileno ha sido impuesto por el Estado y se ha mantenido en pie desde entonces mediante el terror institucionalizado. more...  0 Comments

Henry Kissinger's war crimes

WORLD BUREAU OF TRUTH | The time was September 11, 1973. The country was Chile. The event was the bloody overthrow of a democratic government. And the criminals were Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, The CIA, and Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet. more...  0 Comments

Pinochet:Murió el cobarde criminal

Redacción PiensaChile | En estos minutos, recién informados de su muerte, no sentimos alegría, pues no ha muerto el crimen, el robo, el pillaje, la explotación brutal, la entrega desvergonzada de nuestras riquezas. more...  0 Comments

G8 Napoli 2001

terun | G8 Napoli 2001 more...  0 Comments

Surveillance Camera Players: Ten-Year Report

SCP archival | On the 10th anniversary, a 10-year report by the Surveillance Camera Players. more...  4 Comments

The Police Stories of Candelaria (Puerto Rico) and New York City

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | The streets of New York City and the residential areas of Candelaria, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico are witnessing disturbing scenes of police violence and abuse. While marches and demands for justice take place here in New York, the residents of Candelaria are beginning to overcome the effects of police terrorism and are demanding justice and freedom from the humiliating abuse heaped upon them by local police. more...  1 Comments

Indian Activist, Community Journalist Killed in Oaxaca

AP | Assailants shot dead an Indian activist in Mexico's conflict-ridden state of Oaxaca, police said today. It was not clear if the killing was connected to months of political violence in the historic state capital that has left at least nine people dead. more...  0 Comments

Apocalypto: The Cinematic Logic of Genocide

Juan Santos | Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto is not a mere adventure tale, it’s not just another excruciatingly brutal portrayal of apocalyptic violence for its own sake, and the Village Voice is dead wrong when it says that unlike Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto is “unburdened by nationalist or religious piety,”— that it's “pure, amoral sensationalism.”

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Two political prisoners in Greece they are on Hunger Strike

athens indymedia | more...  0 Comments

Big Lynne Stewart Celebration TONIGHT!


Join Lynne Stewart and the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee in

THANKING YOU for your support over these last 4+ years
and Commemorating Mumia Abu Jamal's 25 years in prison
and uniting for the struggle ahead more...  0 Comments

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