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NYers Thoughts on the London Bombing

vf | more...  25 Comments

NYC Transit Response to London Bombing

Newsboy | (New York-WABC, July 7, 2005) — NYPD officers, particularly on public transportation, were told to be on the lookout for suspicious activity in response to terror attacks in London this morning. more...  2 Comments

Radical/Anarchist Infoshop opening in Bklyn NEEDS BOOKS!

kraz | New Infoshop needs Books! more...  16 Comments

Bill of Rights against Corporate Tyranny - July 4

Binge Franklin | join the new call for a government that is truly of, by and for the people more...  7 Comments

June Free Events Calendar

Mutual Support Network | The NYC Free Events Calendar is back online. more...  0 Comments

Free concert with David Peel and others

Dr Hemp | David Peel, an indelible part of the counterculture for over three decades (and the little-credited father of punk rock), will be doing a rare live show in Tompkins Square Park this Sunday, June 5th. more...  1 Comments

City Council Meeting About Large Gatherings in Park: Wed. 10AM

Agnes Emoke | Would you like to continue to be capable of protesting NO MORE WAR to yourself in Central Park? You know like FREE SPEECH or the RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE? Instead of just having a little "candle light vigil" by yourselves about it on Thursday. Why not actually take part in the discussion at City Hall TODAY at 10AM???? more...  1 Comments

The Trouble with Music - AK Press author, Mat Callahan, speaks at the Slipper Room!

AK Press | more...  0 Comments

Today 2pm Demo Against Stadium

Cheryl Guttman | 5/14 RALLY AGAINST THE WEST SIDE STADIUM With Hell's Kitchen/Hudson Yards Alliance, McCaffrey Park, 43rd Street just east of 9th Avenue, 2pm. more...  3 Comments

Today's RADIATION at 201 Varick Street

I. glow | Check today's bio-terror agent or nuclear bomb residue at 201 Varick Street. more...  0 Comments

Celebrate the Possibilities of the Creative Human Spirit: Come to the Concert for Peace This Afternoon!

Matthea Marquart | more...  0 Comments

Art as an Antidote to War: Come to the Concert for Peace This Sunday!

Matthea Marquart | more...  1 Comments

Extravaganza of Reasonable Proportions- Brooklyn Free Store Benefit

Autonomous Space | This is a benefit show for the Autonomous Space Project. Sunday, April 9, at Asterisk in Bushwick. We are currently at the Brooklyn Free Store, 131 Grand street, Williamsburg, 2pm to 9pm daily. more...  4 Comments

Concert for Peace to be Previewed on WBAI Today at 2:30

Matthea Marquart | more...  0 Comments

Supporting Indpendent Media Means More Than Just Reading It

Jed Brandt | In this here age of the internet, everybody is getting used to just Googling up the free goodies. But behind the computer screen, real people gather original reporting, break stories and provide analysis that helps us understand the world so we can change it. Subscribing to the print editions of newspapers and magazines is what allows them to continue publishing. This is an entirely abridged list, but you got to start somewhere. more...  4 Comments

|||||Extravaganza of Ridiculous Proportions VI! Benefit Show for the Free Store.|||| |    Amazing Folk and Country evening followed by |||||||||||||||||"Panda-monium" ||||||||||||||||| The Cyborg Panda Masquerade Dance more...  1 Comments

The varying faces of M19

Terence Dignon | more...  0 Comments

Benefit party for the Brooklyn Free Store, 3/24 !!!

viva la tienda grauita! | more...  2 Comments

Public Info Booth about Eire Nua March 17 NYC

NIFC | On March 17 (St Patrick's Day) The National Irish Freedom Committee (Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta) will host an information display on 7th Ave and 33rd St outside Penn Station. more...  4 Comments

Some Images from Critical Mass

Stanley W. Rogouski | Critical Mass Friday more...  0 Comments

DIY Fleamarket at Freespace in Holbrook!

Smile Inducer | more...  1 Comments

Next Meeting of North Brooklyn Greens

Mark Borino | local club of the Green Party of New York State is having a meeting to discuss 2005 electoral work and neighborhood organizing more...  1 Comments

*Reclaim the Commons* Philadelphia, June 18-21 *Call to Action!*

PhillyRAGE | Join us to challenge the corporate crime, poisons for profit, and flagrant lies of the biotechnology industry, at the time of their annual international convention, with a creative uprising for truth, life and justice! more...  5 Comments

Please get in touch if the NYC DA's Office is still holding your bike in connection with a Critical Mass-related arrest.

Gideon | Please get in touch (or have your lawyer get in touch, if you have one) if the NYC DA's Office is still holding your bike in connection with a Critical Mass-related arrest, so that I can pass along some information that might be helpful in getting it back. more...  5 Comments

Call Goes Out to Ignore Debts

Bill | A movement has started preparing itself to boycott all mortgages and credit card debts and reconsider the global economy with a clean slate. more...  1 Comments

the new york r(A)t needs your help!

black r(A)t collective | email to get involved with nyc's new anarchist paper, which could be as simple as taking 100 copies to hand out somewhere, or sending us a paragraph describing your group's newest project! more...  25 Comments

NLG Mass Defense Committe Phone Number (for tonight's Critical Mass ride)

Gideon | (212) 679-6018 x 16 will be staffed during this evening's Critical Mass ride. more...  5 Comments

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