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Getting Dirty: Community gardens introduce solidarity

Freedom Walker Birch | The Black community is plagued with disunity. The plethora of approaches to solve this dilemma has failed to transform relations amongst people of color. But the recent influx of community gardens has introduced a simple, effective solution to building solidarity. more...  0 Comments


Viola Chasm | A guilt trip beyond measure more...  10 Comments

Bank of America Agrees to Extend Credit to Republic Doors and Windows...

Counterhegemonic | Have the factory occupiers won???? more...  1 Comments

NYC Independent Press Bookfair This Weekend - 12/6 + 12/7

Jennifer Joseph | Celebrate publishing's independent spirit with over 100 indie publishers from around the world, all under one roof, selling books you can't get at your big box bookstore. The Indie and Small Press Book is one of New York City's favorite annual literary events. It's free, open to all, and packed with an exciting line-up of public events. Donations encouraged. more...  0 Comments

Olympia: Halloween Dance Party (Part Riot, Part Party)

repost | in the streets more...  0 Comments

Mickey Z. Does Stand-Up Tragedy

Mickey Z. | New York City's own Mickey Z. is the author of two new and decidedly offbeat books more...  0 Comments

New book: No Innocent Bystanders

Mickey Z. | As Rosa Luxemburg sez: “The first revolutionary act is to call things by their true names.” more...  0 Comments


Kenn Spacefield | Bailouts give you healthy circulation in your rectum. more...  0 Comments

September 11: A Literary & Musical Event

Mickey Z. | Buzzer Thirty presents a provocative and entertaining reading/musical event... more...  0 Comments

The Battle for the Soul of El Barrio

Next Left Notes | Carrying signs that said, “Harlem no se vende” (Harlem is not for sale), “We will not be moved” and “El Barrio will not be sold”, the protesters marched down Third Avenue to Viverito’s home. Mothers, fathers and young children held vigil outside the townhouse as activists spoke out against Viverito’s support of gentrification. Protesters spoke through a makeshift bullhorn - a rolled up sign - pointing out that, in addition to voting for the rezoning of 125th Street, Mark Vierito also voted for the Columbia University expansion into West Harlem. The announcement was met with jeers and boos.
more...  1 Comments

Gathering Storms: A Statement on the Upcoming 2008 Convention Protests

Team Colors | A statement on the upcoming 2008 convention protests as part of the "In the Middle of a Whirlwind" journal and project. more...  1 Comments

International Conference on Human-Powered Transportation

mind wide open | Human-Powered Transportation Festival Begins. All rides Free This Weekend. more...  0 Comments

A Letter Of Encouragement To All Anarchists

Annie Nimmety | A short introduction to a large problem more...  18 Comments

Thinking Beyond The Conventions: What Comes Next?

Repost | Article below: more...  1 Comments

"Stand-Up Tragedy" A Mickey Z. event on August 7

Mickey Z. | Come join the author of books like "The Seven Deadly Spins," "50 American Revolutions You're Not Supposed to Know," and the brand new novel, "CPR for Dummies," to discuss the anti-war movement, the 2008 election, war, peace, cell phones, gorillas, Gwen Stefani, and MUCH more...including a special musical guest. more...  0 Comments

A Mexico State of Mind?

Peter Stern | A satire:

Now that everyone has been able to flex their muscles and mouths over the ongoing issue with Mexico and its 6 million illegal immigrants living and/or working in the U.S., it's time to resolve the issue with some fanfare and fireworks. more...  0 Comments

High Gas Prices: Political or Economic Issue?

Peter Stern | Apparently, nothing will stop Democrats from pointing their fingers at the GOP and vice-versa, to blame each other for all our woes regarding gasoline usage and high costs. more...  0 Comments

N.Y. Assembly Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Dan Bernath | For the second year in a row, New York Assembly members have voted to stop the heartless policy of labeling the seriously ill as criminals for relieving their suffering in accordance with their doctors' advice. To ask your state senator to follow suit, please visit: . To watch patients' testimonials, visit more...  0 Comments

Solution to High Price of Gas & Oil

Peter Stern | It is time the U.S. "steps-up to the plate" and starts "swinging" aggressively at the oil cartel. more...  2 Comments

Second Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes

Rainbow Hawk | This is the Invitation to your Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes. Please feel free to forward and/or post and/or publish to all appropriate people and places. more...  0 Comments

¿Qué es la SimBioDiversidad?

agustin antunez corrales | La SimBioDiversidad es un nuevo enfoque transdisciplinar desarrollado en las últimas dos décadas con el objetivo de incluir, en el concepto de Biodiversidad, todo lo relacionado con lo humano y lo social. De esa manera trata de superar la visión biologicista dominante de la Biodiversidad, en la que las disciplinas relacionadas con lo humano y lo social están prácticamente ausentes, ya que no suelen formar parte de los estudios universitarios de Biología.
Creemos que La SimBioDiversidad supera con éxito la barrera entre humanos y naturaleza, o entre las llamadas ciencias sociales y ciencias naturales.

more...  0 Comments

Hobo Film Fest Comes to Brooklyn

In Our Hearts Anarchist Network | Agency Films has brought together dozens of filmmakers who
produce films around train hopping and hobo culture and are
stopping in Brooklyn on their tour of the states showing this
ultimate visual dichotomy of the colorful and truly important
facet of American history. more...  10 Comments

Howard Zinn Speaks in New York City

NYC IMC | Howard Zinn's A People's History of American Empire

New York, New York
Cooper Union: Great Hall
1:00 PM more...  8 Comments

Memorial Ride today

NYC Street Memorial Project | Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Union Square South, 7 pm

We remember Alvaro Olson and Jian-Lan Zhang, both killed on April 16, 2008. more...  0 Comments

JaqueMate al M.I.T.

Frente WanGulisTúm | Para resumir, basta con que busquen este anuncio en nuestra Güai Güeby Gëb:
(Sí, lo han adivinado, "cabezas de chorlito", es una "simple"
dirección de correo electrónico, cuya palabra clave es
"superbibencia"). more...  0 Comments


Worker Freedom | It isn't Tibet and China and no one is paying attention, but maybe the media should be looking at the response of Turkish police to unrest in Kurdish regions of the country. more...  0 Comments

A Gift for M.I.T.

IniciativasSostenibilidadMedioAutoGestión | Using the New Science of Art-Wriding, as a very easy way of expressing our selfs, and, mainly our child-selfs, we mix colours, spontaneity, freedom, and "exam-erde" to demonstrate that nowdays an infinitum power of creativity is hidden in everyone, under a very tiny cap of "domestication" by reading-writing-reading-writing...r..w..r..w.wr....wriding.
"If Science is not Art, It is nor Science" more...  0 Comments

All You Need is Hate

Mickey Z. | I feel no solidarity with the professional liars who make up the corporate media. I feel no compassion for the career criminals that stock the corporate ranks. I hold no love for the pinstriped mountebanks we call "politicians." more...  0 Comments

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