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NYC Labor Rally Thursday!

AFL-CIO/ NYC Central Labor Council/UFCW | Come Support the 70,000 Striking California Supermarkets Workers Holding the Line for America's Healthcare Against Wall Street Greed more...  0 Comments

Welcome to America, Welcome to the Tombs

Yoni Mishal | It was a beautiful Friday in early January. A perfect day to sell disposable cameras to tourists in Battery Park, or so I thought. Everything was going fine until the afternoon when a man approached me as if to purchase a camera. I quoted him the prices. Grimacing, he said, “Police... do you have a license?†more...  8 Comments

Bruce Ratner's Brooklyn Tail

Tracy Norton | After months of bidding wars, real estate mogul Bruce Ratner has finally purchased the New Jersey Nets. The $300 million dollar deal with the current owners now awaits the approval of at least three-quarters of NBA team owners. However, Ratner’s greatest opposition is to his plans to move the team to Brooklyn. more...  3 Comments

Zero-Tolerance Policies Criminalize Youth of Color

Zita Allen | A 10-year-old girl arrested for throwing crayons, paper and other art supplies around an empty classroom now has a Legal Aid defense attorney in what started as a school disciplinary case but quickly found its way into the juvenile justice system. This scenario is unfolding in Palm Beach, Florida, but education and civil rights advocates say it could happen here, thanks to the zero-tolerance school disciplinary policies being implemented by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein. more...  0 Comments


NYC Print team | PDF files of THE INDYPENDENT, NYC's award-winning newspaper more...  0 Comments

Legal 'Know your rights' Training-February 11

the Legal Beagle | Come to this training to prepare for RNC protests. more...  0 Comments

Kill the Patriot Act in NYC, once and for all, City Hall, Feb. 4, noon

JonSteps | This is it, its short notice, but get everyone you know that can make it down to city hall. The NYC council will be voting on a resolution against the Patriot Act, adding our city to a list of over 240 cities and 3 states which have already done so.

WHAT : Rally to support the City Council's Bill of Rights Resolution (formerly Res 909)
WHEN : Wednesday, Feb 4 at noon
WHERE : Steps of City Hall

The USA Patriot Act is the greatest threat to the people of this country. If you believe in any form of protest this is the tool the goverment is going to use agianst you. Help make this city stronger, wether your fighting for the environment or agianst the RNC or a billion other causes, lets get this Patriot Act off our backs!

more...  17 Comments

More PGP Encryption/Email Security Trainings

PGP Training | Due to demand,more PGP encryption/email security trainings have been set up. more...  0 Comments

Benefit for Jeff 'Free' Luers-February 8 at bluestockings

Friends of Free | February 8, 2004 at 7PM Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street between Stanton & Rivington) $5-10 donation more...  1 Comments

ECD against Huntingdon Life Science affiliate has begun

jasper | sign on at more...  0 Comments

Brutalized by the NYPD on the 4th of July

Dennis Flores | Come support the Acosta Family at the Brooklyn Criminal Courthouse: At: 120 Schermerhorn St. Room AP4 Brooklyn, NY 11201 When: February 5th, 2004 9am more...  0 Comments

Republican Conventioneers Get Their Hotel List

new york times |
D.C. will be staying at the Algonquin

Florida and Texas will be at the Hilton New York

California at the New York Marriott Marquis

Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, Utah and Delaware at the Millenium Hilton
more...  4 Comments

Public Meeting on WTC Collapse - 2/15

Skyscraper Safety Campaign | The Skyscraper Safety Campaign urges all 9/11 Family Members, WTC survivors, Rescue Personnel and interested members of the public to attend this public meeting. The NIST Investigation will update the public and get comments on the federal investigation of the WTC collapse. more...  0 Comments

No more tomorrows at 148-year-old Brooklyn sugar plant

madhatter | No more tomorrows at 148-year-old Brooklyn sugar plant more...  2 Comments

Critical Mass, Hypothermia Style

madhatter | Critical Mass, Hypothermia Style more...  2 Comments

Please support the 02/07/04 worldwide 9/11 Truth Protest

Nico Haupt | STOP THE 9/11 COVER-UP. NYC- and WORLDWIDE PROTEST 02/07/04 ! more...  2 Comments

Justice for James Yee Feb 2 11am press conference

anon | Asian groups form Justice for James Yee and will hold a press conference at 11am on February 2 in Chinatown. Mr. Yee's father will address the press about his Muslim, Asian American son, originally alleged to have committed espionage but now merely charged for adultery and having pornography on a government computer in a prosecution that a retired military judge said makes the military prosecutors look ridiculous. more...  0 Comments

Upcoming Local Events from RutgersActivism!

RutgersActivism | Upcoming Local Events from Rutgers Activism + Open letter from the Community Empowerment Project more...  0 Comments


Students for Justice in Palestine | As members of the NYU & NYC community, we are complicit in human rights abuses committed by the Israeli government and army. Come and learn more about the campaign, and how your university's money supports the illegal occupation. more...  2 Comments

Self-Serve Website Matches Intentional Communities with Seekers collective | February, 2004; The Intentional Community Database (ICDB) ( is available to the public today, offering the world's first searchable listing of intentional communities around the planet. more...  2 Comments

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