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Elections & Legislation

Populist #7

Franklin | Constitutional Democracy as a Protection against Internal Hostilities - continued more...  0 Comments

NYC Cyclists & Betsy Gotbaum ?

lin wefel | NYC Public Advocate JUMPS ON THE BIKE AT THE 12th Hour more...  10 Comments

DR-CAFTA Threatens Life in Central America: People Speak Out about Its Impact on Animals

homefries | DR-CAFTA has triggered criticism from the sugar industry, AIDS activists, labor unions, and...animal rights supporters? Hear what free trade with Central America could mean for animals. more...  0 Comments

Rainforest Alliance Greenwash Unveiled

David Roknich | According to their website: "The Rainforest Alliance monitors and verifies that Chiquita's farms abide by strong environmental and social standards, which have positive impacts on rural communities and tropical landscapes."I recently received an email from Costa Rica that unveils this enormous scam, just as the CAFTA agreement heads to the US House of Representatives for final approval.
(see photo upload) Rainforest's "Audit Team" prepares to greenwash the bananas more...  0 Comments

Populist #6

Franklin | Constitutional Democracy as a Protection against Internal Hostilities more...  0 Comments

Kucinich: New Urgency to bipartisan efforts to pass "Homeward Bound"

mark | Last night’s nationally televised speech by the President made it clear we are in Iraq for time indefinite...Withdrawal from Iraq has never been in the Administration’s plans - not when the war was being planned, nor during its execution. The occupation in "sovereign" Iraq will continue unless we stop it. We are building several permanent military bases in Iraq. "We will stay in Iraq as long as we are needed, and not a day longer," the President said last night. When the Administration ties Iraq into the "War on Terror" the war never has to end. It then becomes a steady source of cash for the 20,000 "private contractors" in Iraq more...  1 Comments

Virtual Citizens, Virtual Government, Real Troubles

Dave Lindorff | With Republicans admitting that the White House isn’t governing—just campaigning—we need to face the truth: We have a virtual government, a virtual opposition, virtual citizens and, in the end, a virtual democracy. Our problems, though—war, poverty, AIDS, global warming, etc.—are all too real. ----------- more...  0 Comments

Dems Trot Out the Old Relics Again for Next White House Run

Dave Lindorff | With Biden announced, Clinton a near certainty, and maybe even Kerry wanting a second try at the White House, the 2007-8 Democratic primary season looks to be grim stuff, and the likelihood of continued Republican dominance good. The one possible wrench in Democratic party hacks’ suicide plans: Russ Feingold. ------------------- more...  0 Comments

Solidarity Across Borders March for Refugee Rights Hits the Pavement in Montreal

simms [] | The week-long Solidarity Across Borders march to Ottawa started Saturday afternoon as several hundred marchers and their supporters met up in downtown Montreal. more...  0 Comments

Populist #5

Franklin | The Subject of National Security, continued more...  0 Comments

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