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Reds come out fighting: Time to turn up heat vs. ultra-right, Communist meet says

Susan Webb/People's Weekly World | CHICAGO — The Communist Party USA wound up its convention here in a fighting mood July 3, with the 450 participants vowing to pour their energies into blocking the ultra-right effort to take over the Supreme Court. more...  3 Comments

Loot, Loot, Loot For The Home Team: Public Costs For Private Stadiums

Mike Burke, for The Indypendent | A new race has broken out between the Yankees and Mets – not on the baseball diamond, but in City Hall and Albany. more...  1 Comments

Compassion Is Dead: Medical Marijuana Stall in NY State

Steve Wishnia | Despite the pleas of multiple-sclerosis sufferer Montel Williams, New York State won’t be getting a medical-marijuana law this year. more...  1 Comments

Take A Hike: Rent Board Okays More Increases

Steven Wishnia | Tenant activism over the last year has accomplished at least one thing: It’s made the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) pay lip service to the problems caused by the city’s skyrocketing rents. more...  0 Comments

Frieda Zames: Champion Of The Disabled

Ellen Davidson, for The Indypendent | The disability rights movement suffered a mighty loss June 16 when Frieda Zames, an activist, author and singer, died in her sleep. more...  0 Comments

Seattle Counter-Recruiters Pick A Fight

Mark Taylor-Canfield | Summer is typically the most active military enlistment season, but the growing student counter-recruitment movement is working hard to thwart those efforts. more...  0 Comments

Citizen Without Borders: Camilo Mejia, GI Resister

Susan Chenelle, for The Indypendent | During a two-week furlough home from duty in Iraq, Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia decided he could not go back. more...  1 Comments

Kathy Kelly: An American Voice In The Wilderness

Susan Chenelle, for The Indypendent | Many of us worry that the Bush administration’s imperial foreign policy is ruining the rest of the world’s perception of Americans. However, there are many U.S. citizens out there who are countering that damage and upholding what’s left of our good name. more...  0 Comments

Our country Is Called America!, an interview with Al Giodano of NarcoNews

Interview by Jed Brandt, for the Indypendent | Inpired by the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, Mexico, and fed up with the complacency of New York’s waning Downtown scene, Al Giordano went south of the border with no money and a dream. Founding, a Latin America-based news service, and an attached School of Authentic Journalism that now has hundreds of alumni reporting throughout the “Narcosphere.†more...  2 Comments

‘Making America Live' -- An interview with Lynne Stewart

Mike Burke, for the Indypendent | Longtime radical New York attorney Lynne Stewart will be heading to court on September 23 for a sentencing hearing – not for a client, but for herself. In February a jury convicted her on five counts of conspiring to aid terrorists and lying to the government by smuggling out messages from her jailed client Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. more...  1 Comments

Nowhere To Roma: Refugee Problems in Kosovo Region

Jackson Allers, for The Indypendent | Along the way to one of three makeshift refugee camps inhabited by the Roma remnants of a former Yugoslav mining complex go on for more than two miles, the many slag heaps indicating a past of heavy lead smelting. more...  0 Comments

Red Alert In Chiapas

Kazembe Bulagoon, for The Indypendent | The Zapatistas issued a “red alert†June 19 calling for strategic consultations between the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) and the civilian leadership of Chiapas’ autonomous municipalities. more...  1 Comments

Fragging Hits Iraq, Trouble in the Ranks

A.K. Gupta, for The Indypendent | The alleged killing of two U.S. Army officers in Iraq on June 7 by Staff Sgt. Alberto B. Martinez of Troy, New York is creating fear among some and hope among others that the mighty U.S. war machine is disintegrating, dredging up comparisons to the Vietnam War. more...  1 Comments

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