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Friday 12/19: holiday benefit party for immigrant rights + civil liberties

beka economopoulos | more...  0 Comments

RNC Clearinghouse meeting Thursday 7PM | RNC clearinghouse meeting is tomorrow. more...  0 Comments

Progressive Job Postin

madhatter | Progressive Job Posting more...  8 Comments

Dec. 18th: Stand With Juanita Young! Demand DA to Drop All Charges!

October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality | Juanita Young, courageous fighter against police brutality, continues to face criminal trespass charges stemming from an illegal eviction engineered by her landlord and brutally carried out by officers from the 40th Precinct. Because Juanita filed a complaint with the CCRB, Bronx DA Robert Johnson has been undergoing an investigation of the excessive force used by the NYPD. The bogus criminal trespass charge still stands and is just another part of an escalating pattern of harassment Juanita and her family has suffered at the hands of the NYPD since Juanita began to expose the cover-up surrounding the point-blank execution of her son in March 2000 by Officer Louis Rivera. more...  2 Comments


oh my | It kind of sucks more...  19 Comments

Screening: Babylon Archive

at ABC No Rio | 'Babylon Archive' Found-footage compilation examining the interplay between technology, militarism, and corporate propaganda in American culture. more...  0 Comments



FBI Memo Urges Targetting of Anarchists, NYPD Obliges

Jed Brandt | The November 16 raid on a Brooklyn anarchist party resulted in 8 arrests and many injuries. But it was the New York Times' article in the following days that really raised eyebrows. It appears the government is now openly and admittedly targetting "anarchists and other extremists." more...  13 Comments

Support APOC arrestees-court date 12/18! Pack the court!

jay | Come out to the court date for the 8 people arrested at the APOC benefit last month in Brooklyn. more...  0 Comments

The Man-Hunters of Task Force 121

Revolutionary Worker | The U.S. military has created a highly secret operation of "hunter-killers" called Task Force 121--assigned to kill the leaders of Iraqi's resistance. more...  4 Comments

WBAI Elections-- Meet the Candidates

WBAI Listener | Meet the candidates running for the WBAI station board. more...  0 Comments

"Bad Santa Saddam" - short video

synchrondeity | Using the Centcom's press conference footage of Saddam Hussein's capture, the fictitious Santa News Network breaks the story of Bad Santa being captured. more...  0 Comments

Peace Rally in Brooklyn, 12/18

UFP & J | Rally and Vigil to Support Our Troops and Bring Them Home for the Holidays. more...  3 Comments


New Jersey ARA | Come hear first hand reports of what really happened in Miami from people who were there. December 21st (Sunday) - 2pm Demarest Hall, Main Lounge 125 College Ave, New Brunswick, NJ more...  0 Comments

No RNC list serve

no rnc | this list serve was set up to share information on the RNC coming to NYC next September. It is an open list and there is no assumption that media and cops are on the list. more...  2 Comments

Bush's New York based 'Rangers and Pioneers'

Mike B. | Rangers are an elite class of fundraisers, created for the 2004 election cycle, who have bundled at least $200,000 for the Bush campaign. Pioneers are those who have pledged to gather $100,000. For the 2004 campaign, there are 106 Rangers and 203 Pioneers, so far. In the 2000 campaign, 551 fundraisers signed up to be Pioneers, and at least 242 of them reached their goal. more...  0 Comments

Puerto Rican Independence Party in NYC

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | The National Secretary of the Puerto Rican Independence Party spoke in New York City this weekend concering the 2004 electoral process in Puerto Rico, the islands political status, and the role of the US-based Puerto Ricans in those processes. more...  0 Comments

Green Anti-War Message Up The Side Of the U.N.--Friday 12/12

jwnyc | I haven't seen anyone else post that they saw this thing happen...I didn't have a camera with me, so unfortunatley, there are no pictures for me to post. more...  1 Comments

The New NYC Indymedia

Garuda | Whoa. NYC.Indymedia has a whole new layout all of a sudden. more...  25 Comments

NYC IMC Video fundraiser & screening of Miami FTAA footage

savoir faire | An NYC Indymedia Video Collective fundraiser & screening of Miami FTAA protest and police brutality footage. more...  2 Comments

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